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around the cave to get a lot of depression, this opened it to see them. Honeycomb also like holes, bronze seems to mean the effort, but the world how this and other deep skill who can penetrate the iron pull a finger? 'Jin Shiyi indefinite doubt, bowed to the ground one. The two men's footsteps about to toss away already, Jin Shiyi heart:. 'No matter who they are, and to catch up to see if I say' immediately cast extremely dodge, but a Zhancha moment, then in on the outskirts of a shortage of post overtook two men, one saw two men, Jin Shiyi feel laughing. At first he casually suspicion, I do not know where the master, but it turned out to be his old friend | - Bingchuantiannv and her husband Don after day. Just mystery, one will have the answer. Presumably given is that 'driver' noticed someone came, it was going to yell at the mouth, God gave Bingchuantiannv ice crystal bomb hit his mouth, so that his body stiff, as many holes that metal box, of course, is to get Tianshanshenmang the Tang through the day wearing. After days of carrying a saw Tang Chung Show Bingchuantiannv Liqin Mei carrying forward Ji Ben, Jin Shiyi heart: 'Though they are not as I imagined having extremely magic like that, but more than the three years before, but it really is higher than a lot! 'Ordinarily Jin Shiyi found that two of them, the lunch stop there, but he wholeheartedly want to promote development and Chung's a good thing, and if so give up, but inconsistent with his original plan, he Shu domain for a moment, a couple of days after the decision and Don joke, grabbed a clay, shape Suifen luck a blow, that a handful of broken clay in a couple of days after the head of the Tang powder falling like rain! The day after Don ready to chase the enemy, he Grossly four. Ears, Jin Shiyi withdrawal that the broken mud although very light weight, but also with yo sound, Don by Tianyi feel different, immediately hit a record Pikong Zhang will go out, mud debris fly, but a large soybean sand, but in the days after Don grazed the back, although Chung came hastily years. 'Just one thing Jin Shiyi also late to understand: if it is not adhering to the little girl's life Sunday, Hu made off who dare speak: So why Ms. Han outsiders hide? Does she had expected he would come, or Gu Zhihua had told her, and he died at the end? And Gu Zhihua refused to see him? Therefore, although it is been missing, and his wife Han unwilling to inquire news. Jin Shiyi terribly upset, puzzled, thought and said:. 'Anyway, Judai tonight I went to say,' Jin Shiyi, the last time in Mangshan Xuanmiaoguan had suffered Turtle spiritual son and Yi Road safety duo, Jin Shiyi secretly make fun of them, stripping them of human skin mask, at the moment he was ready to go home Yetan Valley, just think of this mask of human skin can be of much help, only to an inspection body stuff, but found less a mask, Jin Shiyi was shocked at first, then wake up to reality, dumb self laughed: 'Yes, I'm forced to surrender Ji Xiaofeng sleep thing, but imagine that he also stole my stuff. Fortunately, left a mask of human skin. 'Until two more hours, Jin Shiyi put on a mask, quietly left the inn, less than half an hour, then rushed to the Valley home. N into the wall, with a sudden, I hear there are skirts´╗┐The sound, I saw two shadows, is also flew into the valley from the northeast corner of the garden at home. Jin Shiyi surprised. Trail: '! Well Jun dodge behind this is also still fills the front of this is really light as a leaf, fall silent, and if so only on the dodge, I'm afraid Meng Shentong far behind him,' Jin Shiyi breath breathing in Fan Look out among the leaves and branches, fat, in front of the man behind it is encountered during the day that the rich look that has an expressionless face, people feel a bit cold dense ghost Italy, Jin Shiyi secretly laughing said: 'I said who is no wonder he turned out to be Discovery me a mask of human skin, will afford to play a ghost to frighten Granny valley.!' at the end of your mind already, and then again two shadows over the wall In the eyes of Jin