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said: 'San Ye, you should know that you are guard tour, 'Zhangye' And our stockade ......'Luosan Ye: 'I know, for these two things to mention the dozens of cars destroyed, that hurt the stockade, and I do not blame my uncle expected, we are taking on the rivers and lakes leg break children's channel, although not claiming to be chivalrous, can also claim back the white Taoist, decent people, I can not watch as these two things matter in person, but I do not want to criticize fellow itinerant surname Luo was a cowardly, not loyalty coward. ''Yes, San Ye!' Said a guard, brother suddenly stood up and said: '! I go with you.'Another guard, along with his brother stood up and said: 'old gold, you have a wife and kids, I was alone a man child, unencumbered, let me go!'Old English himself laugh, life and death event, they can not care, rivers and lakes Haoxiong character faction, said: '! I do not know the taste of food marrow does not matter, you eat the marrow children know the smell, but not dead.'Lao Jin face a whole, said: 'Joking aside, decent decent return, I am determined to follow San Ye is gone, even if people knifed his head, and that it is only a scar palm, my son, who can boast before the future up, my father was to save the 'Desert Dragon' with the 'Red Lady' death, how much glory, much stronger than for anything else. ''To put it is!' Old English: 'You go, I go, you and I are separated hammer scale, where you go, where I talked to.''No!' Luosan Ye really moving, eyes dozen brothers, and now no one has to sit on the ground, he said:. 'Enough, many people and not necessarily good things.''San Ye.' That led children to speak brother and said: 'You know, aside chickened the coward did not say such a thing would have to know them soon, they will say that you can look down on them.'That led children speaker brothers promised soon, he turned to go.Suddenly someone said something:. 'Ladies and gentlemen, please wait, I have something to say.'Everyone saw Mother, whom hesitated, followed Luosan Ye stood behind the individual, everybody facing Luosan Ye, dozens of pairs of eyes looking at, no one can see what time the person standing Luo Sanye behind.Luosan Ye shocked, quickly channeling up, before floating a few steps, a big turn around, he saw it.It was with aTall figure in black passengers, Zhang Mei breakdown, his face pale, Siban Ban without a little expression.Luosan Ye is an old traveler, and a guest to see that this black with a mask of human skin, blocking the true colors.He immediately asked the speaker: 'Friends are ......'That black passenger said: 'Luosan Ye, I am also a part of this team, brought the matter to each other a few times a day went normally, be regarded as a familiar friend.'Luosan Ye said: 'I know, friends, wearing a mask of human skin on your face?'Black passengers laughed: 'Luosan Ye indeed old traveler, good eye!'Luosan Ye said: 'So a friend is that a convoy, why not meet with true colors?'Black passenger said: 'Since I was wearing a mask of human skin, it means I do not want to see the true colors of people, there is such a last resort, ask why, but of you can rest assured that with my not the eagle, with Tan Compass those who have no relationship. 'Luosan Ye said: 'Then a friend to come here is ......'Black passenger said: 'I want to tell with you, can not act rashly, a word you do not upset, that is, the power of the team is not pour Tan Compass with his hands 'four residues' opponent, you not only can not save the desert Long, but in vain, for his Zhaozairehuo. 'A guard, brother refuses to accept authentic: 'I do not believe so many of us can not deal with a few of them ......'Black passenger said: 'Ladies and gentlemen, soldiers in the fine and not in many, will not seek the brave, good old Tan Compass giant slide, if not absolutely sure, so only a few people will not take the guard Moreover, the Beidou Tan a fairly high, he put 'four residues' with the 'Desert Dragon' lock in together, or to fall upon the 'four residues', who could not save Futian Hao, you are a discerning eye,