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family Shanhaiguan, but that Pangu Mami How can it be so easy to achieve, not after finishing six months time, these ancestral witch who is impossible to achieve heyday. I waited still some periods of time. What's more, the Wu family's settled, Temujin lost pass Yuxi country, equal to the loss of the position of the emperor, air transport greatly reduced. The remaining time is to see how long it can drag the Zhou Dynasty. The longer , the more favorable the current situation. 'Immortals heard heart secretly relieved, Dongsheng Divine majority of the Titanic, the door did not know how long run, weekly room do not know how much built with big Xianai just a stalling problem or insignificant. Laojun shook his head, light, said: 'This is the biography of this country and Haotian Yuxi India and India but was Kongtong Tianshou, as Emperor, to Wong's credentials, then pass the country Yuxi year was Pindao creatures, arrest After took archosaurs, Dragon rectify the whole world, to be put Wanlong water large array rebuild ancestral longchi also should things. just days later, I am afraid there is no longer the land Emperor. 'Senior beginning alarmed, and said: 'Brother what say?' Once there is no place Huang, Zhen Fang is exclusive of the Three Realms air transport, door saints in which even the chance calculations are gone. 'Emperor high above, overlooking the Three Realms, human beings imperial governance. Ran purple emperor, the emperor Promise, and Midway Fire Dragon Emperor is the cave of San Juan.' Taishanglaojun blankly, as if everything is normal things, do not have any place can be changed. 'How dare he Red Cloud.' Primus hair flying, apparently for the decision Zhen Fang was very angry. 'He palm Heaven, Heaven is his nature. Young, things are now, more than just words. Hongyun Young has accounted for the upper hand, if I do not catch you, the door is always under good fortune in future cases of suppression.' Taishanglaojun Primus sweeping glance, said: 'Once upon a situation now is very clear, though the in the end there is no more breath, see other powerful, mind suddenly balked. Fang Chen's first seeing this, frowned, mind could not help but flash of thought. 'Teacher, Peter justice here, but that is dangerous?' Kuangyin hearts surprised. Zhen Fang micro angrily: 'So, can go along Marina Promise righteous, you may want to clear up, the band Promise to go, if there is any cause and effect in the future, but do not be blaming Pindao head..' OneTo Kuangyin heard, hearts surprised, awaiting blocked. Zhao Kuang heard that righteous hearts endless fear, where also care about so much, quickly said:. '. Promise me to go along with his disciples can thank the teacher pointing,' said Zao worship quickly pulled down. The party's first heart slightly Yi Tan Chen heard. Looking dismissively said: 'The flood of Huaihe River, Huaihe numerous casualties on both sides, the Later Zhou greatly reduced air transport, Chai's accursed, but the shift, it is time to rise Kuangyin air transport, Heaven has been set, others can not be changed, Nine senior sister apprentice demon you have to rein jambudvipa Zhong Yao, even if people do not want Haier assistant, he has fled to Africa, a continent that you can have the land, until the Huaihe River water back, give all the victims into jambudvipa When the continents, you can also rose up the. During that period, you will stay in jambudvipa arrange everything, get free time, running around in circles. 'Kuangyin hearts surprised, quickly should be down, apparently once the emperor, I'm afraid will have to face two Buddhist conquest of land. Zhao Yi Kuang heard while he was secretly delighted, dark thought and said:. 'The teacher once said, I have two brothers with the emperor, the emperor if big brother, the future I must also be able to Wong Ah man, the Huaihe River flood, I can be careful, everything is not to succeed, lest blessing emperor has not had time to enjoy, it was that big monster to destroy. anyway, but the teacher's close disciples Promise, supernatural nature is above