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yuan God, this saint soul sustenance void, where can I find a way to, but do notSide coming, you would not enemies among them. 'Baili Chao said: 'Just to see after reading the instructions according to the main fact, but we are still unknown ten faction Assembly in Taebaek mountains tall, because 'Taibaishan' in the name of a lot of it, than it is too Fang Qinling Mountains, also known as mountain Taebaek Mountains, the Changbai Mountain, also known as the customs Taebaek mountains, west of Zhejiang Tiantong have this name, Henan and Zhejiang River County in the southeast have Taebaek mountains, in the end is there? 'Show Yunhe said: 'Wild man many rumors, all that is in the Assembly sent ten Henan and Zhejiang Southeast of the Taebaek Mountains, in fact, the mountain is not Taibaishan, but Taiyueshan ten faction Assembly Songshan and Wudang why not choose it, The reason is that there is a home Shaolin elders lived in Taiyueshan Warren, along with several seasoned people are Wudang mountain retreat, or even send ten characters in both the elders so in this mountain Qianxiu of ah. 'Haiyi little beggar said: 'This mountain has factions elders group that implicit in this??'Show Yunhe said: 'This is the martial arts for centuries unknown secret, no one to guess what the reason, recently I heard spring shrine 'erotic concubine' dare Taiyueshan will go down to the post, 'red evil Five magic 'has not been listening to the mountain shows Viagra, but only the' noble four holy 'but often out in the mountains, because those are the old man' noble four holy 'is a decent figure peers. 'Four side edges to find a yatou sit down to talk, they can not have food.Bashan suddenly found hanging on a cliff covered with fruit vines, can not help rejoicing, for everyone to immediately pick a lot of hunger and thirst.Baili Chao suddenly spring out of the shrine to show Yunhe post asked: 'main fact, I have a Yoshie this post, he is now dead, and future erotic concubine if I suspect we do not dare to go Yoshie ? 'Yunhe exhibition: 'The overcame numerous strong, each used different weapons, a sword, sword, there are empty-handed fighting, but fighting skills is consistent use of principle. That is to break the momentum of skill to Merak dial brute force, will force every trace of infuriating are volatile to a milli Britain. Joan year prodigy - Luo Feile, super computers these weird Warrior normalized data, accidentally discovered that these weird Warrior's image, just as evolving along the food chain in general, the later years appeared in Warrior, always appropriate to complement the previous generation fighter moves defects, as simply a person in the history of the years quietly relentless evolution in general. The final link in the food chain, is a man named 's. That person called and has been called 'Valkyrie.' Its techniques used to break dome called [], it is said to start at the broken dome, will appear around the mysterious Gang Feng, forming eye defects in the opponent's moves, and guide their opponents hit the mark. Later said Lu Tianming finally soaring sanctification, disappeared in the dead among the broken dome [] series became extinct soon. Du wind lightly: 'Valkyrie what you people.' Masked girl's tone as cold as the wind Du: 'It is the home division.' Du also wind eyes flashed surprise, the word family division,This table is not masked girl Tusun again believers grandchildren, but legend has been soaring Once upon a immediate successor, he could not resist: '? What is your name.' 'Home teacher did not give me a name, as Lee Han adult messenger, if you are willing to call me a clown like black.' Du tone the moment the wind becomes colder than Blade: 'That coward with Lee Han give you the code names from you, is an insult to the Valkyrie.' The second masked girl froze a moment, feeling the wind can not be connected to Elsie, then shook his head and said:. 'That you just call me good.' 'Are you master how to call you?' 'Master told me the girl.' 'Well, I call you Miss Ya better.' Masked girl chewed down a bit the fighter . Suddenly in front of a black, then there are numerous little star down, as if the two brothers entered the night as many stars hanging down and the next, but it is to cover the entire Tianzhushan, while a star on Tianzhufeng its as big as a bucket, A purple beam slowly falling, median on Tianzhu, but heard a loud noise, Stern blasted a ground to the Tianzhu. Two pending strange, you see Zhen Fang took a palace, the hand thrown. Gust of wind, but had several feet of the palace, but the wind flash, about the size of a few hundred feet, majestic stands in Tianzhu, purple shining, but it is now resplendent. 'Two generals, since the two generals have promised to send Pindao a robe of the land, as a temple, now Pindao has chosen a robe of the land, I do not know how the two generals think?' Fang Chen smiled. 'Aw long way robes Why are so large, and so can not see the light of day the younger generation.' Zhao Kuang Yi color excitement eyes exposed, could not help but ask. 'Haha. This robe but according to the number of the refining Sunday, about three hundred and six thousand five hundred years.' Zhen Fang could not help but chuckle. Zhen Fang due to see the stars of the original angel robe that is very interesting, but it just good Zhou stars a big fuss, therefore refining of this robe, although the surface but several feet, but if the launch of which to ban, but give birth to numerous large, faint There are between dust, Yan out to the wider world. This is played for a passing interest, but do not think today there was this role. 'Three hundred and six thousand five hundred years?' Zhao Yi Kuang jaw boss, heart shocked to realize that this is just the radius Tianzhushan three hundred and six thousand five hundred years. That Zhen Fang of a robe is all accounted for the entire Tianzhushan inside. 'Sin is not a mortal really long, disciples neglect Department, please cents Changhai also.' Kuangyin immediately know the person really is not mortal eyes, hearts delight, this land Once upon a time,