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flush. That dodge rush past, is not very pleasant light up, to rushEye gaze, it was a sword, cross resting on foot pile of rocks. Hi this is really significant, to rush leaned over to pick up the fruit is an excellent sword, and even the length of the handle only two feet seven or eight inches, two inches wide, and only coins thickness, crystal bright, like a rainy youthful, if available perspective, sparkling coldness, chilly. The most surprising is emitted three inches long on the tip ghost, Mount odd tail lights. Hilt is about seven inches, engraved glass coil ancient seal, slightly lift move, the tail tip Mans will stretch out better, just do not know where Jianxia. Fetish known to be a weapon, a treasure he has to fear of change, afraid to pause. Diameter relied oblique tired, then sword with his right hand, palm attached to the stone, full board on both sides of the cliff, and on hunting. To a long rope off at the head of the cable bundle in hand, walked outside. Due to go straight holes, rock slide, such as oil, hard riding on the wall. Samly light sword, Chuimao can be broken, such as hand-aid, holding a sword in one hand, accidentally, wait until Jianmang over long cable, immediately broken, coveralls fall, come to think harder. Thought, had to take off shoes and socks stuffed to the waist, still with full board next to the wall of the former French line and a long cable tie to the waist, just in case Huazhui. Wojian one hand, one hand grasping a long cord, use dodge, carrying gas, through the strength of the hand, several feet up a vertical, feet on double wall, let period, then according to the former method increases. Like so careful care, hand, foot and with a single hand assistance, had a lot of energy just to the top of the exit. The idea of ​​a turn, immediately got up, after piercing the hole . Zongluo climbing route according to the cliff cast Qingshenjianfei effort, gallops forward, from among the bushes bush fly drive past. Removed bypass, referring to the tunnel and saw that hole in woman to be head to Jin Jian, if met, please give head show!' Gu Zhihua said: ' Which faction is a friend you ever ask the origins of 'Lin Sheng said:.'? She said the head but the old familiar, head of the child, and naturally know, 'Gu Zhihua heart of a move, said:.' Well, you asked her to come in. 'She already knows what's coming, but today is the day she received Ren Dadian was held, and to reason in the circumstances, can not refuse Heke, that is considered knowing that she intended to come to make trouble, should not show weakness. Shortly after, Lin Sheng took a woman came in, a look, it really is , Mangshan faction in , Kennedy Road, , who is seen , they only know and Meng Shentong grudges, thoughThe blue Meng cellars open them separately disbanded! Tornado pasture entirely destroyed, they harvest of this trip is not only swept the Blue Meng's Lair, also won millions of nomads prairie friendship and gratitude!But Qiong Yao Yuan and Yuwen, who did not result in a cheerful mood, because the list whirlwind ranch check a bit and found that only half of the earlier she is known here, and another half, as previously lurking in Qiong Yao Yuwen home spies, etc. are not in this column! This proves Wu Yunshan speculation Jiaotusanku blue Meng base far more than the arranged a whirlwind ranch, it's just a big nothing!Enemies are not eradicated, risks still exist, their responsibility is not down, but after this incident, the enemy's activities by the next turn dark, the threat will be greater! Several people gathered in the tent, and discuss future behavior, but also unable to do anything, Wu Qi Tsering red even with people about whom, in the desert to get rid of the beggars surveillance, did they track, proving that although they suffered a defeat, and not collapsing, is still a planned retreat!We made several enemy might place, one is red even Qi Miao Cave, a home is Tuwan Fu, Luo Jiabao Tu! But these two were rejected Wu Yunshan, she thought there could not be, because it is too obvious two blue Meng will not