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hands and red hydrangea though powerful, but also innate treasure but only where there is chaos bell general interest , in the end repression obscurity things, not as good as its ability to attack Pangu streamers, defensive ability as good as Tai Chi, but also belong to the chaotic treasure, Sambo open one day, far above the red hydrangea and rivers boat plans, the bell rang each what, two magic are helpless to stop for a moment, though it is just a short blink of an eye, but it is between the blink of an eye, but it can greatly changed the situation. Grand Master Xuan face flushing, long ago, under the saints are ants, who today own small Shishu has already broken the law, the saints are not invincible. Immediately shouted: 'Yaozu air transport has been destroyed, when Woe genocide, I'll wait for the completion of Shajie today and early return to the mountain.' Moment in the hands of Tiexuedanxin foot purple flashing brilliance, a purple lotus feet pointed in the flash on Jan cloth to enter large array. When no weapons behind Notre Dame and other three teach master, followed, taking their magic hands, Dragon and longevity, but also into them. Eight holes on male, female, old or young, rich, expensive, poor, really cheap eight cents, also followed, the dry Dongbin belong Golden Elephant. Qian Chun-yang, it said Chunyang ancestors, the use of the sword Yiyue Chunyang sword. But at the moment it is in the hands of the sword of fire execute fine sword, from dry bits into; torrent against gold elephant belonging to Tieguai for the foot, iron is a gold, enough in subordinate female, indicating soft gold elephant, holding a turtle Wen sword, from the dollar into position; Xiangu are like Kun soil, the holding green snake, reached the big fuss from Kun-bit; obviously drunk as part of the soil of Burgundy, armed with a large array of broken hill reached from Gen-bit; Chang, old wooden elephant belonging shock. Executive Long algae sword that proceeds from the shock of a large array; blue and as part of the Sunda wood in really is not a light beat playing, playing his face flowering, also lost two front teeth! Item hung anxious to rescue, Gu Zhihua shouted: '! You eat me beat,' resorted Xuannv palm method, a move left, 'Yang Hua, he could feel' a right move, 'catkins light', Zhang Shi uncertain no party, like a fallen Fun, snow drift down. David Danjue item in all directions, has her silhouette Zhang Feng, he performed like a body skills, she was still compelled step back! This item hung surprised no trivial matter, Gu Zhihua even defying his ! The original Lv Siniang alive long into account in this door, no one can Meng Shentong uniforms, so with a decade of effort, study and understanding of the 'magic of Shaoyang'Although not break, but it can resist the power of evil that Shura hidden cult poison gas. As long as two or three masters, Enhancing this 'Shaoyang magic', jointly applied for, it can be made to Meng Shentong. She's minds at that time, the three powers of the strongest disciple door but Cao Kinji, and thrown in from Emei Xie true testament therefore called will 'Shaoyang Xuangong secret' donated Cao Kinji . This is why in Mangshan meeting, although Cao Kinji Gu Zhihua put out by the wall, Gu Zhihua three tips that will still be offered to give her exigencies. Lv Siniang alive, there is no such practice called Gu Zhihua 'Shaoyang magic', but did not forbid her to practice. Gu Zhihua not know Lv Siniang another meaning, in the master's death, she finally put this big power practiced. when practicing 'Shaoyang magic' of, but for the maintenance of the door of a heart actually, I thought one more person to excel at this effort, in the future it must uniforms when Meng Shentong some effort. Until Cao Kinji expose her secret life experience, she began to have doubts, does Master Meng Shentong already know that she is the daughter of Qinshou she does so before his death, 'Shaoyang magic' to avoid killing Affiliation she will participate? She thought, or that the secret master of her life will never expose, therefore in the rapid progress, while Ding cited is gifted person, it also has a large lead at the moment Ding Luo Jin Sin the strength and desire touches of color, who resigned days down, people really speechless else to say. You know, Once upon a supernatural power, although many, but those who want to worship supernatural power as a teacher, not an easy thing, these supernatural powers, or superior, or floating hidden overseas, or have protection cents array, Where is so easy to see, ha ha ancestors, who now could have a large Luo strength, though, but the early stages, but can live angel, mysterious, Kim Sin three phases, nor is as simple as can be achieved. 'Hmmm, you have not seen the red head on them? They used intraoperative sect of, hey, do not know how many people killed, only pour so if the real red.' Nether leader face a hint of sneer, said: 'I look at what was going on and so on, these people are probably not what simple role, the seat faint not feel right, but, hey, Shushan is too many enemies in the end, actually there are so many people come. adding insult to injury. ' Those heretical people, just looked at the dead leader, did not answer, but added haha ​​ancestors see Ding cited in this, his face showing a little surprised, but just nodded his head. Then with that side of the broken head monk talk a lot, and then double north knelt down, seeing the dead ancestors, hearts surprised, could not help but see more carefully, and sure enough, after a moment, coming from the north-edged sword, sword blood red, Jian Qi Ning without hair, but Senhan of the gas, but it is far away can feel and see the dead leader Nabing sword, hearts fierce surprise, could not help but said: 'it was He? 'Lueyisisuo could not help but nod, only that person can teach such a disciple to, just do not know who in the end is the story behind this. 'Open!' Haha I saw on the ancestors and the two head broken head monk shot a red light, into a pair of big hands, clasped the sword, mercilessly hack before Shushan dust that had