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Palace, Simon, oriental, with real royal capitalThe most abundant power, not only to have a deputy prime minister of home owners, whose family also involves a variety of profitable industrial technology, finance, jade, real estate and other assets of people to assess their family about three hundred billion dollars, but the first family. 'You made a good choice, as the Wang Group I, you are better than chipping away at it.' Wang Shan head micro Aung, a pair of arrogant tone. But the people around them just one of three royal son, already scared afraid to speak, when a personally invited Wang Shan Wang Zhen Fang joined the group, have heaved, if eyes could kill, then this Zhen Fang Lian gas disabilities have long been the envy of the eyes to the eye and killed him. 'Road longer, you say I need it?' Zhen Fang suddenly smiled priests that step. Priests face hesitated, frowned, and turned the king of the mountains whispered a few words. Wang Shan heard disdain smiled and said:. 'So, no matter whether, to give you time to think about the day tomorrow to give me an answer,' finished laughed, proudly walk away. 'Fellow, why at this time come?' Dark room suddenly big bright lights, Zhen Fang sat on the sofa, smiling, looking a shadow on the balcony. Curtains of a turn, a gray-haired Taoist reddish face came in. Jishou said: 'Five of these green Pindao met fellow spiritual son.' 'Daoxiong please.' Zhen Fang said. 'Pindao thanked fellow.' Green also rude spiritual son, sitting on the sofa opposite. DPRK Jishou Chen said: 'Qualification extraordinary fellow, so young to entraining late, and gratifying compared Pindao already approaching 200 years old, it was introduced late gas..' Zhen Fang Qing Ling looked at the child, suddenly smiled and said: 'I would not Pindao impressive qualifications, but in fact the careful guidance of the elders of the door, only the achievements of today's collision Daoxiong laughed..' Green Spirit child face changed, and suddenly laughed: '?. I do not know what came out of the shadow ...... angel, demon bedroom ...... And then what.' Du wind up suddenly silent, he still remembers the scene that night, having gone through crazy I do not know how many times after the first, Yang Ying finally head on his chest, Jiao Chen said: 'Do not come, all my initiative, exhausted , you are a fool. ' '......' 'If you want to swear to me, before I die, are not allowed to touch the other woman.' '......' 'That's the point once again head, I swear, even death, if you like what women have to go through my consent. My soul wanders in your right hand, if it is really a good woman, my soul will be to you show signs. ' '......' 'You point so anxious to do ...... er ah, you really rude ...... Well again ......' Luo Feile deep eyes looking at him, quietly slipped his body, pick up the clothes and linen cover him, pouted and said: 'Without prejudice to the hum you think Yang Ying, a bad thing to be compared. see more humiliating people, is to be a man in his arms, his heart was thinking of another woman. ' Du wind suddenly thrust awakened, reach out and grab Luo Feile already too late, Luo Feile DepartmentNightgown, opened the door and smiled and said: 'I'm off, things tonight on when not happened, and Yang Lu Ya zero they are dreaming, hee hee.' Du wind sadly: 'I'm sorry, Luo Feile.' Luo Feile slightly shook his head, cute little tongue sticking out and said:. 'Independence Day, do not love a woman you say I'm sorry, everything just fine as long as you're happy.' She crept foot slipped out, in total disregard of their own skin, also covered with liquid odor exudes temptation. Through a long corridor, is about to enter his room at the time, Luo Feile footsteps suddenly peg. Moonlight will be a black silhouette of infinite length, Zhitou to her feet, and that slim figure, like the cold moonlight elegant. Lu Ya actually have not slept, was leaning against the porch at the end of the corridor. Lu Ya mapped under the moonlight, like a flower opening at midnight quietly, still stained with the boosting the south, did not collapse, but also blocked the falling roof tiles above Mushi so that the people inside will not hurt, Yuwen Shu Shi Qiong Yao still care dollars! Although the hazy smoke, she still look set the yuan, eyes follow action, but see he rushed down a wall, lift the hammer a few!The wall and immediately opened up, batter after more than a dozen holes, the whole stack wall already precarious, Yu Shi Yuan Shuangchui down, picked up a broken column, out of a push against the wall! In his divine power to destroy the movement, the pike has four five feet high, there were twenty feet wide, thick Banzhang, weighing ten million pounds of stone, slammed outward tossed away!Heap pay wall, but only Zhang Xu wide, is a stone wall of a pressure, attempting all the pressure out, and the wall of the monks was crushed to death in a lot more than people gasp.Yu Shi Yuan hated these people, raised his pillars, flat out hit, and killed a few, the rest of the people all of a sudden the whole run.Qiong Yao Yuwen busy cried: 'King of the South, fast push statues, we can go out!'Yu Zhong Biao struggling with a push south, statues fell over the side, after we came out, Qiong Yao Yuwen sword at the head, flying out from the fallen stone walls.PositiveJiaoma baggage charge a catch. Troops did not rush into the pass, more and more wind and rain, the sky is dark dark dark only to fall, more torrential rain from the sky, and going to eat a mix of wind, into a circle, flying over the sky Flurry, Hai Lang Tao scared, do not see is rain water. Accidentally hit about the face, head Piansi pot of ice water poured into cold soak musculoskeletal. Rain rushing, fell to the ground, sparking a layer of mist coming. One looked out, surrounded by all the white. Be very open, men are like to walk in the water waves, all soaked and drenched in general. Yu, Huang Morohito although in the car, there are linoleum covered, just like the rain falls on the car roof crystal curtain will hang down in the wind drum Jiaolian Puff,