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idlers!'Green shadow sadly and said: 'Do not miss us?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I was very difficult and I do not miss the future, just an ordinary village women, coarse Levin light meal, to work hard to get to his own mouth!'Green shadow and said: 'We can do it for Miss!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Of course you can, but do not necessarily agree with Yu Xiang Gong, he wants is a pro Jingjiu parade housewife, since I keep him, they must do my duty, which is kind of fun, otherwise Yu Xiang Gong position today, where as those who want us to buckle down and bitter, so you must not be grouped my job! 'Green shadow and said: 'Then we had to take a Maopeng nearby, embroidered textiles, like the use of labor to feed themselves, since we never left the young lady!'Qiong Yao Yuwen intentionally a frown: 'Dear husband, how do you see?'Yu Shi Yuan is no way, shookLi Meng, a potential emergency, Jiang Ming is deliberately, they would have much real power, but suddenly out unexpectedly Ying thief, how can when? Just listen to the sound, the two soldiers, touching, Mars splash, the thief left tiger's mouth Li Ying were shattered, sun wheel Dangqi up, get rid of almost flew out of the body was shook several steps backwards. Thieves Wan Ying think the other side of this one, you know well, Yudai resist, the body has not been laid. Jiang Ming hit success, but do not neglect the potential long with this block, an 'Eagle take Rabbit', plus 'dial grass snake hunt' of the situation, both man and sword, flying over vertical chase. Ma Ying Zhen thief already left arm, the tiger's mouth disease pain, barely holding the moon and round, not force, to see a person Jianfei, scared rush, when vertical knife block, eating empty Jujian wave, crotch bang slid the knife, then stabbed distracted, oncoming swift falcon, very smart. Ying thief surprise, dazzling glimpse Jianguang, already imminent, knowing not spared, with the sun and the moon when taking the strong fight to round up, Jiang Ming Jianyi pierce the hands by the throat, homeopathic right Xian move unsteadily pace. 'His son, not a device, but the mother and child are ruthless role.' 'Your task is to protect Yang Happening two daughters, to avoid family strife.' Communicator sound very ethereal, 'Young's nine dragon clan is not anyone's private property, we also need to control a leading job . ' Meanwhile, Dubai is deeply buried underground ruins of the hospital, the only one considered good form complete small ward. One silver pigment loading strategist silently lying in bed, lying on the other bed blissful silence generals do not move, she seems to have caught myself thinking generals that even the state can not carry out, in order to comprehend their own exist. Me. What exactly is it? A military advisor. Silverwing or angel? She immediately looked at his hands, he had been killed in the fighting, but the angel Silverwing fusion between an instant with her to save his own life. Schindler as a faithful watchdog generally keep looking at the door, light blue walls to read the force supporting the fragile walls will not collapse, military adviser shook his head, she inherited angel awareness lacking Interested in this weird child her own original mind instinctively to contradict this feeling. She reached up call Schindler, Schindler silence * near her lips delicately military adviser said:. 'I'm not your angel you can go.' Schindler said nothing, just reach out and lift the two portraits. Silverwing left a painted angel of light, the right askew strategist painted, painting old track. Already a few years ago works. Angel of light is invisible to read portrait burning fire, and military advisor of Schindler were carefully folded into the mind from Tibet. 'Are you able to see through the eye of the future?' Advisor elegant smile, 'I want to continue to follow me as her? Whatever you want, but I'm ready to allow you to leave my side.' The side of the bed came the ring, the generals in the absence of any life situation of recoveryUnder mention stood up stiffly. Hai a military adviser hop.