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stood up and said: 'Do not say anything and I Once upon a conspiracy, I like you so ambitious, I just want my life ...... I will not marry, a good serve my master. ' This note Lu Li Han Ya sweet in the mouth of an alcohol, blushing, is actually really drunk lying in this desolate desert land Ya Leng Heng said: 'Otherwise, you and I fight a You can not move I played, I promise you. ' Li Han hesitated for a little while, with low to no longer low voice said:. 'I put you down, belly of the child you how to do.' Lu Ya figure suddenly solidified live, dizzy almost stumble, Li Han quickly hold her, Lu Ya authentic despair:. 'You did not misread it.' Li Han quiet even went so far as tea and some articulate stammer out: 'Thor is the best at it ...... art of numerology should ...... ...... ...... this child should not be mistaken.' 'Wow' to cry, Lu Ya Zaijin Li Han's arms and burst into tears. Li Han finally face slightly red, her true age is smaller than the old Lu Ya, no matter how deep to see the world possess the skills and strength of the Warrior, and even transparent hearts magical skills. When this thing really and actually occurred in their side when it really is somewhat at a loss. She landed a pat on the back Ya comfort her:. 'You and ...... and Du Feng said that no' Lu Ya sobbed: 'how to say such a thing, he did not mean.' Li Han Leng Heng said: 'Yes ah, men are like this, say that it is done unintentionally.' Lu Li Han Yala pull skirts, whispered:. 'I can help you stop the master, you promised me, do not control it.' Her heart swallow when the wind to break the dome and Du seven type stunt exchange chopped God, Du wind to return the gas to enter the Lu Ya virtual incarnation of Phoenix, Phoenix cracked incarnation, in a fusion of the two bodies grabbing land Ya suddenly produce a wonderful feeling, no spirit in an instant with excitement in words, in the body after the two separated, Lu Ya surpriseFound his body was soaked with sweat, the people soft and weak. Lu Ya Du did not dare show up to see God of War general, the mighty Titanic. Is a loud shout, King WuMing man and hammer on to St. Paul rushed past, silver fast if ponley, brought up for a while whistling. 'Senior immeasurable!' Zhen Fang mind flashed a light, could not help screaming loudly. Sound honest and peaceful, the crowd being awakened from a surprise. Perfectionist Kun-yuan fairy king said: '? Could it be able to live this way to break the ban' Breeze, who face a surprise, quickly said: '? Reality really can break this array,' although they were all pretty sure that if the use of the approach might be able to break This array, but if it can get clever way, why not use it? 'Real good luck, just the King of the master Daoxiong an anti imaginary, though supernatural than you, you had better be careful, they must not lose the power of a treasure and lives up.' Mr. Weed Liu Xiao frowned. Zhen Fang naturally know the risks, but also even heardIs grateful to each other's concerns, quickly said: 'But Daoxiong and rest assured, though weak Pindao magic, magical small, but just a smattering of the ban or two, if not broken, if Pindao protect themselves or can not break, I'll wait. Heli broken it is. If Pindao was right, and so most of my first ban can enter into. 'shocked when he heard all the monks. Blood lead gods Ding brow of a move, but have not figured out the secret to, look Zhen Fang eyes flashing a hint of red, the surface was laughed:. 'That being the case, there is a real labor of' monk heard the rest of the congregation have also curious, the surface also hint bewildered expression. Zhen Fang faint smile, if not mistaken Zhen Fang, in front of the first test ban but a congregation of monks and Dharma practice settings. Numerous ancient immortal, in order to house the immortal Emperor Emperor Chun, built heaven. Baiguan set, but immortal countless. Then again in Penglai, abbot, also Hill, on behalf of the island do not set a Temple hospital to accommodate Qunxian. And these four mountains but when opened it early obscurity. Ching Ruanta, a semi-arc stood eight hair loose, Yan Qu look wack white robes, all tall and slim, dark Ghostly.In addition, Ruanta left front, stood within reach of a lanky, Jian Mei Star purpose handsome young man dressed in Jin Pao, but for him this time standing here, who will say that he certainly is the house of your best referral son.In Ruanta front, is one of three ranges Yan thin ring of fat, but they are stunning world of white girls, fairy dew pearl, dazzling, hard undiscriminating.Before then, are two men in yellow forehead filled with twelve brutal color Puma defended middle-aged black man, all sharp eyes, full of class players.Yan Mufei understand that Huang Yiren Eight children Ruanta on the Golden Gate will certainly be the main door, Megatron Miaojiang, regardless of the name of deterrence Golden Central Plains.Behind her eight white robes Frankenstein, her paternity carry eight.Jin Pao that handsome young man, with three stunning girls that are in the Golden Gate with a dragon. 'He named' the three, Dragon said, deserved reputation.That two yellow man, six Golden Tiger is the two.That twelve black guy, which is Golden twelve wolves.The fact that good, that were yellow man Huang Yiren children near Bianxiang Ruanta unusually respectful bow to the lower body, trembling authentic:'Qibing main door, yelling at the top of the hill, is the Central Plains martial arts figures, informed him ...... he wanted his disciples, he wants to see the main door!'Ruanta Huang Yiren children spoke, Huasheng sweet sounds, but his mouth icy cold people, it has exposure to the occasion of the transfer of spring and winter: '? You do four Young'His remark, the mere mention of the presence of all, Huang Yiren Erque amount was very calm, she Haowan Qingtai, see the dim moonlight, that glimpse of a lotus festival, some jade.'Oh! He can fall upon you four Young?'Hearing this, the presence of all vibrations, even Huang Yiren children themselves can not help shake a bitFooter, and Huasheng still is so calm, cold: 'This man is