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untouchable. If you can not touch. This duel will be meaningless. Du wind reaching a quick touch fingertips just met these bullets, a roar, a small mushroom cloud rising in the center of the arena. OTC audience scared out of their wits. Four desperately to escape being trampled countless people lying on the ground. Fortunately, it was found that the mushroom cloud tied to the outer layers of woven chain lightning, power and no leakage. This audience gradually quiet down. Raytheon has been rolling around Lee Han disappeared from horsepower, sets of armor hands tightly pressing the peripheral wall of the arena, with lightning force shackled Xu Yuan to high temperatures and detonated explosive bullets. Under the heavy armor. Out of a heavy breathing. Obviously very difficult to resist. Du wind trapped in the center of the mushroom cloud. Bullets do not like the real bomb like the Earth's axis to produce deadly radiation, but around him like a whirlwind rapidly rotating those shrapnel. Ten times more terrible than radiation. Cloud leaked heat only a small portion of those pieces of shrapnel inherent in fever is fatal to the key. As long as the slightest touch, Du wind like a candle-like body will immediately melt away. Du wind excitedly to his face expression, he has been fighting the passion aroused. That is really a combination of strength and skill dripping battle, even brandished Happening soaring open hole that Yi Sha, Du wind never so excited too. Independence Day in emerging transpiration to cut Shendao infuriating, the blade becomes twisted like a whirlpool, it cut God first type - blast Roughs. Xiaosha as a mighty force of the wind sounded like impact, cut Shendao and Xu Yuan hail of bullets hit the debris frantically in a deafeningSound. Xu Yuan endless sneer, blast Roughs power, obviously not as good as he thought big, instant hail of bullets was cut to pieces. Five elements of earth strength create eddies and swirls create evil spirits universe days to form docking wonderful word. Two that was wonderful.Baili Chao said: 'Just the letter in the end is what people pay you convey?'Buddy: 'The two old people.' said: 'They must not live in your store, maybe I do not to set up shortly before the house and pay letter??'Stores nodded and said:. 'Yes, yes, the three when they had just left.' said: '? Another thing, is this inn is probably a handful of Simon Bar'Folks laughed: 'You old guessed it, a total of only three.'Baili Chao said: 'Thank you, do not do it!'Folks with a smile after the exit, busy to include: 'You'll go ask the other two inns, two that there must be two letters, although the stores will not give you, but listen to the tone of the store to understand and he must be talking to three guests in a surname exhibition. 'Include busy ran out, he jing Baili Chao intelligence increasingly high.Show Yunhe fully understand speculation, the same cautious and shocked him, and asked: '? Barry brother, one of the enemy out of this is for what.'Baili Chao smiled and said: 'This question is very simple!' Baili Chao got down two cups of tea, easily handed him a cup, then said: 'First, they are ready to start work Jielao tonight, but the fear that we are in the dark help three factions, the hand is for us to sleep at ease; second, tonight, if they do not get involved, calculation we left, so we've been to Xi'an care dark, so they can block the road, say this is the red evil religion people's awkward. 'Show Yunhe suddenly said: 'They are stupid, since it seems, there really is no red evil counselors teach.'Baili Chao laughed: 'Now that you understand what the enemy is the intention of it.'Include nodded: '? That we do not understand, I am afraid no more sleeping tonight, and at the same time must also redouble beware the road' said: 'Red evil teach in this way, although the number of many, but surely there is no master, otherwise they would not come to the hands, if we be assured, tonight more than a few turns walking in the street can also be safe sleep, that is to tell the enemy that we are according to friends nor with nothing. 'Four people can not think of saving the law, only secretly stare Liberating dragon. So they gave up the mood to play Mountain, rushed forward to continue.Less than half a mile, with everyone right side Bashan mountains go, Baoshu De asked: 'They do not go along?' Bashan said: '? If it wants to dirty tricks in the Sunshine Boulevard how the line' four chasing most of the day, Ju material actually no longer see. Then they walked to the top of a hill, a small beggar stopped do not go, muttered:. 'Control them, we do not check, the day is late, the town of the city to find a meal stop' Bashan said: 'We now stand Jimingshan place is in front of a chimney hill, but not nearly to the towns, or continue to Yantongshan take the strike. ' said:' Do not go, we play roast beast 'Mostly indeed evening, everyone. did not speak, then went separate beast.Baili Chao inflexible admission, he was in charge of the valley at the foot of the stone shelf, looking for firewood.After Chugeng, they ate a picnic, break into two more before they left, walking trails are rare, the direction is north.Until a ridge, Baili Chao suddenly exclaimed: 'here was a fight!' Baoshu De scrutinize ear, did not hear anything, hurriedly asked inclusive and Bashan said: 'What? You did not hear' two shook his head, simultaneous said: '? no way' Baoshu De asked: 'Do you then listen.' said: 'Really, itHowever, so, I'll convene the brightest person Yaozu, Luzhou White North all soon, if let as empty is not good. ' Houtu empress also said: 'Sister can be convened, those Serbs still do not know what the young girl among prehistoric sky, when the return of, and probably very troublesome.' Three Saints heard heart of a dynamic, these witch family After World War II when the prehistoric man, and some have been meteorite body, and some were later sent to Earth, some of it is through the three realms of the gap, do not know which corner to hide in the Three Realms. Saints supernatural though tough, but if in a short time, not get up, I have already given it to you, 'the girl suddenly smiles tenderly said:.'. You simply stupid, I can give you my considered 'Barry whopping The break his hand, turning a flutter, blink rushed down the lake to go!Girl shocked, think the resistance is too late, anxious shouted: '! A super, Ho Chao, Qu Bude ah' has gone deep into the water, it can still hear her voice, she cried just anxious out loud.Time flies long and slow, anxious girl, her black hair disheveled, coke anxiety of two, closely watching the movement of the lake.Until dawn, the lake is still no slightest reaction, the girl has a sense of despair, coupled with the heart has been broken, and God has been chaotic, groggy, weakness, Shuidao slumped to the ground.Ju material At this point, the water suddenly churning endless, rolling surf, surging Youru Hai Tao, I do not know what happened, the ground was also faint vibration.A figure, with a dagger, slowly churning lake since gone ashore, he looked so tired, but the surface it looks like a victory so excited as returning heroes.Timely girl woke up just discovered who suddenly loudly: '! A super' rushed forward in the cry, the hands, hold! Indeed up, when the girl was holding tightly, his hand, touched first cicada buried in his arms: '! Red' is just a low scream it loudly, he suddenly looked down, heavy, enthusiasm, kissed the girl's head.'Ah!' Girl gently ah bang, concern raised his head, looked tired children who, for a long time does not blink!: 'The one-stop, two thirty feet long encircle the big thing, but it could not punch the hole, and was little I used to get the results of a long sword fighting killed it, red, and I am tired and want! to rest. 'lessCried. Good and strong, who was secretly in wrinkled his brow. Zhen Fang also frowned, standing in the air, are watching the eight Qi changing, suddenly, his face ashen, just listen to scream eight Qi, seven head of a move, a black light flash, the rightmost head had disappeared they actually grow a brain, exactly the same, very