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in the eyes of most people, although this is no crime, but his heart still is good, what he did is only a small part of the people intolerable, even black and scolded him, rejecting him, but I think he was such a person of high status rather than the so-called Big aversions people deserve close, good to know. 'Mr Yam said: 'Yan girl, you do not have to be sad ......'Yan girl shook his head and said: 'No, the fact that he, I'm not sad, I'm happy, grateful, not to see the thin dust, and did not hold anything against me, fireworks woman ......'Mr Yam said: 'Yan girl, people are full of people, who are the life support of the parents, who despise the who's who of the mind who ......?'Yan girl said: 'But people are points of rank, etc.?'Mr Yam said:? 'Yan wrong girl, who is a gentleman what kind of talent countPeople? Who is the next person and so on? What kind of people they considered inferior people? It was just a bladder with a mask, do not despise others to raise their social status without actually want to look at the actions of the so-called upper class, but even he, who under his eyes not as good as the next, who also just wretched, under the eyes of a gentleman, who, in fact, they are much higher than those who are self-proclaimed personality to a great gentleman to the GAO, Yan girl, remember my word, but Yang was worthy of the day, overlooking not ashamed to people, praise or blame appraise, can term the world situation. 'Huasheng side down, the team finally pass over the head Canhu shrill, like who suddenly let anyone cut like a knife.Those who guard the car one by one act swiftly, Zongyue with fury.Some people get off to rest also have jingchan, I do not know what happened behind the team.Yan girl scared a shiver, his face changed, busy: 'Ren, how, what the thing out there, it was a fight it?'Zhang Mei Ren two children raised his brow a Young, said: 'I do not know, because it will not be a good thing, swallow or make the car go girl, if any thing happened, the car than outside stable some. 'Yan girl chance to obtain line between heaven and earth, the upcoming sermon sanctification, so do not be surprised how Nvwaniangniang, secretly wondering said: 'Is he really doing wrong all these years?' 'Hey!' Suddenly, the world among massive coercion had disappeared without a trace, Nvwaniangniang look for a change. Secretly wondering vision to disappear so quickly, do Zhen Fang has sanctified? 'Young, you?' Nvwaniangniang frowning. Seeing the Zhen Fang, hint of wonder how yet sanctification. Is not sanctification, Nvwaniangniang nature can be clearly seen, but at the moment Zhen Fang Daoxing still in quasi-holy stage. Did not become a saint, that just Nazhen coercion. Is clearly about to look into the Holy Land. 'Saints can they do?' Zhen Fang looked dull, did not see hi or sad, eyes being, the same as if empty. Nvwaniangniang face changed, she is very familiar with this momentum is Road Zu Hongjun who comes out of momentum. One kind of consistency Avenue, catholic positive. Hearts burst moment confused, Zhen Fang will be how the sermon. However, at the moment there is no time Nvwaniangniang really expect so much, because a giant hand towards his head took over. Giant hand but the hand of the same with the ordinary people, did not change, but that is only the hand, but it can make people feel very big, very strong. Sky has disappeared without a trace at the moment, the sky being. If only to see only the palms, like little stars on the palm of the hand, as if countless stars in their hands to do the same. Or raw or off, or polyethylene or casual, and so on, Zhou stars now in the hands of countless mysterious all in one. Little onePiece hand, at the moment it actually seemed Titanic. It actually feels overwhelming. There is no place to dodge. 'Chile!' Sound Lenghe, Nvwaniangniang pink blushed. Quickly awakened from a panic over the hands of the red giant hand smashed in the past towards hydrangea. She never felt shame, not only because the orientation of the other hand, where the hand is played, is clearly