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troubled, Ji Xiaofeng used in several martial arts that are seen from the end of him, with his own martial arts training, the merits and demerits Coushang reluctantly, the most they can say is just come to ten, and Meng Shentong said about twenty-four ratioThat is more than double the difference. Meng Shentong laughed: 'Little Acts only in my door for three years, yet martial glimpse barriers flaws surely more, feel free afar Tang big head so high on Mengmou achieve rapid progress hear ah, Tang big palm. ?? door somehow domain Shu Well, yes, let this a test, but also a lack of judgment, whether you want to ask a few martial arts masters out a review of our comments about it, 'Tang Xiaolan Chen Sheng said:' No Mr. Meng. Bo Wu Xueyuan, met people know, Tang is far less than that this a test, I'm throwing in the towel is. 'remark, eclipsed the audience, many of whom he secretly injustice, the real contest, his son won, oral the contest, but he lost, it would not be big Meng Shentong take advantage? But they made it clear beforehand, so to speak better than the law, although the heart has displeased the crowd, but also no how. Meng Shentong said: 'Don Modesty big head from the bottom, Mengmou fear, Samuel Cheng praise, humility, had to thank you for allowing this game the right, you can now start the second field test of the. it, 'Tang Xiaolan said:'? Please Mr. Meng topic 'was secretly whispered. I do not know what he was born again cunning topic. Meng Shentong call and said: 'Yang Young, you ready for it?' Yang red symbol should be: '! Well,' I saw him holding a tray from the crowd, the disk has a sweat, two small cups, large cup filled with water, a small cup is empty. Everyone felt weird, I do not know what these items are going to do. Meng Shentong took out a small paper bag, publicly ripped the inside of the bag color powder annoying song Dalin during, and after shaking, and then injected into the two cups, two small cup is just equal to the capacity of a large cup. Meng Shentong do these things, and then Shentong outdone, also exposed companion proud look, sneered: 'Ha, You're at the end of civilized savages actually know me 'that Frankenstein said:'? This is no hair guy calling you for help, surely you higher than his ability, and good, and try to eat me beat, '' Peng '! bang, palms intersection, Meng Shentong back three steps, that Frankenstein has two Akira Akira, suddenly furious and shouted: 'So are you this hurt my golden shuttle:' Meng Shentong which surprised even more than before, the original In the palms intersection occasion, he also felt there was a chill in the air to pass over from the other side of the palm, milliDoubt, this practice also has Frankenstein, but also, and he seems in the tournament, no one can hurt anyone. Meng Shentong like Jin Shiyi like, immediately he floated the idea: 'Could it be that he has come to Joe North sea left on the seven islands of martial arts secret perilous it?' But they immediately think: 'If he had found Joe North sea powers secret perilous, Shura hidden evil power should yuan already got the ninth level. But now he's just got to try out the seventh weight, what is truth? 'Frankenstein that tolerate him carefully, stature flash, clap again ponley hack like electricity like calling Meng Shentong Yunzugongli, and pick up his palm, which look so loudly about Meng Shentong like internal organs are prone to flip over, but also quick-witted Frankenstein Ling fight a Cold War The original Meng Shentong because monks teach subtraction get his internal organs Heart, has been picked seventh heavy weight between eighth and, slightly higher than that Frankenstein, Frankenstein but within the family than his high skill out of more than one chip, so the Shura hidden evil power of the contest, is that Frankenstein ate loss, but the real power of the contest, including the home, Meng Shentong but it is no match for him. Meng Shentong is a martial arts expert big hands two strokes, try out the enemy's strength, anhu 'bad' mind: 'My not enough to make him desperately, and his shop. I saw a tea shop in the quiet, Jin Shiyi has a premonition that a little bad, and went in, and a glimpse at the counter below the bedroom door, each with a corpse, it is that the old couple Chapu tube! Touch the touch, yet still warm corpse, showing murdered not long. Jin Shiyi curtain opened, and shouted: '!! Katsuo Katsuo' only an empty house, couch, where there shadow? Jin Shiyi it even more surprised, I thought Lisheng Nan holding a sword, and one hundred many powerful hidden weapon, people are wary of exquisite, although Zhu complex skill, but it may not be a master-class Nye what she was, how could so easily give the enemy captive? And she also knew that he was to the city of Gao Yi Zhen, even encounter enemies, could not withstand, and also the escape out for help with the day to escape acoustic, Chapu from the market and fork all but four or five miles, If she lodged acoustic for help with day if he heard the rationale. Rao Jin Shiyi experienced numerous storm since then also a little distraught, Danjue Lisheng Nan's sudden disappearance, and he heard the same missing Gu Zhihua, the same bizarre incomprehensible! Just then, the door of the human voice addicted miscellaneous, someone shouted: 'There are sound, the murderer still hiding inside, be careful, be careful!' According to fork someone crying uncontrollably, ordered out the murderer, crashed out of Jin Shiyi, saw Outside Chapu, a dense mass of a large group of people, turned out to hear the murder Yasumasa with the militia to the survey. Those who came out to see an officer, utterly spent, while, no oneHands. Farmers also saw two Jin Shiyi crowd Miao village, Chong busy pinching them caught drinking and asked: you can see a robber look like it? 'That's two Farmers hurriedly replied:' We simply have not seen the robber's face. 'Jin Shiyi said:' That you just ranted robbers kill again? 'That's two Farmers Association said:' We came to drink a bowl of tea, to see that both the bodies, fed, and that, of course, is to kill the robber. 'Jin not imagine that he swallowed a stiff Bingpo God's will bomb! Jiangnan suddenly emerged askew grotesque to see him, can not help but startled hesitated, at this moment, ears sudden, I hear there is a very familiar voice, though weak, very crisp, said: 'Silly boy, do not beat him up! 'South is a word he woke up, immediately ran up, footed, secluded secluded aggressiveness Tuzhao Ming hit a few slap in the face! Kanli according to his sword wins over, one dropped the bottom of the pit! Jiangnan Yuanmin hit Tuzhao Ming meal, satisfied, for example, open mouth smiles: 'You old fool old bastard, I had to be a sword to stab you, see you this pair of poor gentile, I never killed a man, well, count your good fortune, my heart a soft, to spare you! 'Alignment Tuzhao Ming ass, kick him kicked Tuzhao Ming suddenly regained consciousness, pain called out, get out of the three feet in! Male red symbols will help him up, I saw him a pair palms, fingers together and turn inward bent, stiff legs, but it is not working, walking only hop hop straight from the straight sets, the presence of all the martial arts expert was out: Tuzhao Ming's hands and feet joints have hardened, martial arts Waste not self-inflicted, From now, is no longer with the human hands blows southern side of the mouth of the person, people big fast, looking Tuzhao Ming wolf spy look askew, indiscriminately and then laughing, while the southern high sound Encore, Zou Wei Xia is joy to ear and pulled the southern fuss, talking and laughing and said: 'You did not lie to me, really is excellent excel at martial arts, playing reallyFantastic! I just have to worry about it for you, you are stuck his sword when the set of odd, if he does not point your acupuncture points, sword greeting to your body, it would mean that much of the bad! 'South smiles:' I had the foresight to know that he would point me in the acupuncture points. In fact, you do not worry, that he was a sword stab to count, and I also have a way to cope, will not hurt for him. 'Of course, this is