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can not stand anyone. Du wind in large trees close your eyes, strangely, he still did not do any healing action. Du slender figure appeared in the wind behind Valkyrie Yanzui has put aside a piece of white handkerchief, proud authentic: 'You are very clever, let the girl go first, you will not watched you die in my hands, I went to Here only hands, but also be doing everything humanly possible. ' Du wind indifferent said: 'Which one are you?' Valkyrie shouted: 'What Which one?' Du wind unexpectedly strange eyes, lightly: 'The Valkyrie, that always stood together and we Valkyrie, and now I'm not in front of you is not going to seize his body to my body that will still say, you yourself.? Since I do not knowWhich one? ' Valkyrie Leng Heng said:. 'That silly waste, never again come out better.' Du wind to gradually clenched fists, cold tunnel: 'The Valkyrie entrusted me to take care of Miss ya, I promised him, however difficult, is the shadow of misunderstanding or discard Warrior dignity, I will take good care of the land which I have ya. him. ' His voice is getting cold: 'No matter what the Valkyrie very concerned Xiaoya, you can come here in order to endure until Xiaoya hands, I promise you, never let the world know Valkyrie defeated died in my hands the message, which I have you. ' Bao He soon he punches: '! You can die.' Valkyrie suddenly hesitated, when Du wind punches. All land punches hurt him rift had vanished the moment he noticed. Wind passing over all the way from Du Du wind and operates without any luck healing, wounds may also not deteriorate inch. Du wind fist hit the ground, with the passage of time all the power to impose a Valkyrie and its own power, and power has been completely overridden Yao three or more. Valkyrie never seen such a manner passage of time, even the body caused by injury, have been restored became a force fired. No, in the ancient boxing, to do such a miscellaneous records. But that is a waste technology. Ancient boxing. Seven injured. Heart, liver and stomach yard, coke Uranus foot paused, looked up to see the next four, we must move forward! Just listen to a dark corner light drink sounded loudly: 'Old Coke, stop!'Since the dark corner where a figure swept out in straight sets before the body, is a lanky middle-aged black man, his eyes a condensate, but did not speak.Coke Uranus already pre-empt said: 'Explorer Explorer it ever saw, and I have?Thing. 'That lanky black guy and said: 'Do you have any hurry so mysterious?'Coke Uranus: 'The non-renowned explorer can not say that I find Explorer go!' Move away! That sounded behind Huasheng lanky black guy: 'Explorer mostly in the backyard!'Coke Uranus should be a cry, and went straight in there.He walked the path, over the gallery, to the backyard door, no way to stop, the door to the backyard, where he immediately went to break without stopping!When he first entered the backyard a few steps, only heard Chen He called out: 'What is man?'Coke rushed busy day stop should be: 'I, coke Uranus!'Lengheng, a medium build, without flour, Yin Zhi pressing the purple man swept over, at the very start sidewalk: 'Hello great courage, dare trespass backyard!'Coke Uranus busy: 'I have something urgent to report it explorer!'That purple man said: 'Do you have any urgent?'Coke Uranus and said: 'I would not say gone Explorer!'That purple guy said: 'Then you have to bang on the door of the intrinsic, since someone will give you a briefing, dare trespass backyard, you do not order it?'Coke Uranus: 'The trouble is that you are informed about it!!.'Purple man grunted: 'retreated to the door waiting to go!'Coke Uranus should cry, but raising his hand one pointing out, purple means a man should fall. He reached copy live purple guy, and flew into a dark corner sideways, and from the instant he walked out of a dark corner, where flutter straight sideways!After he successfully bypassed hall, in front suddenly, backyard both deep and wide, seen in the night, kiosks, Taiwan, pavilion, floor, everything.This time reveals only two lights, one a Taoist leaf hint of trepidation. Mysterious Grand Master, who heard this, this feels different to the usual four at the moment. Smart Xian Qi whole body, a little fairy forehead light is extremely pure, and what not to restore the body. Although the body has been destroyed by these people, but their soul power of the stars of the year-round temperature is raised, do not know how many times strong. Even so just out of the Gods,But after a while, you can more naturally into the previous step. 'Enlightening Laoer, when you take away my twenty-four Dinghai beads, and I do not know when it can also ah?' Enlightening Taoist Zhaogong saw again, could not help old passions welling up all at once, While ignoring that Primus and Tongtianjiaozhu to brotherhood, bullying the weak and did not care, he just killed Xiao three sisters, but anyway, these people died, land of magic in front of the original owner still gave it also when the original Gods, Saints jointly promise to result. But the Buddha not only occupy EEP Zhaogong Dinghai beads, but it turned it into a 24 heavens, becoming one of thriving Buddhist magic. This cause and effect, but both sides are too deep knot. 'Lu pressure Taoist?' Joan Xiao sharp-eyed, all of a sudden I saw the side of the land pressure Taoist, could not help but scream, hands in the air Jinjiao scissors to sacrifice, could not resist going to cut it down. This murder but the first point, but it is also too sinister murder land pressure point, then when the Gods, land pressure Taoist order to live his own Shajie, the way to teach and explain human forged some good fortune, but it is chosen as Zhaogong make things, to make a late-bloomer in a camp established Qishan; build a camp. Tie a straw man; personal letter 'Zhaogong' words, the head of a lamp, a lamp with a single step. Gang fight since step, the book breaks mudra incineration, three times a day to bow. It can be considered a poor Zhaogong for Dingdingyouming Tai immortal, has aspirations to the realm of the Great Law. The heart