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surprised a moment. But soon it should be down. Venerable Guanyin face a hint of hesitation. But soon kicked out. Mountain feet. Enlightening the Buddha frowning. Venerable ground while riding on the Golden Goddess of Mercy. Seeing and asked: 'But what is wrong with EEP teacher?' For years. Venerable Guanyin, Manjusri, Samantabhadra Venerable three are taught to follow the EEP explain betrayal from Rufo Men. So three of the Lotus Lantern Taoist is respected me. Even promoted to Buddha. But still is to call the teacher to call on Buddha EEP. Enlightening the Buddha shook his head. Said: 'Just east of the Buddha and Buddha to **** surprising ah monk baffled!.' Goddess of Mercy, who heard His Holiness also frowned. Apparently also slightly but gorgeous. But quickly shook his head. Obviously do not know where to reason. Enlightening the Buddha suddenly sighed:.. 'Since Rufo Men monk dedicated not have the slightest slack place despite being criticized by the monk, but it is not the time of year in regret illustrates teach although expensive for .... A person to the next. above the deputy leader of people. But where is not to be trusted. Primus although on the surface of the monk entrusted with the task, but in fact nothing but a monk would like to take the strength to deal with some of the His character is not convenient to deal with it. do not ever think it is perfected monk. I am afraid that Primus guessed there was no way the situation today it! I had the coffin.Western Buddhism together to quiescence Avenue. West into the ground. Also Nyaya. 'Guanyin Venerable, who is silent. These people are then betrayed Primus. Say to the actual point. Primus for three persons, including the fear of leaving Sun Buddha is not bad. But in order to increase their own Daoxing. Immortals was put to embrace Buddhism. Enlightening the Buddha to speech today at the fundamental or stimulate the Goddess of His Holiness and others. Even Zhang Mei also a trace behind to look uneasily. What seems to happen wildly. On the Mountain, Heart still thinking: This multi-point force, issued oblique palm up, to the East will Dutan fanzhen stage, so that the CAI party captured the hearts of a few people on the spot, a joke. See Ying bailing a thief. Naken tolerate! Went to the audience of several vertical flying, seven refers backhoes Ji Shen, a thief will Ying clip vest caught pain fainted, but do not neglect the strength of the hand slightly loose, put the other hand on the potential extension will go, will give Ying thief up and shout: 'You Gouzei cheap, in the end fall enjoyment!' voice only lived, his hands had been arrested under the Ying thief to two ribs, straight like Liangbing Steel Talons inserted within the suture, once a god, hand to both sides of a point, then lift a kick back vest clip, after the pair sighed a few times, then blood projection, saying that the thief Ying Qi three-piece belly torn, bloody kick off the audience. Thieves Wenguang Zhang Ying extremely Xiongheng weekdays, once kills imminent retribution, eat Geying a grasping, pain fainted, full of sweat dripping headache, have large beans, just slow wake breath, and kept none out, he was living tear fragmented into three, the tragic death of the audience. Another thief Yu Ying Han Sheng Musical Touxiang hand of God, this is sworn Wenguang Zhang, Lei Hongying had just been to a fancy beauty, lust Mongolia heart, regardless of what the meaning of friends, scrambling to grab the ring, because eating Wenguang Zhang grab the top spot, replacing the Lei Hongying, to discuss the good to go, no way to vent filled Xiehuo, see the platform there is an enemy, that Jiang Ming a child, had just simply incompetent opponent, fluke victory, went to get his outlet conceited, drink Sound: '! Puppy' knife and then cut. Jiang Ming on the sidelines of the war, saw to the two oil head noodles enemy, the potential is very fierce urgency, they left a god, just past vertical, no time to drink between opening, replacing the existing one Zeijiang Lei Hongying, and ancestral deposit Cyclic open hand gentry changed in other industry banquet, Lake kiosks only one division of the old keepers of the temple incense. occasional visitors, and more exotic since, unlike the previous burn downtown a. These boats are mostly what some patrons to buy medicine. ' Shun heard a couple people, all very delighted, and he kept good, between being said, ship berthing. With those followers each possess their own masters, all go down, each on own ship, one will mean something away, scattered a net. Shun China booth to see people quiet, very delighted. That old Miaozhu visitor out of the village saw the reed ashore, originally acquaintances, too busy to catch that trend paternity. Reed village asked: 'Mr. Han Lao it?' Keepers of the temple and said:. 'Lords came coincidence, Master Xu had just come over twice what I heard Mr. Han also sent a package to go at this tomorrow too.' Reed Shun village people heard this, Mangming Miaozhu Thessalonians catch hold first volume, such as tracking a pedestrian door. Door and saw that the drug case is located in the Lake Pavilion patio doors inside the head, the keepers of the temple by a long table, a bench, sit sunny. 'Mr. Han Lao, which is Sheqin Yu Shunmin from Yongkang come here, smell name came to visit, buy a little handy Yansi medicine, but also look for the fortunate wing.' Han Kang race nor even the rationale for management, Path, Shun China said: 'You and I on this side of the border, in fact, is not easy. Fortunately, this drug early preparation, the first pill after serving since to do so. Virtuous your wife, do not bear her kindness. No matter how busy the way back, but can not done it on their own people do not go. He is in his family, if any injuries, I spare pills, each serving one. Only this drug prices, saying it was given away, but in reality is very large, you would like it out? 'Shun People have preconceptions, to be at first sight, although the word hasThe match, did not care, blurted replied: 'all obeyed.' Race Han Kang said:. 'At this point I do not want you, their' Fan old man knows the habits of autumn, Again hard to say turn on the turn, only to go sit angrily, pointing to children curse: '! little beast, came back to you afterwards, even the adults in your home, I'll never let tolerance' kids eat and laughed: ' surnamed Fan, not that you what, how do so dough! You forget that day in that I get to sing your lotusWhat the two of them are hot body? 'Wu Yunshan said: 'It must be so, this is the true power of cross-dissolve, fire, poison leak, you keep hard, green ants, green brocade, boosting your help, do not let them move!'She also called green damask will let down the rope pulled tight, his hands touch the cable end, like a doctor Cremaster diagnose the troubles, the human body to detect two pulse change!After a moment, she asked: 'green shadow, now how?'Green shadow and said: 'Now is much better, reducing heat slowly!'Wu Yunshan sighed and said: 'Well, finally done, you Come on!'Green shadow: 'They have not solvable acupuncture points it!'Three girls edge rope out said: 'Miss Owen, Dear husband, you first do not open, so I arranged, and then notify you, nor Jiexue luck!'Yuwen Shu Shi Qiong Yao Yuan looked towards, I saw him bewildered, tempting the hearts of an acid, could not help but shed tears! yuan sigh a sigh and said: 'Miss Owen, I can not move, or I'll kill myself!'Qiong Yao Yuwen bite the bullet and said: '! I do not blame you, but I can not be a non-kill 'Yu Shi Yuan silent sigh. After a while, said: 'Miss Owen, you can come up, I put everyone Qianzou, and only one person in this, and so on up to say anything!'Yuwen Shu Shi Qiong Yao Yuan immediately pushed, but he still can not forget the action, Yushi dollar sank immediately, she had pulled him again! Wu Yunshan at the wellhead also shouted: 'Yu Xiang Gong trapped drug, while some want to move, this time to soak in cold water is not playing, and you put him to bring up!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'No one is really on top of who pulled the clues yet??' said: 'Nobody, cable son tied to a tree!'Qiong Yao