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life maid messenger, a trusted servant of the people in the future extension of the Hua Ting off the tea. A little later on, with the young girl then, Lanzhen out. Yu's wife is not assured, but also with a go. That Floral Hall inside the inlet partial hospital, a total of five sills Great, great courtyard, opposite the heap Taihu rocks, trees encircle the window there are several strains of the back screen door there is a small hall door, and can pass through the inner courtyard, ground Excellent quite quiet. Shun China summer nap or play chess with people here, usually rarely in this parlor. Sister and ask the path taught by the sun in front of the people they saw around into self and Yu's wife, trio from the inside out. Shun China to the front, first visitors already, the servants had reported, both sides sit Jian Li. Shun the people saw that visitors wear neat, about Lent and down, holding a two-edged black fan, folding longer than usual about half times profiling behavior quite carry, do not see is what the large ones, and asked the name had come. See people quit offering over tea that line, slightly smiled and replied: 'cheap single surname, Mingzi iron, and so only the pro-SGX. Kung Ming in recent months, the classics, I know have done withoutSaid. Although there is no clear public but temporary thing, more real troubles. Make temporary loss of a parent is, fear for their lives in front of there. I can be a matter only helping the two, but there is one thing you must sell, no reason to fear that the former is difficult to credit, especially pro-please make a letter, came Mianshang. I know quite so negative parental guilt for Kung Ming place, but he is also a real force at this, and without regret. Wang Qi is still read in many years, and do not mind the former things, please Kaiyun are so pro-solid can be difficult rabbit, Kung Ming also eternal peace. As for the details, please read the letter to make pro understand. 'When he finished, remove the letter from her. Shun Min took about demolition, the put aside a deep chasm. This super monster, has been unable to use ordinary star Warrior standards. Steel giant raised his hand, just thought it was going brandished Yang zero when the Giants unexpectedly delivered a standard ancient Warrior Athletic ceremony. Road noise is just that, it shook the ground shaking endless, Zhao Luan, who will be forced to retreat a few steps. Such as the turbulent waves like Daolang enveloped Du wind, in the middle of a Daolang just can embed live Shendao cut the gap on Independence Day, which broke out in a strong spiral suction purpose of this steel giant knife, turned out to be put Du wind chop Shendao sucked out scabbard, into his body into. The Iron Giant Pizhen open a few meters, crashed, body scattered debris scattered countless knife. Twenty years ago, this one million steel soul magic worked with Du wind contest three times. Every Du wind are the 'third type' response, also ended in failure every time. However, this appears to be different, Daoshi also hidden in the scabbard, 'cut off all' powerful means it contains has been exposed, even to build a body of steel giant sword to cut off a lot. Du wind coldly'Another, and twenty years ago, I would not deal with your other moves.' Also understand his mind, even though other moves can hit millions of weapons scattered, but can not get what he needs. Shigo's fold. To admire this to just Emotion million weapons, and only with the 'third type' clean break them completely. The Iron Giant helmet knife blade body armor clanking together, howling aloud and said: 'Return Its chest collapse continues, revealing just to accommodate Independence Day Shendao cut position while hands together, sword pixiang Du wind head. Du wind hands cut Shendao Independence Day, is that millions of knife fine soul lies. Independence Day when the wind cut Shendao chose to leave the knife Du grave. Stay in the grave in millions knife to magic completely out of control, until the waters near a demon scourge in general. Today, once again saw cut use, I did not realize Qiu Yi other organic fraud! Even though he heard his mouth, said: '! Too embarrassed, Wan no such reason' was first willing heart. Qiu Yi range again and again, he said: 'All men are brothers, not to mention all their own side. Friends love brother's life, such as life, temperament straightforward, this little bit is anything? Besides brother Eli also quite prepared thin, Maxiong passenger side ceremony has been sent, and then send the same brother, is not worth much, less contrast seems wrong. You and I hit it off, the intersection length of day, such as those required for the money and care, even considered a friend? Maxiong little or a lot better. 'MA Kun Qiu Yi did not hear the mocking words with anti-burn the heart when it is friends, do not comply with remarkable turn stingy, they laugh replied:' Qiu brother Shengyi gracious, very sensible. 'Buddy and Mo family friend, Mingtie ready yet?' MA Kun had only gratitude, since without saying. Two gift that comes up. Mo lives in boxwood dam, there are ten miles apart. Place ranking among the hills, along the pine forest, bamboo lined repair, scenery is very beautiful. Mo always Township because the state re-look, good people and good, this one for the entire life, almost hit the county. In particular, local rural wind, whenever things organized hi life, only slightly related to him, mostly young and old, family travel. Moreover Mo fame years old, familiar provinces have, in the past few days since, that is, relatives and friends gathered. The day is warm birthday wish, the more the number, the two Mo just turn up the road, we see all over the distance deliveryBirthday person, Tihe lift baskets, wallets holding plate, flocked to rush straight and Asaka will in general. Ages in twos and threes, eighteen for the group, to go the same way forward. After the first call should be laughing phase and said Mo are also birthday celebration, then burn downtown very end. Twenty-three turn, into the valley dam boxwood. I saw the earth flat desert