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scared pregnant, stunned the Gods amulet will come, if not careful, even the lives of all trouble, happy to go if it is able to play Kamimuchi charge, will be able to command the pack, complete the Gods cause. 'Master, who could Gods?' Zao looking to play on Kamimuchi case, but glanced his fellow, asked. He can not be worried that they will Gods, he was concerned that his assistant, who will come to the achievements of the emperor's own cause. Good luck the rest of the various sectsA luminous eyes, waiting for the opening Zhen Fang. '? You have Zhaopu Wen, Wu Shi Shouxin and others have, it is not enough talent afraid arm' Zhen Fang Xiao Ma said: 'You do not think helm Gods cause, because the real Gods have come Zhao. Promise, to greet you personally. ' Zao is ignoring his own lost with the door, and quickly out of the good fortune hall, flew past the hill. That lesson Zhen Fang awaiting their sects, suddenly saw the sky Purple vacated nine miles, fragrant smell, the hype, the mixing of the air and over the entire Tianzhufeng all cover up. So it is no vision the people seen subglottic disciples have surprised and said:. 'Is this person actually have such Gods backing' Zhen Fang frowned, suddenly come to know who is who, the moment told longevity: 'You three saints uncles to notify all three mysterious Come!' Moment of good fortune led the disciples were out of luck hall door. When just out of the fleet Zao led a middle-aged man to drive over. 'Master, this is Young asked.' Zao look happy, Yang asked though this qualification is not high, but the chest is hidden a million soldiers, the military commander of military strategy very people who can. 'Meet the teacher asked the disciple Yang.' Yang heard asked, knowing the eyes of the people that come to their own goal, the Three Realms fell monsters revere famous south. Quickly worship down. Zhen Fang nodded, smiled and said:. 'You and I am fortunate today, just in time, coincided with the three saints come, go freshen up, to be saints left, feasible swing to the residue, leaving a complete skeleton form. Strictly speaking, this is not really a bone. More like one. Cents! Bone, leg, hip, hand after being H to open the monument surface residues of this body a few bones. Even these few pieces of bone, nor is the body's normal form of the distribution, but inclusive Xiangxian, forming a completeCircle. Circular bone structure derived from numerous small spines of varying lengths, instead of the complex human nervous system, traction adversary action. Bone surface showing a strange blue sheen, like most of them in the [World] in the day to see flood circle. Efficiency is also indistinguishable, is the use of transparent people who own bone cents, the whole waterfall hydration become immortal gas floods, even himself turned to water-like substance. Young zero aghast and said: 'What is this thing?' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I now know the true face of the immortal, and then after a while, it becomes a stone.' As he puts it, is exposed in the lake for a while after this flood of human bone-day circle slowly lose their luster and become a bunch of dull stones. Young surprised not had time to zero, the wind picked up her hiding Du rocks near the hole, and whispered:. 'Do not breathe, do not speak, I was also temporarily closed the air.' Three heavy water into the 'pop' sound coming from the top, Du Yang zero wind will head down in his arms. I saw three figure into the legacy of rock debris, one cried aloud: '?? Three ...... dead dead in the water at his best.' Headed man with a strange face Chan Jin Guangze, hand touched the wreckage and said: 'From a few hundred meters of altitude fell after the impact is too large, the performance cents pause, and the results of the open flesh monument hand of death. ' The last of humanity: 'Du wind should also caught a short gas closed state, I'll kick him out.' Speaking of 'pulling' the word, the enemy's body appeared like an old stakes like black shadows, lake bubbling mud puff, countless long eye algae stuck his head