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blown to nothingness boom, boom into the eardrum is being crushed. Du wind intention is not here, he's every bit of gas are not to be wasted. [Idiom] residual sonic, accurately hit the old man's ear more than two points in more than thirty! Legend of the human ear is most sensitive body areas, on which there are more than two hundred points, combined every few can controlBody nervous system. Du wind hit it more than thirty acupuncture combined, almost to the man's body control over and over. Old body just felt a burst of paralysis, systemic blood are countercurrent to the head, bursts of black eyes. Ten nails accurately cut the DU wind face, however weak, even a trace of skin Du failed to cut the wind break, leaving only ten gray dent. At this point the old man again mention luck, even a small action can not be made, mouth askew, saliva urine collapse out together. Able to use the five-star Xian Qi old man, instantly Du wind boom into a basket case. Ka Kaka Kaka sound with sound, the old man's hands and fingers nails all begins to break wind in Du face. Old headless corpse uphold scurrying around, after a few steps, slammed fall to the ground, no longer move. Xian Qi blue wave immediately rushed out from his body inside, next to a corpse quite intact sprang. Du air knife wrapped in a white cloth windless self, cold blade exposed out automatically from the Du purple sword hand wind, brush a knifed in the center of Xian Qi blue. Xian Qi Ming blue ghost issue as the moan, and instantly scattered. Scarface's face has become like a corpse, livid, Du cold wind tunnel:. 'The next it's your turn.' -------------------------------------------------- There are two more, etc. -------- night, I wish you a happy reading Masked girl waving unlock fee acupuncture, cold eyes flashed exotic look, and whispered: '[Independence Day] Du wind, indeed the master wants to challenge people to death.' Scarface extremely ugly face, he looked after all, is a small opponent, that he and the old man ideally opportune, can be Friends Gang evil, if there is, you may, I made a big sin.' Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic, gold for merit, it is quite difficult to earn merit, but it is very easy if the elimination of merit, if inadvertently broke his own which no life, naturally want to reduce the number of merit. Zifu moment among merit circulation slightly golden, but found still very dense, between graceful, filled with Purple Palace. Awaiting the moment to explain, to find the distance a few Jianguang fly to, Jianguang red, Senleng let Jian Qi Zhen Fang frowned. saw that Jianguang, a move the hearts of the other whisper Chen said:. '. Is kunyuan Asgard Xiandi disciples came to be the brother went to speak, remember, they must reveal the Kozo' Jianghua Zi Fang fear I do not know the situation, Chen Xiuzhen sector, and quickly ordered Zhen Fang must not expose the whereabouts of the so-called not harm anyone there, defenses can not do without. can not be sure if outsiders know the true identity of Zhen Fang what kind of ideas. 'So is the Xinyuan Zi Dao Xiong, Jiang Huazi seen Daoxiong a decrepit.' Jiang Huazi see an honest young man face down on him from the sky, hearts delight. Xinyuan Zi Yuan Kun Asgard but to disciple. Man generous, warm-hearted, but added a bit of friendship and Jianghua Zi. 'So is Daoxiong!' Exposed Xinyuan Zi honest face hintJustice also worth a little stop, the whole world is under the manipulation of this power, endless cycle ...... 'We all hear to stay, Yuan finally asked: '!? Yun Shan according to what you said, so why in the world will never be a day of calm.'Wu Yunshan laughed: '! Who said that now is not peace and harmony?' Yuan said: 'But according to your theory, there are evil forces will immediately rise to another unit!'Wu Yun now said: 'Yes but that is not your responsibility, life is limited, but the life of the universe is infinite, as long as you control your own on the line this time!!' Yuan said: 'That's what we do with it after that?'Wu Yunshan said: 'You should let go, to make the world a you force it.' General nodded and said: 'No, to save their lives on the good.' His hand on the ring-shaped table, wooden table, half metal solidifies immediately, but the other half could not into metal, general shook his head and said: 'I got left such a point of strength, it should be said that the power of ancient weapons are only so points , Emperor of terror in every heart planted layer cocoon. ' Yoo Ji-day rise Huo said: '!! Cocoon heart I know why this next incarnation of the soldiers has not appeared in the Super Warrior' Thirteen Thirteen robbing God and the congregation sing all lying indoor cultivation can not wake up, is due to heart cocoon cloth under Heaven, the same fragments in their souls, also eroded the invisible forces of Heaven, in the new world created in incarnation of soldiers, each to avoidFor Warrior. Luo Feile shocked jumped up and said:. 'Need to be adjusted at the structure of the world, stimulating them to become a fighter.' Liu Ji days before they ask, generals and said: 'We can not interfere in the world, and that there is no difference and the Emperor.' Luo Feile bite:. 'No matter, I do not care.' General a Banguo her head and said: 'Luo Feile, if you do the Emperor, and you will never be able to defeat the Emperor.' Small fox weak shoulders shiver, General muses: 'not only is the ultimate strength of the Warrior, Ji days, when you open your wings to face the Emperor, I could feel a surge of strength and infuriating completely different, kind of power ? Is not called the law 'Liu Ji days nodded:' I call it the field, it should be possible with a variety of power infuriating saying, and may also override them. Like you said, to defeat the Emperor, not only a way to create a super fighter. ' She smartly turned around and said:. 'We do not interfere in the world, but that does not mean we have absolutely nothing, right, as long as we have a good balance on the line and go right, we'll see if I created the perfect product, for us to be able to level things in the world, Good luck disciples live close, I Lung Fu Shan have thousands of disciples, but do not have to see such a qualified disciple really made Pindao admire.' Xiyi seeing real laughed and said: '?! Now come here to drink tea, to see such a qualification, I wonder if there is a gift to send to know Pindao but then sent a fine gift Oh.' Zhang heard a red face, was taken down from the sleeves to a gourd, poured two immortality, pleasant fragrance, delivery and two said: 'This dragon-saver, though not a good thing, but it can also be washed by cutting pulp, less three decades of practice. While you master the power of studies, no supernatural powers now, good luck meritorious cases, sooner or later you two immortal enlightenment is to do, but if two or three decades is the icing on the cake to save. ' Dragon with longevity and looking at Zhen Fang, Fang Chen laughed:. 'Since your uncles give you immortality, you two do not thanked Zhang uncles, this is a rare opportunity,' now that the lack of human aura, it is the elixir hard to find, can be condensed out of this dragon saver, will spend a lot of time and effort up. 'Xie Zhang uncles.' Two small overjoyed. Joy quickly took over. While asked to live with seeing no real wind, pointing Xi Yi and Zhang Xiao Ma said: 'two large fortune, but I'll wait for depriving will not light ah!' Said also to take some of immortality and spells. Although the duo Zhang Xi Yi live with two people a large fortune, but to send out their own but not bad on the surface, the two Chunyang Dan can also save time on three decades, but it is to live without the wind Chen Fang seen tenrai spell, everyone obviously felt the energy which contained no less than just deal with that kind of Yamata no Orochi. Zhen Fang see two small rapturous look even more inviting some think is not in front of people in the futurePerhaps their own sects do not have their own magic refining. 'Gentlemen Daoxiong, humble dwelling, so of you Daoxiong laughed.' Zhen Fang cited several candidates for a pavilion and