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seven dash eight Ling chaos, positive wrangling, Lu Bai Yingjie hero duo have heard evicted, Jin Shiyi handedly one, grabbing them, 'Lu brother, Baixiong. Take me in, I did not come to make trouble! how you Deng Yanjing for what? recognize not find it? This spring, in Beijing to go outside to play and that is my personal Meng Shentong disciple! You remember, right? I do not have to believe it malicious? 'That Jin Shiyi posing Shaolin lay disciples, under the terms of Duzhang Hung Hao Hao saved two white road, Bai Yingjie was already suspicious of his identity, his comment at the moment listening to talking, and suddenly. Road Aviva cried:. '? Well, the original benefactor who you are, but I'll take you in, relax your hand a little okay' So Jin Shiyi a hurry, grabbed their hands unconsciously resorted Jin , almost to crush their bones after a day Yizhong Mu Tang et al. Hear outside noise, invariably come out to see what happens, I would see a rise of Jin Shiyi angrily ran, surprised Yizhong Mu Tang sword after days have been shouted: 'Jin Shiyi, how you want?' Kim Se Heritage cried: ' it, how to see her:' Don by Heaven: '! You have to ask her, your friend has already killed her,' Jin Shiyi It surprised no trivial matter, suddenly transfixed, says Fortune, that When fast, Tang sword to him through the day is striking, Bingchuantiannv busy: '! can not' reach out and grab him, only to hear the 'delete' is heard, close to Jin Shiyi Longjian body piercing, but for glacier So one day women pull, almost necessary to poke a hole in the body! Tang by Weather Road: after '?? How could you help him to speak at the end of that sword in my father rescued the Vamp is bit, you do not know,' originally Jin Shiyi Feng Lin Tang Xiaolan has been seen through, they have Tang told Chung exhibition by day and only one person telling Li Qinmei´╗┐Already. Bingchuantiannv said: 'You see him this manner will not be complicit with Na Yaonv!' Jin Shiyi shocked, suddenly screamed, waved his sleeves, put Don fell almost by the day, and then a