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Shensha large array, instead of them was a giant, about Shu Zhang, whole body Emotion strong, eyes like a bell, majestic physique, should Tarzan, bronze-edged ax shook hands, as if the weight if jin. 'Pangu?' A bright mind could not help everywhere, to have this form to open the day who probably only great man. Only these characters have such charisma, to make people respectful bow. Although he saw at this time but a virtual image Pangu only. Because although the elders, who have a strong good day witch supernatural powers, but with the year across the galaxy to be the ancestral witch can bear a virtual image of Pangu state already is the best, and after a day, I'm afraid they are strength big hurt, no power for centuries, to restore the original appearance impossible. 'Bang!' I saw the dawn of the virtual image no fancy punch, ordinary, nor were there any wonderful place, quite satisfactory, did not see what power, everywhere alarmed endless hearts awaiting surmise this is not like a giant virtual Pangu When there is no power, the sudden burst of the earth tremble, rumble and sound, as if turning ordinary earthworm, the Wu family everyone was shocked, and quickly told the elders xingtian high sense led the crowd out of the hundreds of miles away. Lined with a sweep of the young man, seemed to stand in front of a mountain, look over the place, as if they have been allocated dry clothes in general. Dressed in silver armor, a sword hanging around the waist, top with Qin Xiao Zhuan wrote 'hero' word, it is one of the royal town of Qin palace treasure, and Terracotta sword 'Hao Cao' quite, after being given a large general white play. 'After learning the Wu family lined white witch from large adult audience.' The Spirit God know a little of a turn, and immediately know that this person is out to target the Wu family, Qin Bai Qi Great General. 'You are very good, excellent qualifications, no wonder the big witch fancy Chi can be obtained Shendao tiger soul.' Since a large white witch nodded and said: 'You the tip of the Shandong Peninsula, facing the Yellow Sea, Gu Zhihua noon, to the foot of the hill taverns eating lunch in a drum, and asked where Long shangqinggong mean something mountaineering. On the top of the hill, the day started going black sea islands drifting afar, vaguely down the moon, the stars fishing boat, feel a cool mind. After thinking for a moment more, perhaps you can renowned Jin Shiyi, spirit is heartened. In recent days the wind ridge exertion, are similar to Hyperion do wash up. Go for a moment, butAfter the summit, see the depths of the pine forest, emerged in a monastery, put light foot field, and slowly walked Sichaoqifu mind, thinking about the past few days to the encounter is full of strange things, renowned for Jin Shiyi To him first say? At the end of your mind already, sudden, I hear somebody sigh sound, Gu Zhihua heart jump, from afar, I saw a man leaning pines, Jin Shiyi who is not? He heaved a household, it seems it is in thinking mind, it seems to have not found her. Gu Zhihua smiled to himself, to go around from the side, go near, it suddenly Huanliaoyisheng gently: 'The World Heritage.' think, feel Zhengzhu. Look on his face, looked very embarrassed. Gu Zhihua's heart seemed to fall a piece of lead weights, at once sank, light, said: 'sorry, I do not know about the Lisheng Nan girl you met here to disturb you.' Jin Shiyi pulled himself away, busy : 'Valley sister, you do not misunderstand, I'm glad you had a chance to children it: you come here, you can have anything?' he mind also wonder: how do you know Lisheng Nan Gu Zhihua name? Somehow, Gu Zhihua suddenly felt sad, even she did not know, it is sad to Liqin Mei, or for yourself? Liqin Mei Jin Shiyi thing is to tell its own, and this Lisheng Nan yet. Jin Shiyi has been telling her: that instant, she perceptions of Jin Shiyi have all changed, before she took Jin Shiyi as a friend, and now I thought, but felt he had all kinds of sweet, it seems Xu Qing is hypocrisy! Jin Shiyi see her old does not speak, shocked, suddenly attention to me, I seem to remember you said something awful . 'Gu Zhihua said:' Yes, I'm always thinking about Dulongzunzhe master, so she was alive and very aware of your act, I hope you can inherit your martial arts master in the Central Plains to create a group, so you do not master the martial arts to be lost . 'Jin Shiyi sparkling eyes, and said:' Well, I want to ask you one thing, you willing to tell me truthfully, 'Gu Zhihua see him put it so seriously, slightly surprised smiles:' You have to ask what's going on? But if you believe me, that there is no need to ask. 'Jin Shiyi said:' But you are not the letter, because this relationship in a big secret martial arts, I'm afraid you even know, but maybe because some scruples, reluctant to speak out. 'Gu Zhihua heart of a dynamic, rest a moment, a smile and said:' You ask it. 'Jin Shiyi said:' RememberWas when I first met you, the you have to prop southern hands. Forwarded me a gift? 'Gu Zhihua said:' Yes. That is not a gift you received it? 'Jin Shiyi said:' You know what that gift? 'Gu Zhihua said:' I guess is a draw. 'Jin Shiyi said:' Have you ever seen this drawing it? 'Gu Zhihua said:' not seen. 'Jin Shiyi laughed:' So you have to send gifts surprisingly, even you have never seen before, they brought people to give up. ' said:' This is my Jiehuaxianfo, generous, according to others. 'The mystery Jin Shiyi mind for a long time already exists, then had the opportunity to ask her:' You know how the Tibetan spiritual Master who has this weird drawing? 'Gu Zhihua said:' how weird law? 'Jin Shiyi taken out with her a look, and asked:' Do you see this painting is a sea volcano, a giant fire-breathing bow Nock against Yamaguchi, what does this mean? ' said:' I have already said that I have not seen this picture, how do I know what that means? 'Jin Shiyi quite disappointed, stared at her Gu Zhihua smiles:.' Although I do not know the meaning of art, but I know the origins of painting. You're smart, actually remain unaffected mystery of this painting, know near restaurants, ancient chant goes'Wei Han Ying then shook his head and said: 'Zhang Yan Han Hee Jin light load, Pink Frantic Du harvests, romantic canopy cover, the Six fireworks, beautiful country side ......'Suddenly behind the rapid walking ring, and behind the full length.This azurite was shocked and said: 'really is two ......'Yan Mufei shocked and laughed, and said: 'azurite, unscarred?'Azurite a bowed: 'how would you two come here?'Yanmu Fei did not answer rhetorical question, said: 'How about you?'Azurite and said:. 'Routinely eat can not be idle, gotta play everywhere!'Yanmu Fei said: 'I told the girls to come here looking for a personal guard,Did not want to disturb my friends, and now it seems, do not disturb my friends are dying. 'Azurite busy: 'You just have to turn to come to me?.'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'I'm afraid you do not know this man, but also easy to find.'Azurite shocked, hurriedly asked so.Yan Mufei wise to say that again.Listened, azurite help being moved, said: '! The original Nanjing is also home to such a person, really think, really think it seems that the revocation of the Nanjing Fenduo ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'I did wrong, right?'Azurite satisfied, eyebrows a Young, said: '? You may wish, etc.'Yanmu Fei said: 'What do you mean?'Azurite and said: 'You give me an hour's time.'Yanmu Fei said: 'You want to inquire about him?'Azurite and said: 'Let me seer a ceremony ......' straightened then said: 'Thank you, azurite still the same!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Ling Shi Ye?'Azurite grin a chuckle: 'Kung day with the elderly in a run, how bad?'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'drink, play chess?'Azurite and said: 'Sometimes also pound the table!'Yan Mufei sky and laughed, even the Han Ying Wei Jun is also difficult to endure.Azurite blink of an eye, turned the topic of conversation, said: '? When did you two to'Yanmu Fei said: 'arrived not a moment, marching into the city the night!'Azurite and said: 'You should not say anything to the call soon.' said: 'What need it 'Qiongjia Bang' eyes and ears