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Chen Sheng said: 'This is not for you to eat.' Yang Ying stared at him and said: 'You need a knife if you will come to the earth realm, you can find ways to restore the mysterious device, I did not die!.' Du wind light: 'I do not need a knife is a knife.!' He reached out to Ray soul stretched. Ray soul in the hands of Du wind pulled into the blade shape, blade longer the stretch. Gradually became able to split a two-edged world of giant knife, Du wind body gradually disappear, become a lingering knifeThe wind rotating clouds, leaving only faint voice said:. 'This is more than you become a more useful tool.' Young looked surprised Zero hanging in the air giant knife, Yang Ying, if the enlightenment: '? This way you want to come out.' Du sound of wind in the sky and said: 'If you want to split the day before soaring, and that this time we will split the princess of heaven, heaven soar place to go outside!' Wrapped in the wind like thunder clouds giant knife fell to the ground beside Liu Ji day, Du cold wind tunnel:. 'Try extradition would punch' Yang Ying has drifted down, her body slowly becomes a giant tree of life, the tree of life slowly turns green bone shape, softened the original shape of a giant's indomitable spirit. Liu Ji days away the wings, was surprised to hand touched the roots of life, was immediately sucked, Zongda force has turned it into a data stream into a giant floating to the brain. Vampires and generals have appeared in the giant's legs, E only touched the tree of life, it is also being sucked into it, into the giant's body covered in blood. General was bounced away, there is an air channeling life beckons roots shall Lu Ya, ya know what land stood the tree of life Nu Sheng said: 'Come on hand, I could not even men are given to you, you Anyhow, a little respect for me. ' Lu Ya looked timid generals, extradition would be in addition to the human and Du wind, she just gave her Butoh whip these people, some familiar, general nodded and said:. 'Listen Yang shadow' Lu Ya stretched consider extension of time now in our favor! ' said: 'I'm afraid this letter into the hands of law whether the dollar!' Yuan said: 'It should be, surrounded by law there must be monitored per person, I pay out is an extremely intense worded letter to help him stay there to monitor who's eyes and ears, and then think of ways Ling Presbyterian, secretly surrender another letter! 'Then at the chance of a personal contact, and he handed out a second letter, said the law did not make the time element, but when off, for he looked very grateful! This confirms the blue Meng, who did stay in Emei, also confirmed speculation we all absolutely correct, but know in their hearts is to support law element here! So they fight and clear identity, to Emei openly marching to the foot of the mountain, while Yu Shi Qiong Yao Yuan and Owen named briefing, called yuan down to meet!Surprisingly, the last time was actually down to meet representatives of the athletics Emei attend, as well as a power move supremely Hercules! Qiong Yao Yuwen Nu Sheng said: 'Law Yuan master why they do not come down, in front of us, he will not take the head on the shelf below his identity here who??'The law of God YungAlready fell ashore. Shun people still see her standing on the shore, such as sailing, with Yu's wife, Lanzhen Gechuang waved with tears in their eyes to see, Mangming journeyed weigh anchor. Then from dawn was not very late, Diagonal Mar Riverside, shimmering clouds, and down with the clear, still bright as day. Boat people have already seen as sacred and two women, dare go against? Chuanke also so good law, although in more than tired of the injury, a night without sleep, everyone enthusiastically, Liji engaged. Within a moment, quietly ship offshore. Long pole point of water, disturb million points from air out, swing the wave heart, head and drove straight to the upper class. Shun China and other Pingchuang distance, until CHONG varies, according to the contract looming shadows, the more the smaller compartment, out of sight of the