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sometimes can not guess what Deng playing idea. Sidelines Yang zero and kinship teenagers are frowning, Yang zero mind that Deng back three boxing is a two-star Ancient Warrior contempt, and kinship teenager believes that Deng is Du Fenggang just broken his arm hidden strength feel fear, so in the case of the first punch fierce punches did not work, and to record a few punches to temptation slow. These fledgling kid, totally unaware of the horror Deng strength. Sharon fruit plantations in the city's central park, where the guardian of ancient weapons, most of them have three to four star power, also only four-star Deng to become commander of the battalion training itself is an incredible thing . In fact, the ancient martial association had not appointed commander Deng, but a five-star Old Warrior homosexual tendencies. Campers often have been called him a secret warehouse location, and without exception, clutching his ass out. Finally one day, Deng called strong inside. Then everyone heard the enormous warehouse, none stop for half an hour, it was jealous to think:. 'This guy looks kinda look of determination will Yaochong' Half an hour later, Deng mouth biting former battalion commander's head, struggling to climb out, leaving behind a long trail. The training camp immediately come alive, a report on the situation facing the upper, side sent test site, so that they alarmed that the warehouse is broken mess, but all were destroyed from the former battalion commander of the source of the attack, Deng did not force walls or underground caused a rift, all solidly landed him before the battalion commander. Deng for gas utilization reached one hundred percent! Only four star Deng, efficient use of their means of attack, abruptly killed the star of ancient weapons! Upper command quickly down towards the implementation of brutal physical violence Deng fried marrow criminal law. DETAILED DESCRIPTION Deng is soaked in a solution of hundred percent pure fruit salon, since ancient weapons themselves have the is different to confuse words, urges people toGood, salvation. In the speech, annihilate each other from the heart. Although a powerful, but killing is not everything, therefore being underwater in the Yangtze River, Zhen Fang with Buddhist Compassion; while being underwater in the Dongting Lake, has evil generation, although the use of Compassion can produce the same effect But the one Zhen Fang Daoxing humble, God knows what time you want to, not as good as using a Taoist golden curse, the first addition to the culprit, then Buddhist Compassion salvation souls, purify the soul from these innocent people to achieve their goals. 'Namo drink duo La La DA that night ....' Among the Dongting underwater, they think of the Buddha tone bursts, Zhen Fang is still sitting on top of Red Cloud, Teng Wen slowly toward Taiwan by the past. Sound small to large, from nothing to something, golden merit increases, shine entire underwater, even at the palace on the water curtain can illuminate colorful color. Old tortoise, who rushed, that pure Ho said:. 'Your Majesty merit high, although not as the West Buddha, but also hard to find in the world of' He also pure nodded and said:. 'This is only His Majesty could needlessly if the ghosts of the degree to do, not only I have a place to live and so I will not worry about the aquarium beings surrounded by ghosts, the practice of the time, and no Rumo's dangerous. ' Carter, a sudden surge of black gas coming from upstream. Old tortoise informed, seeing shocked and said:. 'Minjiang nine demon must be bewitched countless innocent people come here in an attempt to assassinate Your Majesty.' He pure face became pale, and said: '? That what to do,' I saw a black gas filled the air, and from the rapid blink of an eye to the army before, a little hesitation, as if to see what delicious foods, suddenly flew ahead of one pair of soldiers. Moment, the team of soldiers all red eyes, hands on towards the back of the esprit de corps Weaponry kill. Old turtle quickly and loudly: 'fast lead disciples also clouds it?' However, looking at the first step orange purple cloud, envy asked. Each comprehension clouds but can be a dream, even worse. Is it as proof immortal. . 'If you choose to Dharma and my practice the same, then you will soon clouds of' Zhen Fang thought again and said: 'You just do not have a teacher merit suppress their soul after I'm afraid you are immortal. it has become a ruthless person. However, I assure you, this time I came to be after this trip, which might be able to find a way to also maybe. ' . 'Oh,' Violet ran somewhat depressed, said quietly:. '.! If this is the case, I am afraid you are not even a close disciple of Master are gone this practice Dharma dares to practice ah' Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic, so-called disciples secret disciple, disciples, pro-disciple Disciples of four, and a close disciple is able to inherit the mantle of the master of the people, in particularly important. Unfortunately, this Dharma Zhen Fang, if we are not to become ruthless, seeding person. It takes great merit should supplement their own practice. Today merit hard to find, where to find Zhen Fang such a good opportunity to get a batch of merit are counted. 'I have the good fortune of numerous patriarchal door, a few days ago have spiritual truth Buddhist Dharma Jackson said forty-eight thousand, were the key to my good fortune even greater than that, but each person is different spiritual path, therefore a person can only be elected nothing more. 'Zhen Fang wideRoad. 'Everyone has everyone's way, how others will certainly limited to a certain path to enlightenment.' Nonetheless words between. But the mind is very depressed. 'Hey! Master, you see a flood.' Then suddenly, pointing to the first step Violet said. 'That's not a flood, but evildoer in merry.' Zhen Fang frowned. At this mentoring duo has come to the Yangtze River, although do not see real, but can be felt far Zhen Fang which Yaoqi sky. The size of the Monsters of the Yangtze River basin, have been sealed by the day, off