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passengers, two small decisions all know the reason, say it never things kids can not cheat, visible also to make from bamboo. When a child is difficult to provoke, think so easy to cheat, own fear, toil day and night, even waiting for several days, that there is no shadow, he was someone one is deceived, how not to hurry, MA Kun in the end too clever people to teach, to catch With a long, Hou Shao Jianjue the figures do not seem unusual, Ancun: ill intent, good and do not come, neither fear of slipping, but also fear the enemy, he, however, just hesitate, feel the Siming completed, a total of one hundred chase more than a dozen years. Like so tight escape hot pursuit, chasing the slow escape slowly, always a difference of about two feet under, not on the permanent force. Catch nearly dusk, unknowingly to the Yongkang boundaries. MA Kun exhaustive Shenpi aside, has by no means easy to see each other and even to catch up, it is difficult to please, but also know the secluded mountain trails will finish before the bank has to set a dense town, something more difficult. Look the other way out is to go to Yongkang, Paul uncertain in Peru as well as the party, she was alone, how be able to stand? Since being anxious worry, facing left slope Chi next person, and people pass in front of escape, radial to the right and ran wild, extremely quick feet away, watching the air like a man all the way to escape, but no sides stopped speak. Bewildered hearts, feet only slow a slow, look at the people in front, slips foot accelerate, already ran all the way, sunset light, and soon will be left with a small black spot, dazzling haze nobody among not a trace . Waiter wanted to know he was drunk babble has been accustomed to, easy to read perfunctory two, and turned to take the finished wine. One will hold an altar wine, knocked to the dump, opened the cover Bo leaves on the table. Letter to the Church since the old man called himself to start, with the bowl down to eat. MA Kun heard this morning left a heart diet side, dark on I do not know where, but chaotic minutes is what, as good as Pangu streamers attack, defend better than Tai Chi, although overall levels above two treasure, but it but chaos in the grown, where what is destruction of the gas. So that road of destructionGas, definitely not all that chaos bell. So the only certainty is that the atmosphere can send this road is a person, a powerful man, and so I do not know a person. '' So, you have to hands. 'Well quite a while before the town Motoko asked. Zhen Fang nodded and said:. 'I'm in heaven but fled to a palm avenue Shimoji lifeline when life in my hands, how can fall into the hands of others, not to mention, if I get involved, that door human How could put a piece of meat to the government so no matter. 'Motoko town wry smile on his face, only nodded. Zhen Fang mouth hint of a smile, waved his hand, was surprised to find a crimson flame Chongshangyunxiao from Yan Luodian, suddenly a loud noise, ground into red lotus flower, slowly fell down, less than a moment through contaminated Yin road to gold. Yin foot seeing that evil, have uttered a howl, claws on toward the Yin fury. Although the degree of Buddhism can all evil, evil through pure consciousness contained to increase their cultivation, but evil is it depends on the Buddha for nourishing these things, as long as eating a Buddha, I am afraid achievement Guixian the place, it is only a matter of time. So under Yin, there is countless evil, one positive and one evil in this confrontation under the Yin countless years, Earth Store Bodhisattva do not know how much to increase the repair. 'Namo Amitabha!' Sound from the sound of Yin Buddha passed down slowly, compassion and peaceful but was surprised to find a monk Yin summit stand, behind rising round golden, shining void, and that the sky red lotus golden touch, have into ash landed on the Bana Yin. 'Red Cloud predecessors, you and I kept to themselves, why should invade my Yin.' Earth Store Bodhisattva sweep the air constantly coagulated red lotus, wrinkled his quite disturbed, came forward, Shi a ceremony, said:.' World Heritage brother , I have wronged you: 'Jin Shiyi said:' Even I can not forgive myself, how can you blame too. Alas, thisSupervisor of all the circumstances are not familiar with, all relied on easy Calm planning everything for her, even Greenwood Road is quiet easy to directly control the subject!Yi Jing's gone, Baiju Ren, who may not be willing to bow down, even Baiju Ren still happy to use his hands extremely complex elements, both inadequate pay resend, but can not fully trust, if the wrong person in possession of inside Blue Dream butterfly partisans, but will cause delay, the Greenwood Furthermore Baiju Ren chief position in jeopardy, Wushan Hao red dragon kiosk even have made it clear that you want to reinvent the wheel!Called cast all his strength to fight blue Meng, in fact, impossible, the easy transfer them to the quiet of the desert, they are only willing to play the role of a robber that Qiong Yao Yuwen linked with feelings, which were removed from it, refused to join the fight! Because this is obviously something to die, and who are willing to take the door of the disciples sent out in vain it? Yu Shi Yuan to beggars prowess, plus Qiong Yao Yuwen peerless master of blue Meng also inevitable casualties of a war, they themselves embarrassed to ask for assistance! First Qiong Yao Yuwen generously sighed: '! At present, I can only give my own strength and green damask and other four people, in the name of martial arts supervisor had lost, I really can not deploy staff' Yuan said: 'I, too, the identity of the chief martial arts is that I myself refused, there is no reason to ask you to support, but beggars can not be at the expense of longer time!'On behalf of the children of Thunder respect sects answer: 'The main fact beggars just a word, without any hesitation million dead, the question is no longer mention so many players transferred, the poor people also went to die in vain ......'Xue Jiao Jiao said: 'To hand, my Eagle Village there is