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wine, the food is too old tried with silver, silver old color change, try out the poison does not dare entrance. Gu Zhihua way to catch a night for two days, debilitated, robbing dare sleep at ease, just rest in bed meditating. Fortunately, she is authentic internal strength training, do a will be breathing effort, they revive energy, fatigue lost. to midnight, sudden, I hear someone knocking on her head @ room. ' Gu Zhihua shouted: 'Who are you?' The clerk's voice should be said:. 'There are a few friends came to see you,' this wood to large out common sense to know that it is a single woman, even really friends to visit, nor should this late at night, and the clerk should not put him in. Gu Zhihua this to be scolded´╗┐But I thought, 'Could it be that people who come to tease me? Well, since he came to the door. I Shall not see.' He held up the sword to open the door, the look, so she could not help but surprised. Outside the station to see the whole of the three officers, two of which it is a subtraction monk disciples Guards command QD and Geng pure, another longer young, but do not know, only to hear the QD 'Oh,' a cry, call said: 'This really is a girl name thief Valley:' Listen to his tone, as if he dared to determine in advance too late in the ladies room is Gu Zhihua. Gu Zhihua take a closer look to see is these three officers, including the monk does not subtraction, mind to go down, sneer, said: 'it was the Qin Geng two adults, imposing mountain Qiu Meeting Shangmo make do, but also To get here so it is a pity I did not Lingshi Lingshi share of conservation effort, you get insulted by:?. 'Qin Geng duo Qiu Jin Shiyi Hill meeting was taken, beaten in public disgrace, and forcing them derided Master, which is unprecedented in the martial arts from the odd-toed big shame in front of them now being companions that out, really more than two-fold slap them also made them uncomfortable. Geng jumped pure anger, who thundered: '! Thief girl, to the imminent death, dare curse' Gu Zhihua hee hee laughs: 'curse is all the players unambiguous, while his four children at once a man on the car park.Luosan Ye original on this kind of people, and now saw this situation, I am afraid that is not promised not immediately wry smile and said: 'I'm untouchable Luolao three red girl, man you want to contribute on behalf of the team that is the best However, you please! '- Baoquan back to the side of the children.Ren also Rencong Li, he stood did not move, did not speak.Gloomy face immediately turned black guy carriage, cold a chuckle: '! Red Snake, you did not name a figure, ask yourself out of it, please do not let go of our brethren.'Just listen to her coldly: 'Yes, officer Chuang less suzerain is my victims, but it can not blame me, blame the collapse of his own, I did not kill him, I get him something that is worthless I deserve a reward, the brothel also have to spend money, is not it? ''Good shameless woman.' I do not know who is courageous swore.One after another exclaimed: 'Red Lady is so a woman, it is no wonder, not stay home, wander out, but also what is good large ones!'The little ladies coldly: 'Ladies and gentlemen are to eat well to get pension, has nothing to do, I did not commit piece Fa, why Kukuxiangbi.'It turned out that some guy is ......Gloomy face black guy sneer: 'less nonsense, tell you that you with that 'Desert Dragon' Futian Hao, are guanjia reward capture the characters, you do not find a man years, and Comin in run into you here, will put you, there is nothing 'Zhili Viceroy' go speak! 'The little ladies nodded and said: 'Well, since you do not want to let go, I only tell you to 'Zhili Viceroy' trip ......'Just listen to that gloomy face man shouted: 'Brethren attention, then how they danced fraud should be applied.'The other three immediately explore waist Chechu plant Weaponry.The little ladies jumped down´╗┐, Sneered: '! Poor Lord, who will impose fraud Yeah'That gloomy face black guy hesitated, immediately said: 'I was wrong about you, I eat a dozen years official grain, Today is the first time you