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determination mouth revealing smile and said: 'It does not matter Shishu, you go to sleep.' 'Do not call me Shishu, call me zero, okay?' 'Uh, small zero-Shishu ......' '......' 'Small zero Shishu, you really have not made that day, ah, I see you still a young relative ground.' 'There should be ...... ...... ...... should' Young zero last 'have' word to say thinner than mosquitoes, Duoduojia she changed the subject and said:. 'Zhao sister go to sleep, it will pour cold tomorrow, I can help you to plead her husband, and now I'm embarrassed to go ...... ...... ' Luan shadow Zhao and Yang zero, do not know when, Luo Feile hugely mushroom umbrella propped edged stood behind them, Yang zero grunted: 'You insisted on doing it the umbrella, think discuss their own wet miserable? ' Young zero whispered: 'He ...... him?' Luo Feile straight face and said: 'He went to sleep, even without taking off his coat, smelly.' Heavy rain hit the big mushroom umbrella, slowly dripping along the edge of the umbrella, isolated after the rain, the ground seems to have dried up soil, no longer gives off moisture invasion Zhao Luan. Zhao Luan suddenly smiled, his eyes swivel, toward the distant Luo Feile bedroom. In the rear window, a pair of blade-like eyes fleeting. She came striding around zero and Yang Luo Feile, boots wet mud splashes two white skirt. Luo Feile angrily: 'You are not sick ah!' Zhao Luan said nothing, just the scene, like most of twenty years ago. In the dripping rain, she knelt in front of the orphanage unfortunate companions died tomb weeping behind her for her umbrella, it is Yang Ying. Independence Day Du wind then it was like today, in general, in the hundreds outside the stand. But the sky swirling rain, in the role of invisible without a trace gas, quietly away from the two bodies. Zhao Luan really feel the moment, there is no world nothing can compare to thisShenxianjuanlv more people invade envy. Luo and Yang Le had just zero stood side by side, Zhao Luan suddenly there is a wonderful feeling. Xiangyang, but his internal organs had almost to the finest level, every day The rest one hour, then physical self-healing. Although already in the valley are friends died five years ago, but to talk about heroes Valley lakes are the names of friends, is still well known in Xiangyang, Jin Shiyi easily slap heard Valley home where it was in the western suburbs of town about Xiangyang a village about ten miles. Jin Shiyi nonstop, straight valley home, saw the door closed, corner moss, seems this house, no long-cooking, pull the door Jin Shiyi copper ring, buckle a few times, the door opened a fan, there is also a heavy iron fence, a maid look girl standing behind the fence and asked: 'Who are you?' Jin Shiyi said: 'My name is sweet, your lady friend's home, especially to visit It's 'The maid said:.' Miss not 'Jin Shiyi said:' Then see your house mistress of it, tired inform you say 'that the maid said:.'? Are you going to come from the 'Golden World Heritage said: 'I come from the Songshan Shaolin Temple.' He knew Wu Xueshi Valley home is home, even if the maid Bipu, are bound to know the name of the first Shaolin Temple, martial arts nearly even know what he was afraid that the maid is not willing to give him informed or notified and valley lady refused to see him, so take visitors said it was the Shaolin Temple, the first angry to know the character department factions also gathered in the temple, he claimed came from the Shaolin Temple. Valley woman certainly thought that the maid looked at him, slowly, and said: 'My mistress has gone out, if you Baitie, leaving Come.' Jin Shiyi exceedingly disappointed, said: 'how do you also out of her old mistress home to go somewhere, go long, we did ring was never afraid to ask, 'Jin Shiyi thought for a moment, and asked again:.' So there are two Mang sent the disciples , called Cheng Hao, called Lin Sheng, I heard in your home to recuperate, and I met a friend they are, please let me see them children, okay 'and that the maid waste shoulders and said:'? You is not to say