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excitement. Several elders are exposed eyes the color of hope, obviously looking forward to the resurrection of Chi big witch, though, who are anti-virtual breeze of the master, but if compared to Chi, Chi probably still can not stop a big witch's hand. If this person has a commanding earth witch family, I am afraid of the day witch thriving family not far away. 'Can not.' Strong benign elder shook his head and sighed:. 'Then Huangdi People Wong Hallows Xuanyuanjian cut big witch Chi limbs, is afraid of the big witch reborn I waited, been able to gather Chi remains, but for me and other ancestral witch heritage nothing. I waited Although the Wu family, but in fact is not a pure witch family, which contains the human family's blood, although they would also be magic, but because of the blood, and can not live forever, therefore gathered Chi big witch's body is In order to make it into the blood pool, so I'll wait for further in vivo blood witch family blood tends to it. You look at me and so now only control things in the world, but in the primitive, the Wu family's most obvious feature is the body surgery. You I'll wait and see, although magic strength, but the body is weak but better than, the same skin as the old bark, if not beware lest a dagger could take my life and so on, but at the time of the ancient witch clan, aches and hard if King Kong, invulnerability, also those innate Lingbao or some talent Mighty make us some harm. ' Good strong words of the elders, so that other twelve elders face surprised, I did not expect Wu family actually have this secret Sim, could not help staring at the strong ancestral good witch, and that strong elder Liang sighed: 'That Chi ancestral witch, although powerful, But in the end only oneAncestral witch only. Only one body strength, but I waited thirteen people, in addition to the punishment day elders are twelve ancestral witch blood, I only get the Chi and other large body of pure witch to witch family blood, it can have ancestral witch constitution. Power surge, can Buddhism, the future may be off a natural skins, gold Sendo achievement results. Enjoy the so-called Western Paradise, lectures Three times Dafa, no affect, achievement immortal, finished this body does not break. There are songs, saying: Yan Ming Ying-day Golden West Lotus most micro-fine. Chien wreaths infinite wonderful. Yoshimitsu absolutely successive students. God bless people pestle rare metals and forest Qi easy. Occasion, Tong Fu lotus will, we know the road to this day. 'Ethereal sound like ears, eyes and heard around beings fanaticism, his face suddenly appeared a trace of longing for color, could not wait to be able to reach paradise general. Bai face a move, his eyes also appeared trace grain, corn mouth slightly open. Awaiting promised, above all of a sudden puff of merit gold Ni Wan, Leighton time soul clear, bright eyes, revealing faint brilliance, could not resist fiercely sweep of the few people at a glance. The original speech Budaha of joy, but it contains a sound confused. Bai was not aware of very high merit, the critical moment cover your soul, do not be fooled by the other party. Budaha of joy naturally understand the truth, although slightly hearts sigh, but soon carry a fixed idea, though perhaps Bai behind other characters, but Bai but Xuanyin system. If they could get to the tripod furnace. I am afraid that can exceed tens of Asura daughters, if these figures can not be degrees into their own sects. How worthy of joy in the name. ^ Cold moment and said:. 'Evil creature, monk persuade them, it is so ungrateful, worth mentioning, in order to guard against this evil creature havoc you today on behalf of Heaven monk,' said a pair of pink big hand towards Bai caught come up. Thirty-three days at a time outside the large Luo Palace, both mysterious cave, wonderful scenery, Wonderland abnormalities, which are more saints residence, the whole slope Health Seocho, Ganoderma lucidum were born, even to show the root, the top pick Tianqi. Fairy tale, there is a house, saw that the book 'Tao comrades in arms, continue to have disappeared in the space of golden light, scoring above the highest heaven, but this time but no one cares, just know that slashing the military spirit around. Buddha sound filled, sandalwood grounds, with the support of the crowd, the people of the equal opportunity to all this, do not knowHow much of the military spirit, give them sent to the government, but we have done a Ksitigarbha Buddha Dharma monk soldiers. 'Immeasurable revere.' Zhen Fang just felt compassion eye eyebrows rose among the raw pain, could not help but cry shouted, surprised to find a milky white light shot out from between the eyebrows, shining the entire space. An atmosphere of compassion countless military spirit enveloped them, those evil soul of the military, although heavy, murderous sky, at the moment it is the color harmony of the exposed surface, despite the sun real fire in the air and landed Zixiao thunder god who will have their own strike crushing, soul into an enormous surge of energy flow between the eyebrows would inject into. Zhen Fang heart was shocked to know that compassion eye with increasing Daoxing and evolution. What kind of general Daoxing what kind of compassion eye, if at this time but this massive flow of pure energy into them, I'm afraid it will make less compassionate eye on make up. Pending mercy eyes closed, his head above the red gourd suddenly a move, flying a haoguang come, stand in merit gold among cents shiny, shining the entire space. Although all the monks sharp eyes, but can not see that haoguang of some kind, have surprised. And Zhen Fang fly out of some kind, but know exactly Dinghai beads. 'Immeasurable good fortune!' Zhen Fang Fu Ling mind to, could not help but cheer loudly, suddenly aware of the role of this Dinghai beads of the soul during circulation. Fruit see the huge flow of energy in the air have Dinghai beads injected into the ground, even with the fight being broken space army, two army soul Tan Lang also have fall into it, the masterpiece haoguang