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Peizuo. He: Dayton, really makes people had intended to go on it. 'Yoshio said:' Walking and we have become morally turn of adversity. Ying Xia liver and gallbladder public like this, can not talk about these sections. 'Buddy really a cautious, such as hair, was not bad off as you see, how we get it tomorrow morning.?' Yoshio said:. 'Of course, the car still take the local vine, filled with nothing good big is late, we sleep . ' Zhang intrinsic said: 'A total of three car come four horses are ordinary businessmen dressed but riding two are young brawny, like saddle comes with twelve guys, brisk action, but also like. Paul dark dart martial. Guangdong and Guangxi providers because seen in the restaurant, do not look to see what Youji significantly within one by sedan chair, which Shuidao a twelve-year-old boy, said to be ill on the way, has been carried into the hospital rest from The child is still asleep inside, not down. That two brawny each seated on a bench near the to rest tea snacks, watching the kids, not the past. suitcases in small, are in the other two immediately tied to the car Well, to a person with another guard. Now off to wide congregation, on the way to meet old friends, themselves hungry, we each diet, so came their way, now waiting to see at the door with the living room. 'Yoshio listening Bianxiang Yao Min, Xinmin whispered a few words, deliberately loud instead Min said:. 'is yellow, two boss Lee Mody, Treat Treat' Zhang knowing, busy that out, will introduce two passengers, followed by the door to the shop fool around a few gang sent away, filled with free standing, not to mention to avoid calling. Each other are in trouble, the future is difficult to know, without much delay, Treat bear to sit and talk. 'Huang and Li looks poised to see the owner, seems definite count, just put a snack, immediately swear, all three still to make a good husband hurriedly security they lead to the same side of the bed to sit, asked:.' two Su Mei's life, knows is my guest east Kozo, doesPointing a witch just use this impulsive attack you punch, you would be kind of result.'Ray ancient paused before: 'more than our house is not better than witchcraft fencing, so our family Can not Lose.'Zhuoshao Fu awaiting speak, Zongyi stood up and said: 'Ray ancient teacherDecrepit first declare that punch is training hard effort, not what is witchcraft, but this decrepit never boast wins in terms of moves, you swap the left and right hand and that ordinary people can and definitely not so decrepit willingly throw in the towel. ' see Zongyi own throw in the towel, naturally inconvenient to say anything, after a moment of silence, fishes Nangongyixiong said: '! Santo old teacher of mine seems to throw in the towel, you must alternates swordsman played.'Nangongyixiong a frown, look toward the sky Chen Jian and wind, both of them in your mind quite an out of Italy, but the mouth is embarrassed to say it.Palace Siu Hung is no way, only shook his head towards the seat of his father, a film under the sword back, walked across the old mine and said:'Great teachers, children in hand Bianzhao gotten down.'Old Ray looked at him and said: '!! Well not interested in our family to accompany young naughty, but do not beat you, your father will not be shot, we have to win or lose ten strokes given it.'Zhuoshao Fu gently smiled and said: '! Lei teacher you do not say too old to take the palace Shaoxia edged sword, rivers and lakes hot topic invincible hand, ten strokes you would be too limited to boast of..'Ray ancient inadvertently authentic: 'It is too bad he met opponents.'Palace Siu Hung seemed angered by his attitude, then set aside to choke sword, naked shoot, chuckle. 'Great teachers are too kind, ten strokes of the limit, the next still think too much, we all three strategies to limit it!'Ray ancient look at his sword, moved slightly and said: '? You do make a sword.'Palace Siu Hung hint of a chuckle: 'sword really, just encounter junk, Zhebing Jian fairly sharp sword probably can be solved.'Ray ancient startled hesitated and constantly mess. 'You do not know do not talk nonsense.' Zhao Han Zao a stare. 'You want to leave here?' Secretary Snow could not help but frowned said. 'Master worry very yes. Since Xie Shichiku able to come to, so other people can find the door. Masamichi human is still good, although they are a little bad for the master mind, but in the end the Ministry'm afraid the next plane to Master The merit of the person to start with, but today Shichiku Xie said the good little demon tribes that master is not polite to have the Master's Terran comprehension is bound to flourish, this Yaozu is not allowed;... and now comprehension sector, where the number of people have merit, even thank Shichiku this Buddhist magic to aid human must nowThe merit gold, now visible human Buddhism has great merit is very little, if inferno to commit, only the master can play a key role, it will also, as the master of the inferno eyesore. 'Fox said nine demon worried. Zao also the channel: 'Today's Xie Zizhu ill intent, if not unknown master of the repair, probably already used her willow twigs tied to the South China Sea will be the master of so only one may come under soft. maybe the. ' Zhao Han grumbles side said: 'Master outset not to say that a religious person, gas and elegant, and his pursuit of longevity for the goal you how there are so many it's a bad idea to go all day long calculations to calculations, where there is time?! to practice ah! 'Secretary Snow side also look a gift horse nodded their human dragon group, although slight calculation, but the key time, or this situation, let alone improve their strength, one is practicing But more areas still fighting, only continue to fight to the skilled application of their skills in order to better stimulate the body's own potential. 'As long as someone's place, there is fighting, there is cause and effect.' Zhen Fang suddenly glanced toward snow Division, said: 'It seems that the Divine Dragon relationship is very, everywhere forces are not ready for it, I just want to