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and thin and even feet. Only three Laogai a beggar who stood up, cold humor, first, the rest Ergai, a positive porter altar clay seal, a handGarlic, do look very, did not ignore. Anyway, he is a danger of family invited guests, regardless of the owner do not speak about friendship, do not meet will not go. You have to look for him tomorrow morning as well. 'Say, Heimo Le saw that the duck face from time to time looking at his sneer, love to know the two men both with fellow Brokeback beggar, nor is it even a good phase. Hearts of gas is not exposed, they put beside left Remove the two hundred coins, deliberately laughed: 'I did not even ask him something, only this morning, wanted to send a friend a few coins and bitter rock bottom. He had just had seen in front of the College, and later seen, specifically seeking to give money with him, and two did not think was significant. You have no money to buy alcohol, just left me a little, simply to give you part, to meet tomorrow morning to talk about it. 'When he finished, grinning money by stroking the grass under the string in one hand and half, that step two beggar shouts' take money 'to get rid of delivery. Hei Mole thought feather flock together, originally would like to try two beggar weight, in the end whether the fruit as their own material. Surface delivery of money, from the hand in the dark but with the potential of the other party will be at home if not, never too much momentum, potential non-strewn not fall hand. Surprisingly, two beggar not stand seeing only each smile, each stretch in a pinch the thumb and forefinger, he grabbed the whole. Looked at each other, sneered: '? Friend, you break a stack of copper, it also gave us Chijiu' With that finger off, even enamel flower ring, two hundred made all the money fragmentation, scattered all over the floor, No one intact. Heimo Le seeing shocked, broken ground Yipiao money, different number of pieces, large and small, know Ergai internal strength is good, the enemy can still ask ourselves, because no