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Liu Ji leisurely day and said: 'is not it, how the wisdom of Heaven?' Guang Chen Sheng said: 'Soft-World Universe.' Yoo Ji-day grunted: 'Soft-World Universe who would not do more wisely Dangjuzhemi people, the more Like father?!' Guang body startled. PressDay Kyi in words, the little princess even suspected insurgent heaven This unprecedented event, actually just a bureau, in order to eliminate tens of thousands that have plagued the Emperor's 'robbery.' No wonder Liu Ji day changed his mind and no longer shot pierced snatch horsepower fine soul, but only a guest in the days of wall hanging. He just did not know Liu days Kyi is when the mind, Liu days Ji sadly said: 'See that dead cold shoulder to see more, to think of hum, Liu Tin Ying can think of things the princess that he should not think of the name with a shadow what terrific. This Princess Is going to live forever in the shadow of the Second Princess Once upon it. ' Yang Qi mischievous smile on her face and said: 'Liu Tin Ying Liu Tin Ying ah, you want to use them to build the robbery, the princess will not let you make the robbery, you let him forget death, the princess will also be able to take it over him.' Guang stone-like figure as coagulation, this little princess did not his cunning mind can predict. When Yang Ying heard this name, he only vaguely felt somewhat wrong when facing extradition will Morohito. He just felt the strength of the extradition would have to shock the world, then why could even fail soaring. Wind's wife Yang Ying Du, even upon a time that is mysterious, even Liu Ji day two of whom are also inferior to the Princess Tin Ying Liu? His hands are trembling slightly Anjian, Joseph channel: 'little princess, the wife harm you, old lady thought you liked him.' Yoo Ji-day enigmatic smile on his face, and whispered:. 'Like father, I really like him, or for Tin Ying Liu and vindictive to fight him, I do not know, say Tin Ying sister fancy man, how have some style.' Guang Chen Sheng said: '? If extradition will is robbed, our