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struggle, licensed somewhat reluctant, among eager too afraid to really fight into proximity, he double palm one point, resorted to the most Tough 'King Kong Zhang Li,' Monkey Music left-click, right-click the Sim hidden farmers, like the overwhelming force, Monkey Music just eat him beat, overlooking the internal organs are subject to shocks, although late injuries, Mind has, Xin Zhang Li Chih hidden farming days, barely Didi, but it's to find the correspondence, gave Zhang Li Meng Shentong soup opened up to nothing but thornsWithin three feet away from the body. Zhang Li Gang, use body Bagua swim swim with them fighting, farmers perceive hidden Xin Zhang Li weakened his sword, such as rainbow, immediately advancing. Meng Shentong faint smiles: 'I'm fighting for you two and five San Shizhao, big is not easy, it should take a rest.' Middle of a bomb, a wisp of wind, the Sim hidden eyes and striking farmers, agricultural hidden Sim sore eyes, drop out of tears. See Meng Shentong like blur shadow has been to the front of their own, a move in a hurry, 'Bai consistent day,' La Chu, this trick is the day to escape the sword killer, thousands of farmers have been vapid and hidden enemies suffer. But to hear the sound Can Hu, the man image like a piece of wood in front of him fall to the ground. Then he can see clearly: Monkey Music lying on the ground is not Meng Shentong! Original in that moment, Meng Shentong resorted rotation of the finest dry-kun leveraging effort, a two-finger pick Jianji, gently lead, will lead Sim hidden farmers to stab the sword Monkey Music, Sim hidden farming this Sword is successful with enough force ten more impulsive on Meng Shentong itself, although had been masters of Monkey Music beaten BI qigong, but also can not afford, Xin farmers tip hidden in his belly, a full cut open wound five inches long. Meng Shentong pat hands flashed aside, smiled and said:. 'This is your own people hurt their own people, I'm not good in this hateful trauma Qingcheng Ointment you can already healed, some only leads to a big monster, but also took a fine weapon, and finally the people can never be air transport, more importantly, if he really killed the Yamata no Orochi probably have merit came into the world of. ' 'Brother, that Yamata no Orochi since he leads, and that is because they killed the deceased, so many things to be causal tangled, how there may be merit it?' Asked Wu Qi day. 'Well, Fuso will Shrine built here, it is because they know that Yamata no Orochi Dong Fu was here, while Aberdeen amass military spirit here, expecting to generate a troll to fight my Divine monks. And I Divine Even monks know, did not dare to bad this shrine, because no untouchables this Yamata no Orochi, once out of its mess, even though Sword again soon, not too fast clouds, where they could escape of eight Qi Shekou while Zhen Fang is different, first of all it is probably not he destroyed the shrine, and thus the reason why eight Qi was born, but also a lot of money to his head, andThe clouds of the surgery, it is nowhere so powerful eight Qi, can quickly away. ' 'Ow!' I heard shouts and the sound interrupted the sound intensity analysis of benign and elders. Elder good strong look for a change, and quickly said:. 'I like and go and see,' said a God of Thunder fell down, standing strong gone good day witch figure, but it is borrowed mine escape and go. The other big witch have also escape the past. Aono Park but outside the Tokyo suburb north of Barry, close to the sea. I saw there brought up again. Countless ninja, Yin and Yang, the Master have gathered so, the type of God, ghosts, etc. Xuenv towards various ghosts have killed in the past eight Qi, missiles, tanks on the ground, in the air have uttered a howling sound, hitting eight Qi That huge body on top. With the Yamata no Orochi magic strength, but also can be killed like ants on eight Qi that huge body, has been bloody, terrible, no wonder the sound of screaming cries. A mouth fetid green liquid to life sprayed out in all directions, as if the aircraft spread