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ceremony, said: '! Not when gold girl, my name is Wei Han Ying'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Sister, I have long admired ......'Wei Han Ying said: 'You're welcome, gold girl, Wei Han Ying Yong vulgar fat meal, the girl standing in front of the gold, makes me feel ashamed of there ......' said: 'That was my sister called me, salicylic posture, the how and beauty, who was her sister, Aromatic, sister muscle that, aloof noble ......'Wei Han Ying smiled and said: 'Well, gold girl, late at night, heavy dew, Ting Wai not long standing, we still talk about it to the pavilion sitting!'Walked hand pulled Jinyu Qiong Haowan, Xiangxie into the kiosk. followed, look in the eye, heart slightly loose a song.Booth sitting posture, Wei Han Ying with sit very close, she looked laughed and asked: '? The girl where immortals'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Sister, I live in Henan!'Wei Han Ying said: 'The girl is my generation martial arts man?' shook his head slightly, and said: '! My father is a big nursing homes, and I was a kid with a few of his old school style, very shallow, never afraid to speak Wu'Wei Han Ying said: 'The girl Qian of Intuit, Hubei come?' said: 'relatives, I have a bit uncle opened a bodyguard in Jiangxia.'Han Wei Ying! 'Oh,' a cry: 'Well, how can admire the girl to fly with a companion Chibi?'Jinyu Qiong Jiaoye micro flushed, said: 'I was young, the infirm, but also the first journey on the road by the cold, sick in the inn, much beloved of his diagnosis and treatment of care, and I heard him with my sister is ...... I am very selfish for admirers, so with peerless elegance to pay tribute to her sister, beating thanks to knowledge. 'Wei Han Ying laughed: 'I'm afraid that this girl has a virtual line ......''No!' Jinyu Qiong shook his head and said: 'I think heIs not enough, I'm a worthwhile trip! 'Wei Han Ying laughed: 'The girl will speak ......'Glanced one, then said: 'There is such a girl companion, which will not have a sense of Kuji over him all the way, I wonder if he was born to repair a few!'Yan Mufei heartstrings hop, difficult thing. I saw between the murderous aspect, or Jianguang dark, or invisible, or no phase, those based on gold fairy Yaozu Zhou stars, have no power to resist, are Heaven's clean, but lost the power of aggregation demon large array for a time into a combat situation under each. Cloud neutron hair flying, hands jade dragon effortless handle every Jianguang flashing, there is a golden fairy lost their lives, the true spirit or fly, fall among the Gods, or just into the gray, even the chance reincarnations are not. Distant land pressure seen red eyes, hearts anger rebirth, could not help but jump out, thundered: '! Neutron cloud, today to see where you go,' said a red light flashed,The monk was surprised to find an ugly land pressure from behind jumped out, this monk dressed in red robes, as if a flower like a flame, burning, everything will be around the same as it burned clean. I saw a hand holding a yellow gourd monk. Two white take out. Seems like two eyes. Riveted cloud neutron Ni Wan, can not have the slightest move. Cloud neutrons are fun to kill the ground, where the pressure has to prepare to land is not even hosted a large array. Rushed to kill himself, but did not guard against that, at the moment to land pressure is not the year of land pressure, and by virtue of its own, cut in addition to Ukrainian, fled to Wuchao Zen Buddhism, magical wand. Knife to cut fairy horde own soul, heart was shocked, awaiting dodge, where can dodge the ground, soul horde is now off the flesh, it is difficult to keep their lives. Suddenly a burst of dead gray face exposed. Lu pressure Taoist laughed, cried awaiting sentence 'Please baby turn' the words, suddenly flashed in front of colorful brilliance. Great impetus to the strike in the void above, bang, smoke Dunqi fleet, land pressure burst Earthquake mind, that sentence immediately indented belly, suddenly saw a certain pearls beads, shining treasure light, hit the yellow gourd. That yellow gourd same as if frightened. Quickly shrink inside. Flying fairy cut