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, I could not help the world's first idea jumped out, furious and proud of the performance of the head. I remember when the Gods, cut to teach the case. Although I do not know that 'Gods' that is not true, but it seems in accordance Zhen Fang, in that case then, Primus had to contend with Taishanglaojun together, not their shameless, but cut to teach people are too crazy, not even saints looked down. This is a sign of the decline of a sect. Another example is former Kunlun, Shushan is true today. Huaqiu front but entraining mid-repair, but relied on Shushan forces, in an even explore other repair is not clear before the enemy, but also so arrogant, actually saw each other's magic, we can see Shushan degree of arrogance. This aspect is of course because of Yu Jian Road Shushan, too Tough, lack of flexibility, even with the practice of the people, the character has changed a lot. But more important is the human Shushan too addicted to past glories. Comprehension sector position when the boss too long, so the eye is facing up to see the. That Hua Qiu Zhen Fang looked at, coughed, cold shouted:.. 'Well a villain, actually my elixir Shushan installed fire gourd dare to wonder stolen child under the ruthless hands evildoer, will This is also my gourd Shushan, there is a way out, otherwise Tao Ye will remove your soul, off into my Shushan town demon tower among the every day by the fire of hell that suffering, so that you can survive not to die. 'I saw that Soke look of righteousness, as if it really is his gourd Shushan same. Zhen Fang shook his head, is it loaded B is that everyone can install it? Sometimes, loaded B also pay attention to the talent and strength, not the strength of the loaded B can only be stepped on someone else, someone else loaded B. Zhen Fang took out a golden pagoda come, there are colorful glow flows shine throughout the room. Looking at huaqiu one, said:. 'You have Shushan town demon tower, I am here to have the town of demon tower Could this also from Shushan town demon towerDown? ' It the point of age, eyesight is not good in the past, Erli better than the first, the case of hidden weapon can hear the sound of hand-pick. Early 'chaos Migratory Locust Point 'effort that did not suffer because of the eye low purity, is it true, 'Hou Shao said:'?! How can this matter now much worse. 'Italian kids like the disbelievers:' My brother would also like to see four t pick hidden weapon of effort, and so went to say it. ' Has come to the foot of say. Hou Shao see steep mountains, foothills along the steeply ten Shu Zhang, and then there is the beginning of the ramp and pedestrian paths. All up and down the cliff is Chixu holes Xue, Zhang Xu alternate up and down several feet per Xue range, such as artificial hewn, dodge prepare training purposes. '! Tetra Come' Hou Shao know him to show off young age this situation, but also quite scared praise, smiled and said: 'You first on the right, I'll come.' Sound with the people from, nor Zongyue, only hands adherent raw edge of the wall and on the stunt, just arrived together. When kids see him, leaning over the cliff Jingsi stick and grilled wall gecko general, parades comfortable, exceedingly happy, only to then implement shouted: '! Tetra dodge nice ah' Hou Shao laughed: ' You have to learn this, just work hard on the line. I also have to cling to. Grandpa just what you do, two or three feet high next to the towering, much better than I what? ' Children laughed and said: 'Grandpa refused to teach us about his brother must Hayami tetra came up so anxious Thus, turned a hillside, met the ground, at the end there are two bamboo hall, my brother on the inside. waiting. tetra please go in front. 'Hou Shao only when let off, still go hand in hand with him to pull. Completed trails, a turn to the right, see if there is a large hillside plaza, located half a hundred fundamental pile, while the remainder military family who all appliances and equipment, all complete. Approaching the bamboo hall door, the child suddenly said, 'urinate', get rid off. Hou Shao you forget'Luosan Ye eyebrows micro-Young, said: 'Tan old Luo three straight afraid to say that the purpose of his old team, there Tan your character in this one, any one thing guanjia stained, Luo three are negativeThis responsibility can not afford, to say the old Tan had told me when the car in advance that a good big brother, the way no matter what happens, just stained a official functions, the team is completely irresponsible, so now you put heavy responsibility to I, I really can not afford to play. 'Do not move sensual, and so I put one of the official unfinished food is good, then go ahead, together with brother Charles Locke about it, okay? 'At this time, a crisp students, prettily Huasheng pass over: 'Luosan Ye, please wait.'Luosan Ye Tan told Compass Mother looked, I saw the car not far from the White Lady drilled her left hand only small boxes, hand holding a small burden.Tan Compass Jingmang eyes flash, said:. 'Look at the situation, this is going away.'Two people standing at the car from this far gone, Tan Compass effort this sentence, White Lady has been out of the car carrying the burden of holding the box came, she would smile to the near and said: 'Here is just Luosan Ye , save me go down to the head and ran. 'Down to work out a silver box from the burden, handed to said:. 'This is my car half the money, you do the math right.'Luosan Ye side Shenshouqujie that mina, side said: '? How Mrs. leaving the team a'White Lady smiled and laughed a little reluctantly said:. 'I think the point temporary thing, do not want to go forward, into the Great Wall, I have a relative, I'll go over to my relatives.'Luosan Ye only goes when she is met before the letter intended to go, but he can not figure out why she was in front of Tan Compass face such a walk.His mind after hovering for a moment, and said: 'night so dark, you go a little easy man, I send someone to send you a ride.'Ms. Bai said: 'No, thank you, for so many years, I am a man accustomed to ......' shocked smile, then said:'I have so much