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metal from the depths of firearms float, aghast pointing Korean prison head. As long as a fillip Xu Yuan, Han will Flesh prison. Roar, ten times more than the day but also bright lightning far back into the promise. Lightning paralyzed body Xu Yuan, Xu Yuan instantly fell almost have a misconception from the person behind the attack to knock him out cold Raytheon Lee. He appeared before a hideous face, sinister laugh: '! My name is thunderous' A mysterious group of aerosol spread in thunderous body, re-unite turned into human form. Humanoid laughed and said: 'My name Hadera, though still not enough on Jiuxing ability, but then I'm able to turn into gas mixed in heaven Gang Feng in soaring.' Xu far just to feel weakness, was wrapped in Hadera after gasification ground, thunderous atmosphere were all masked, no wonder he did not feel close to the ancient warrior was knocked down. Horsepower tie smiled with satisfaction, the vast expanse of land, in the air everywhere, no power tenrai. He previously made gun ambush completely knocked down enough Xu Yuan tomb, now only the last one enemy. Ran Li Hanwei Raytheon does not move, but the original battle at his side Valkyrie Lu Tianming, has shifted his opposite. Horsepower tie sneered:. '! Lee Han your dog, why betray me.' After a long silence, the cold steel armor inside Lee issued a similar manner old gramophone voice: 'Because I am not a dog, I was one of the three Warrior.' Horsepower tie disdain: 'You are worthy of this man and three Warrior Warrior do what, but the people across from you God?.!' Lu Tianming coughed a few times, took out a white handkerchief from her arms tightly over her mouth, which shake the world of Valkyrie. Looks completely vulnerable is a weak appearance. Lee Han only feel the pressure, people hardly be a terrorist war since the collapse pressure. This pressure, only Liu Ji-day fly around General Li appears. He only felt once. After a whole century seems frozen silence. Lee Han finally glittering glove Xuantie. LEI grudge him bit, at the moment the dragon into two, one blue and one purple, each other, the National Division King Buddha surrounded in the air, smashed down together. 'Namo Amitabha!' MND King Buddha looked at the sky flying to four dragon, Stern old face without color, suddenly roar, a huge sound wave piercing away, caught off guard that under Wu Zhiqi, shot was turned over two somersault, only to fall into the Huai. Looking at the sky has been dark violet chains with two dragons, MND King Buddha at the moment only slightly relieved when Ssangyong strike pending in one fell swoop down, while the Huaihe River water surge, flower waveSky flower straight, facing a huge shadow on the sky and golden, a violent ape cross in the air, Zhuangruo gods. 'Boom!' Golden burst of air vibrate, surprised to find a huge iron bar turned out, it hit the top of the National Division king golden Buddha's Body, State Master Wang could not spray the mouth of a golden Buddha blood come. The original does not know when, in the air to a huge piece of land chains, but at the moment into an iron bar, swarthy, like a hideous monster in front of now, any time devouring the world in general. That chain lock not know how many years, then suppress their own things, due to the passage of time, Yu Ye has already died, the above prohibition also long gone spotless, comparable to something innate Lingbao, Under the yuan has long been to properly refining Gods Memorial Ceremony, soul control, change by putting yourselves. Poor King Buddha that MND rush came, where you know so much news, not a defensive one time, in the other calculations. It also can not be said, like monkeys born on this stick has a special hobby, playing a set up, such as the Monkey King fighting over the Buddha, there are the six ear monkeys Liu Li, etc., are the weapons of choice for iron bars Today this is the same water ape, chains are rolling into the iron bars in the air already, stop knocking National Division King Buddha at loopholes. 'Boom!' Air is a shadow fell down, about is also extremely Xian Qi, Liu Ji-day lives of the tree, no two leaves are the same lines, the trajectory of the falling leaves of different pieces, each place and even minor details, such as swimming in the branches of ants, bees around the fruit fly, have never exhibit the same track and morphology. Liu Ji day hundreds step can definitely hold his thoughts at the most minute details of each. Willow Tree of Life Butterfly day is completely different, similar place is too much, with this simple girls everywhere are strong emotions. Dufeng Li engraved Radial saw that he was looking at the tree of life in a daze. That the body can not find a trace of life, just as the soul from the body in general. A bug on the trees are crazy jumping, jumping every time, all the diversion between two nearly identical blades. Radial even to their spiritual diversion to the only insects, then after a while, he will follow the path of Liu mood day butterflies, butterfly heart leap willow day. Gentle wind on the ground circled Du wind shadow revealed. The first thing he did was a punch in the Radial body, also deliberately come up with a great sound. Insects stop to look up a Du wind. Du wind beat Radial cut ear, and beat up his nose cut off. In order to save the day butterfly Liu Du wind done everything, do not hesitate to himself as bait to attract butterflies Radial leave Liu days, unfortunately, insects farther away. Du wind sigh loudly, no further action Radial body. His figure gradually blurred, out of the protection of the loop Huangji Xian Qi. Until the release of gas all collapsed in his body, opened his eyes, Liu Ji day eagerly asked: 'How' Du wind shook his head and said: 'I did my best, then think of other ways.' Xu Yuan face sudden change, clenched his gun. Those in the audience do not know it is still much lamented this girl is so powerful, clean up a face to face that terrible old man. Xu Yuan, who is seen clearly, Radial spirit has occupied the willow-day butterfly body, now the willow-day butterflies,