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destroy the Dragon, even a large array of Immortals should seriously injured, wounded, how can the immortal twelve ancestral witch opponent. Black fist closer, thunder god Pangu chaos are gathered in the cloud, as if ready to be down for the same. Dragon even have felt coming of death, the immortal face look a hint of ashes. 'When.' Chime, clear and melodious, as if from nine days down. Qingming while the immortal soul. When again, a big fuss at the moment seems to be the same as laid down. Shensha all day on a large array of golden revolving, black gas condensation, but could not see the slightest movement, hangs over a large array of both god Pangu mine has disappeared without a trace, as if never been the same. 'Chaos bell.' Mysterious Grand Master eyes light up. Fruit see above the clouds, there is a boy clinging hands of a small bell, small blushed, obviously rang the bell of chaos, but also exhausted their best. Chaos Sambo Pangu streamers epoch, Taiji diagram given wind water and fire, chaotic minutes free three realms, repression obscurity. Only this matter at this time in order to have such effects. Sure enough, that the bell rang, the original Dragon seemed tired to eat fruit, like ginseng, very excited, audible cries of Dragons, supple body quickly penetrate all day Shensha big fuss, a golden fall direction toward Tianzhushan in the past. Sure enough, the large array, Li Xiao bursts of sound, a Wu Guang, surrounded by a body to reveal a devil, about Baizhang, men ugly but strong woman is a beautiful flower, swaying more position, although the whole body Emotion, but there's a line-like beauty. 'Shanhaiguan goner.' Neutron cloud Yangtianchangtan road. The rest of Immortals is also a hint of sadness on his face, a little luck color. Also thanks to Dragon angered large array of Temujin, resorted to twelve Jin, plantedThe all-day Shensha big fuss. Formed a Pangu Mami, this makes the immortal thought, First Secretary of the Wu family still has not been used if Temujin surgery in a large array his surprise, Liu days butterfly grunted: 'I do not know what you're saying.' Du wind a silence, shaking his head and said:. 'Nothing, I probably wrong person.' He no longer speak, several people one after the other through the long corridor through the drawing room, Luo Feile already there, waiting for them to respond immediately saw the butterfly days after Liu, Du wind whisper: 'She look it is very friendly, Lee Han people pair temper it? ' Du wind shook his head and said: 'She is not Lee Han people.' Luo Feile exposed face unexpected expression: 'That is ......' Du wind indifference: 'I had to guess a person, and now it seems I guess wrong, but she was not looking for a fight.' Liu butterfly day grunted: 'I'm here to help you develop a strategic plan for the mob.' Luo Feile exposed dismissive expression, Liu butterfly long day and said: '? But your plan is to take advantage of the Challenge Cup when disguised as others, entering into the headquarters in New York, this plan is perfect, but how fancy you want him.' Her fingers pointing straight Du wind, Luo Feile reached out her fingers open, hum:. 'We have the best teacher in the world turning.' Fees behind her smile a little, Liu days Butterfly shook his head: 'Come on, looks can be disguised, but the temperament and the momentum is fake does not come, you can even disguise Independence Day Du wind, as long as he shot, you are all Teams will be penetrated, will immediately betrays. ' Luo Feile moment was choking, Liu days butterfly proud authentic: 'Finally, we still have to fight to develop the program for you, in my capacity as the World Association of ancient Chinese martial branch president, can take four peers, as long as he mixed into our team on the line, rest assured that with our strength definitely the way to the Finals, he shot totally unnecessary. ' Du wind swept behind a willow butterfly four days, four against the wall lazily stood idle gesture, but his heart was filled with a wind Du strong sense of unease. Liu butterfly Huangji day hero building things, yes, I admit that!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Even if you do not admit there is an incidental.' said: 'This is what I do not understand what David refers to a girl?.'Wei Han Ying teeth, said: 'I mean beast than you, destroy a child ......'Xiaodan Hong 'OhSquad leader only had the minimum pressure that the soldiers in the trenches under the body, the rocket will be in the ball of light beside them exploded. A white corrugated flashed around the ruins left, next to the border post outpost soon as ripples of terror that road contact, immediately lost in the white brilliance, and even can not find the slightest proof that it ever existed debris waste W ............ Western clouds, Teng then appeared one after another square, each square stretches km length and width is kilometers, every one meter will have a soldier, and that sharp spear exudes Senhan white , people look beneath the hearts as they crossed the same Senleng snow, but after all the people in the back of the chest full picture of a big white ...... The color of the Holy Cross, more people scared, that's not a white cross brings quiet and peaceful, but like the cross on cemetery is so cold, terror. A total of nearly 300 square corps like suddenly emerge from the clouds, that phalanx of soldiers were uniformly dressed in strange medieval armor, it exudes a touch of white unified standard armor to their bodies, arms, legs and even the whole head and feet are wrapped in one, like a tortoise shell generally protect their bodies. Each square in front of the three soldiers is vain, their body armor gold color is very personality, publicity, and even use the words to praise the beautiful. With strange lines of beauty, not as bloated as those behind them, wrapped thick metal armor soldiers, before it more than three corps of nearly 1000 gold Jiashi they all are sporty, wear this dazzling exudes After like incandescent light golden color like a strong white light armor, but let them gestures, all with a lot of clever atmosphere. And