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anxious swimming. Fortunately Lisheng Nan learned how to swim, then have a strong will to live support her, among the Jingtao Hai Ming, actually does not wind after that, with the rain, the dark sky, thunder rolling, it is difficult to distinguish Ray sound, or volcanoes rumble, Jin Shiyi proficient in water, good to identify the direction of ocean currents, waves along with Lisheng Nan potential, struggling to catch up piece ships from getting closer, to come and how long it goes without catch up. Suddenly the sky flashed a mass of flames, the original piece of rock from the burning crater direct high-altitude, with blazing sparks, just landed on the boat, at once burning up, only to hear a loud explosion boat Xin between a moment, then gave Tao engulfed transcript under the sea only a few groups have extinguished the fire at the end, it was burst open the Ship drifting in the water mouth all hope is cut off, Lisheng Nan dark eyes, supporting Her courage Jin Shiyi shouted: 'Do not be afraid, Shen lived gas, I'm coming to you.' But see Li wins another in waves floating up sink, and seems to make the instinctive struggle. Jin Shiyi struggling to swim, suddenly discovered a shark is toward Lisheng Nan swimming, open water to take the big one tread water law, waved his right arm, threw the Tieguai, just across the giant shark mouth water on a blood-red, which is the root Tieguai and turn the iron sword, but the seabed cold iron? ? Is his master passed his treasures, ten years ago, have never left him for a moment, even in the stormy sea, struggling to escape the occasion, he can not bear to throw away, this occasion, however, he's trying to save ´╗┐Life, without casting practice Tieguai throw put the go, he's in a hurry, and even turn the World Heritage iron swords have never before felt a little pity! But then dropped the heavy root Tieguai, he swim even more convenient, their own comfort in mind: 'Now just to be able to secure the jobs of their lives, it is fortunate invited days, Master underground like, at this , he looked up and down a Fengniu Er, With a smile and said: 'Big sister, Father let me ask, how about something? 'Feng Niuer Wood then shook his head and said: 'There is no use, with blocks of stone like the pit.'Coming back face changed and said:. 'That was his impatient to live.' said: 'if not set out before, Father probably will not move him.'Cui Hu said: 'But Father did not allow him to stay too long in our hands.'Feng Niuer sneer:. 'Tan told Compass three brothers surnamed show this important friend, or batch Booty matter, it depends on the choice of the Father.'Cui Hu said: 'Words are good, but the Father can not let him stay in your old room, I mean big sister that you ought to know.'Feng Niuer face slightly changed, sneered: 'I understand, Father did not want to even this measure, last night why he went to my room, it did not let me fight this dry people can not see a thing, old Father reluctant to let him take advantage of me is not that easy to put two people under you and I stand him´╗┐Visit, we are specializing in finding the whereabouts of the enemy. 'Refined old said:' The enemy is weak skill than us, assuming that they are not separated, when one of our encounter, would inevitably go Wu Mei's footsteps, brother, we'd better not drop a single? 'Haoshou old man said:' No, regardless, more time-consuming day, hour hands separately allowed, except for dark stare, took the opportunity to inform you along the way, such as attendance before after hands. 'Having waved and said:' We immediately broke up, first check the mainland, and the frontier post. 'After four dispersed soon after the emergence of a sudden in Langyatai top figure, I saw him going to Heaven exclaimed:' Oh, love and hate, what day was it! 'The age of seventy people away, the state seems a bit confused, but listen to his tone, actually is a very shrewd old man, he made toward the sea to stay for a while, then slowly ran down.To the foot of the mountain, to find a seventeen-year-old girl went flying: 'Dad, you always see those four who it?