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shui, each year only been inflated stone barrier, is very well conceived, descendants still underdeveloped, is very funny. Too lazy to listen, just to vertical out, suddenly remembered the temple statuesVery good, the desire to watch some handy. Flying over the house of the ridge, to the door of the temple and saw that statue profiling clear irrigation, for bronze skin, the eyes pressed two eyebrows, eyes downcast, his hands are Xiunei, both very much like real humans, clothing more and really exactly the same. The new, more original word Gan ancient temple plastic, Di escape, although common, is also very surprised. Rudian side to take a closer look, and shoved think what this behavior, when is late, how still this delay? The idea of ​​a turn, immediately regress, who flew the Dianding. Tian Di escape childhood growth, Cheng Fei Tian Xia Di Lianggong well-known father, both inside and outside the big attain superior power point, how quickly the leg muscles! Needless to put the second person to catch a moment, after fine resolution video, Thai fruit is money to be himself, to increasingly conclude that that person is Youjia forward, Qian Wang will be a night to take place during the day treasure treasure. Thai people should already have money informant, with the intention of seizing regardless, so he went secretly trailing down. Own midnight trek, suffering trail, only to inadvertently encounter, exceedingly delighted, and know that the money should be more than their ability to Thailand although Johnson a chip, but it is not Yongshou, you can easily pass, as long as a little vigilant two night stand in smoke desire. Not the effect, after the pace slowed down to see people put, Geyuan some special camera until the headland and then approached to act, chased, go all the antecedents, trace route direction is not bad, and gradually chase away thousands Songyan only a few miles, You Jia stop yet. Ancun front crossed the cliff, is the former residence of Shen Lin, his mentoring lair, is also in possession of explode, but they have to have the ability for the job.' Chuan-Guo Yuxi hands ready to head toward the Huanglong live smashed in the past. Huanglong know where a hint of madness in his eyes real color, pass the country Yuxi neglects heaven, Longkou was the boss, a dragon fly out pearls on the chest toward Temujin played in the past. Apparently ready to suffer, crash and burn to posture. 'Bang!' Huanglong real feel as if the whole head was crushed, like drops of blood falling from the eyes, and a mouth spray Longkou also among blood. And so while Temujin chest like a boulder just felt like being hit, chest above a fist big bloody holes now, but it has been into pearls Pearl white powder, quietly fall down. Huanglong also deeply original surgery method of supernatural powers can not hurt each other, but also there is no magic in their hands, could have is their own land Dragonball it. Condensed essence of thousands of years, is equivalent to the existence of Lingbao, desperation, just as weapons smashed in the past. Although the gas real dragon can avoid all kinds of surgery method, all he did not escape the sword. Temujin where would think the other ranks so afraid of death, abandoned his idea of ​​the repair is not thousands, but are asking is inflicted ownHurt it. 'You are a hero!' Temujin looked at his chest a bloody holes, looked at the hands of the already several feet into a length of yellow four-claw dragon, faint. 'Drop him!' Among glaucoma. Dragon lightly stand in mid-air. His eyes a hint of complex look. Temujin looked at the hands of a real weakness to Huanglong. : 'The heroes are able to pin down his worth appreciation Guaren even their lives are not really made to Guaren admire...' Said the Huanglong live handed up. 'Humph!' Huge land opposite Slam. Temujin face a trace of dignified color. At the moment not to face a large Luo Jin Sin. But a quasi-saint. After archosaurs. Three Realms of the most mysterious sage sage Hongyun subglottic disciples. And Nvwaniangniang has greatly causal. Body smirking a few times and said: 'This shows that much of his special infuriating storage capacity, we must do good use, as long as we try to consume his gas ......' Scarface soon grinning, his scar with a twitching even more terrible, hideous authentic: 'So, now that we went to four spades help.' ---------------------------------------------- Ad: Recommended ISBN 187 860 'Tenno-saver.' Ke Leizha're crazy inside an underground city to change the car factories busy, covered with oil and sweating. Du wind jeep has to be most ready, cut the number of vehicles to be demolished scrap Hummer, Mercedes jeep wreck disorder to be put aside. These cars worth nearly ten million dollars in parts, have been fitted to the new type jeep. Several men with envy at the next mayor who physically very weak, in terms of absolute change vehicle technology is unparalleled in the world. If there is no such class Ke Leizha mechanic, to create cars Du wind needs in a short time, there is an impossible task. Ke Leizha wiping sweat, thinking themselves wise fortunately did not resist, which can be put under Fiends away, wandering the city to protect the status quo sacrifice the long corner. Just then the door came the sound of chaos, apparently uninvited guests rushed. I feel extremely uncomfortable Ke Leizha immediately snapped his men and said: 'You do not go out of business today posted notices it? Change underground depot boss fear authentic: 'posted ...... posted ah.' Ke Leizha waved and said: 'Well.' Immediately ordered his men to go out inspections nice if visitors do not leave immediately summary execution. To Ed Nuys this chaotic city based, spades five groups have their own empty, Ke Leizha naturally have their own nearly Guard. To be held in the city each year wandering brutal underground boxing, boxing tournament winner can get millions of dollars in remuneration, but can also acquiescence in, an area set aside as its own territory in the city, charged protection money. Rangers took the city it was created a decade,