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immediately appear in more than 300 square, each square there are 1,000 people, amounting to 300,000 the number of terror behind the army is a much larger hybrid force. These people are not like those corps lined up neatly in front of the array. Some of them dressed in a black leather armor, holding a dagger, dagger, cross crossbow, ax, sword hands, flail, hook lock, fishing nets, hooks like the sword with non swords, knives non Sidao sharp metal weapons, get in front of! 'Slamming laughed:' So David refers to this girl, girl, good eye health ...... 'Han Wei Ying Jiaoye red, Xiaodan Hong added:. 'In fact, this is nothing, I have this hobby Methodist girl Look, I nearly Pentecost, seemed to have promise as thirty people, which is totally ... ... 'Yanmu Fei suddenly said: 'Xiaodan Hong, you can shut up.'Xiaodan Hong laughed: 'What does it matter, alas really different phase to plan, the two are decent people in lofty, listen to this ugly foul thing, in fact it is artificial, Eat Drink Man Woman, people inevitably, took! you two for it ...... 'Wei Han Ying Li Chi said: 'Xiaodan Hong you dare!''! Ayaya' busy: 'The Guardian girl angry with how many years gone, Jinxi reunion, Wei girl how nerve increased aid to each other, the older people are, I do not believe two from morning till evening, accompanied by only a total of?? I ...... 'Han Wei Ying Xiunu harder and harder, Yan Mufei Lengran said: '? Xiaodan Hong, Could you seek a swift death.' Oh cry and said: 'He lightly a dead word of my generation did not so much taboo, I felt a little uncomfortable, but it sounds good, then let's talk about decent ......?.' Meal pick asked: ' things I have to admit, now how two intend to do? ' said: 'Quite simply, capture your hand to prepare for the future with a day to pay homage to all the souls of the Friends.'Xiaodan Hong smiling authentic: 'So two is going to kill me, he three it?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Since I do not thin the thick Peter, only one side of DUANMU.'Xiaodan Hong said: 'Zhuge side with Meng Hua was arrested have it? into a staggered bone network, all without wrist lock each other's arms. This is the ancient martial art in the hands of the most brutal Fenjincuogu a style - the wrong bone chain. No one who has been scared sanity wrist panic, even the crotch are wet, wild and shouted: 'You ...... you are truly Du wind ......' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You guessed it.' Easily beat up on each other to push the chest. 'Bobo Bobo' Even the sound, open the monument chewy hand fanned out along the penetration last dozen persons without wrist chest with shock them into pieces. Field a scarlet, in addition to uphold the drops of blood fall outside voices, no longerNo living presence. Du wind deadpan turn, seems to kill a few mosquitoes in general, lightly:. 'You do not have to eat something.' Liu fat lie straight vomit acidic water on the ground, even spit bile naked, screaming and said:. 'Thank you, Grandpa ...... instructor, I do not want ' Yang also spit zero seven dirty eight elements, Tuwan she actually stand tall and said:. 'I went to the kitchen shouting something.' Du wind actually a bit surprised: 'The next you eat?' Young zero bite: '? Even if you see these scenes could not eat things that you can not even put those skills to pass on to me, right.' This time even the wind Du shocked, it seems that this is a stubborn little girl finds himself entangled not only does not give up her own income is. After a long while, Du wind coldly: 'First get the things we want to stay here until someone guiding.' E whined: 'Who will be guiding it?' Du wind no longer speak, hands tight pinching spades '5' metal signs gradually change, its black ink on re-melting into a distorted '4'. -------------------------------------------------- -------- PS: Advertising ISBN 1003720 'about the outsider.' I do not know when, wandering the city already began to downpour. Dim the lights reflected in the muddy streets, has witnessed unspeakable deserted scene. In the narrow streets, a shadow is frantically fled figure constantly fear losing