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unhappy, but, Qi Ge, if it is rushing the whole 'Red Band', I You're welcome to say, I will never let that two out of 'Fu Ji inn', 'Red Band' is what kind of organization, I may not understand, Qi Ge, but does not know. 'Pale face while the red man, while white, but could not say a word.'Clap plaque fire' his face embarrassing, would rebuke him a stare pale man go.Mr Yam said the words: 'Zhanger Ye, I told you, so that these words did not mean to make you to help regulate punish his disciples, not fun to have a few young people, as long as Zhanger Ye Fair tell you cry uncle, the future multi-constraint 'Zhangjiakou' these 'Red Band' brother, is enough. ''Thunderbolt' slowly said: 'My friends, family rules, state law of the land ......'Mr Yam said: 'Zhanger Ye, really say it, that the two did not violate the 'Red help' to help gauge Zhanger Ye take what you want to punish him two, 'Red Gang' to help regulate and does not expressly provision disciples not to spend money to have fun, is not it? 'Zhanger Ye said: 'This ......'Mr Yam said: 'His two only fault, is not it clear where this training hoot meal, after the bundle is enough to pay more.' Let him say good things, bad things also let him say, this person exactly how personal?Pale man can not help the fact that he looked puzzled look, 'Thunderbolt', too, Xuan Xuan eyebrows, said: '? Friends to see Zhang's brother, is to be so'Ren nodded, smiling, said: 'Yes, the poor girl was heavy enough, and hope 'Red Gang' brothers do next´╗┐Find her trouble. ''Thunderbolt' and said: 'This friend assured that in the future a little trouble Shen girl again, as long as the 'Red Band' disciples dry, friend, you are the only person I asked Zhang is.'Ren Bao Quan said: 'Thank you Zhanger Ye!' Leaving two children made money, go.'Thunderbolt' Reaching a bar, said: 'Hold on, friend, Shen girls want to go to Beijing, and that it is not self-cast jaws of death?'Mr Yam said: 'Shen girl this trip is very dangerous, but since Mr. Shen is now difficult, she as a child, can not seek rescue shocked, I suddenly remembered the legend on the lakes' murderous mad beggar, 'a stunt, can not help but cold sweat, DC! Only to hear Jin Shiyi laugh three times, followed by, said:. 'I advise you not to respect you if more respect it hidden weapon, I whim, but also fight with a hidden weapon, your suffering may be necessary to eat big, I was just apply a little skill, your three Tougu Ding knocked it, next time you respect it, I would be injected into your flying QiQiao it! 'So Jin Shiyi but from the mouth shot flying, the three Tougu Ding Lu Tao phosphorus which knocked the. Lu Road phosphorus remembered Jin Shiyi said rivers and lakes can Koupen lethal stunt, scared cold sweat, DC, the heart and said: 'I had only God as they lumbered their say, and now seeing really no false name..' Imagine Flying very light weight, and even be able to touch down Tougu Ding, and whether this flying silent, very difficult defense, but this is a skill, have to shock the world startle vulgar point! Lu Tao Jin Shiyi phosphorus is a scare, and she did not dare to respect shader. Cho parent company of this effort, in addition to steal hair hidden weapon outside, still shoot, fight, lock, take, bombs, dial, pressure, sending eight law, in addition to eighteen weapons dreams, Lu Road phosphorus waved watched so clearly and logically, and Wu Chung Show Tianshan sword given the ball, although limited to age, skill level of attainment are not yet enough, but also exquisite and extraordinary, fighting together three together, both offensive and defense, although not yet been able to pull into a tie with Jin Shiyi, already just did not like the root of a tight corner. Jin Shiyi battle suddenly turn vertical´╗┐Laughed: 'You really do not know good or bad mangshan send you the head of the senior sister apprentice still owe me a favor, not thanks, now you hit me with a hidden weapon again, I look at the Lv Siniang copies, do not want to be with you care, now grew more and more gas, well, I would tentatively be lenient, it is only hit your ass