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 Not far DU wind footsteps came slowly, followed by his usual indifference voice:. 'Let her go.' Luo Feile immediately feel at ease, whether human or demons, see Du wind should automatically wince. The first climb up the corpse fumble around for a while and found a lens had already been broken glasses with the noseAlso took out a box of small needles, chose a tie finest on his arm. With the blue blood out of the body slowly, his face also restored people of color, but slightly pale. Luo Feile withhold a total of four individual body, the other three followed suit, with a needle inserted into his body to be immortal gas imported contaminated blood. Youth glasses trembling and said: '? Sister Sister how to do it?' 'Sister and Deng together, the two of them so strong, it should not be something in.' Youth patrol glasses with eyes all around, did not see the corpse in his familiar people, temporarily relieved, Luo Feile see each other is no longer afraid of people, yelled: '! Let me go ah.' Glasses youth react, said the sound apologized release Luo Feile hand, on the Verge Roffey left wrist ankle, he suddenly remembered something in one hand and fastened ankle, snapped: 'You What just said? ' 'I told you let me ah!' 'Before release phrase!' 'Independence Day ......' Glasses youth's hand loosened, and then stuck in the delicate neck, slowly got up and said:. 'The name is not casually profane' Four people have all stood up, heads naked shoot, do not see a few seconds ago, they also attack wounded Xian Qi. Youth cross between glasses on hand fingers neck overflow Daoqi countless sharp. His eyes looked Du wind, eyes turned to the cut backs behind him on Shendao, hesitated and said: 'Five Star ancient weapons, how likely is the legendary Independence Day fraudulent use of the name Du wind will! be punished. ' Du wind cut back Shendao without wind down, 'Zheng' slamming insert a solid ground, he was cold tunnel: 'Nothing incredible, even has crippled hands in the air when the reservoir is full, will become