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a pedestrianBut half of the children of Acacia, children half a sorrow. 'Futian Hao sighed softly and said: 'It seems really no way for me, not a girl ......'Meal, Huafeng suddenly turn, said: 'girl this child, not afraid of Zhao six children refers not happy.'Feng Niuer laugh a laugh: 'What he's really happy, used to, I have not said I would have to win over the people is his to control people's tool, since the win over people to get hold of, to control people's tool, not a large measure okay, tonight I mention this to you, but also his behest. 'Futian Hao slightly Yie, said: 'This is Zhao six refers to children's behest?''Of course, myself.' Fengniu Er said: 'I do not how to earn out your treasure lies.'Futian Hao was shocked and said: 'But I was coming ......'Feng Niuer Fenbi across his chest, bully dog ​​race snow cream, boneless immediately by the hand in his mouth, she whispered in his ear: 'I say you have a treasure, You have a treasure, I would say you do not have the treasure, you are no treasure, understand it? 'Futian Hao smiled and said: 'I understand, the girl refers to Zhao six children Hude leng leng, the way, you can open and aboveboard openly brought me to the room.'Fengniu Er said: 'Yes, you said, the hint of children is not bad.' said: 'But after tonight, then tomorrow, the girl did not get the location of a treasure, then how do?'Fengniu Er said: 'I can tell Zhao Six-fingered children, that you tight-lipped, Kennedy did not reveal, let him go with his whole set you go, anyway, but half of the children have the worry of Acacia half child.' laughed, and said: '! Girl you Haohen hearts,' said:? 'You know what bamboo Sheer mouth, the wasp sting, the two are not for drugs, the most toxic woman heart, keep Zhao Six-fingered children in together for a long time, does not want to poison will not work, in fact, You still bumped a good heart, and if I hit that sister 'The Silver Spider' Du Jiao step, then you are more subject, she nicknamed 'The Silver Spider ', you know what this spider? Let Shi Yuan ignore him, not long after, the turntable stopped, the whole candle extinguished!Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Buddy is how things?'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'I have thought a good way to sell a move will be Zougong, eyes closed failed to do so, but I would like hard little now and then spend the Venerable a candle, do not plug in the candle holder on in his hand, take a look at my memory is wrong! 'Tianchi Venerable burning candle on a short, brilliant candle cave immediately, do not see that a few of them spar element should be cut off in Shushi.But Shushi yuan raised his large copper hammer, tied a rope mosquito bars, standing in the center of the hole to four weeks to play in a circle, the endless ping-pong!Many are rooted shattered spar, yuan closed Hammer laughed: '? Please Venerable check whether there I should not crushed'Tianchi Venerable looked erect moved, causing a deep ceremony: 'Buddy is not only extraordinary wisdom, this is no one can brave the line Duron Palace, must be Cao Shengsuan I Tantric a pulse, has benefitted more than men! 'YuDesert tank, cruising ahead in the desert. Young zero mood is very low, a pair of beautiful red pupil nor style. Yang Lie worried accompanied by her side, looked up at the gates of horn stand Du wind moving the city, and give them three consuls. Give them the name, in fact, the master pointing disciples. Du wind blinded their eyes, right bundle in the back, with only one hand and three consuls grips. And compared to the previous two weeks, three consuls realm have improved a lot. In Du wind inspired Joan - electromagnetic clutch gun transformed into the training room, not only can be used to create a gravity furnace gossip magnetic, temperature, magnetic blade different effects, while the magnetic frequency to the furnace can be based on time self-tuning and surface magnetic field changes, so that their training more effective. Du wind watch their training, nothing, just a day and a half hours with them personally fighting guidance. In ancient weapons these people are puzzled soil martial text of letters, in order to honor the monks of Wudang part and still be received politely .But there are two characteristics: first, does not accept the incense Busch, because Wudang industry itself; the second point can be very special, climbers are not allowed saber.That pedigree Wudang Zhang San Feng set a rule, only one path concept board. There Jianchi halfway, Xie Jian Ting, Xie Jian Shi ...... send a personal Division defensive. No matter who you are, to where we must take off his sword, to take custody of them, when down reimbursed.Such provision is not very perverse, but rarely made a mistake.Because martial arts people informed earth, earthquake in the prestigious Wudang automatically compliance solution sword, innocent people, there is little saber.But today's five-door is very special.Especially in the lead of a young man brocade dress, waist impressively edged sword hanging on the scabbard trimmed treasureInlaid pearl hilt, quaint form, is very precious Sword bite.This young appearance Jolly, bearing grace, a hair bundle up with Jingu, jade apron, eye Ye Hua Sure, everyone faction son looks like.Another four people three men and a woman, all in the middle, although Korea dress, much worse than the young man, discerning eye can see are followers ilk figure.The main hall of the disciples, Hong Yun duty, but only twenty-five age six, but it is the second-generation master Wudang, also head of the Division of Wudang Taoism taught as one of the first long-believers, it is the head of the heir to the default, Mind Yi light, conservation deep, although this matter is not satisfied, but did not show it.Thought it must be a disciple of the following values ​​of the Secretary sparse God had not noticed it. Such a thing has happened several times, so he was very polite hit the ground before a Jishou smile and asked: '? I do not know what the son visit spacious concept enlighten'The young man smiled and said gently: 'The next Palace Siu Hung, upholds Fuming, traveled