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fact of the tool, will look for a break, you are asking for too much never.'Qiong Yao Yuwen sneered: '? To my hands, harder to die than to live.'Yun Ling said: 'still does not work, since after that personnel will still seek a death to thank the main fact, it is the main fact will never make this unnecessary expense.'Qiong Yao Yuwen laughed: 'That does not tell you just said contradict.'Qiong Yao Yuwen not help but be taken aback, Wu Yunshan smiles:. 'Ms. Owen also talk about the fun of it, she will not take that measure only blue butterfly dream that people will have such a despicable style'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'How do you know I will not?'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'If you are the kind of person, do not qualify as a martial arts supervisor, you can not excel at this a superb martial arts, martial arts, I do not know, did not dare to dabble in martial arts, because I'm good intentions count, hard look Dacheng, martial arts-related achievements and tolerance, no magnificent mind, life has become unlikely. 'Word text Qiong Yao said: 'That blue Meng, how can have this achievement?'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'You and Yu Xiang Gong age add up to only two people with him about, but his skill and strength that you have not doubled, which is a proof, martial arts is never enough, Qingzheziqing, muddy those from the cloud. He is he, you are you, what his coherent with you? Only when you have never had the father, why should I upset him? 'Think of the Master's teachings, thought Jin Shiyi advice, Gu Zhihua's spirits rallied, heart and said:' Yes. Unless he wants to kill me personally, I could not help it, but I never use their own hands to end his own life. 'However, Gu Zhihua dispel thoughts of suicide, although, it is still troubled hearts can not continue to ask to dispel Meng Shentong :.' About Mangshan Assembly, what news? ' said:' There is one major event, the result of a monk appeared again destroy method apprentice monk. 'Meng Shentong said:' Oh, he disappeared for several decades, it has emerged? Lv Siniang think he knows white Ze with waving fans go, suddenly behind the burst of cold, turn first looked surprised to find a gold scissors in the air quite fold as scissors, head cross head, tail mating, fall will down, toward the White Pond waist scissors over. White Pond heard shrieking, stature and turned it into a rainbow, they fly past, but unfortunately, the prime minister waist seal was cut falls to the ground. 'The land of rainbow art of pressure?' A big fuss among Lengheng came a faint sound, like a Bi Xiao sound. White Pond also know where that pipe so much praise, if not mind straight men to be concerned about public land pressure big demon, fearing being a catastrophe, the technique Ukrainian family to not close the pass, the use of the rainbowCome out. All of a sudden, suddenly cut off the threat Jinjiao. 'Now.' Loud shout, complete side screaming, I saw the face of a rising moon, shiny, black and red flashing Sanko, his photo into them, not move, soul seems to have been detained in general, does not escape, could not help but issued a scream. Looked carefully, but it is round Hokyo, although I do not know this Hokyo act, but certainly not on the subconscious knows what a good kind, desperately struggling up the moment, but unfortunately, the struggle of interests, as if feeling his power dissipated even more sharply. Hearts burst of panic, feeling that this was not what the forces subsided, is clearly in their mana quickly subsided, only to feel the mirror Sanko fleeting, like a knife in his body cut in a bit, did not what actually would cut off the magic of years, heart was shocked, although complete side is large prehistoric monster, but now there are hundreds of millions of years, but the magic of his own so it was not too clean cut. Each time was cut a million years of magic, the magic of years do not know how much you want to spend time to recover. The thought here, could not help but uttered Canhao complete side, as if only one leg had been cut off in general. Mongolian meter in front of the little star, a fairy Chang E **, a member of the famous Waterford but the three realms of Sin, when it should be saved.' ** Cents one day more public official out, it is then carefully looked TIANXI star Zhou. Immortals hearts burst chuckle, not knowing that in the end is to day ** Zhou reputation to consider, or to their own desires. Zhou amorous, famous Three Realms. 'How do you want to ruin the day ** it?' I heard a sudden cold voice from the temple rumor over. The immortal mind shocked Pollensa are the real face dignified color, day ** powerhouse, actually it was quietly rushed, we can see that this person Daoxing high. Immortals looked surprised to find come dressed in robes, robes over their faint colored light flow, the marvelous extremely resolute face, a pair of eye among the faint glittering, looming behind all kinds of mysterious, or pearl agate, Rays or shrouded somewhat esoteric, indescribable. Three Realms Kongxuan not known is who. 'Big Brother!' Zhang Zi Ran seeing on the throne, his face a trace of ecstasy, and quickly stood up from the throne, meet up, pulledKongxuan said: 'Big Brother came too timely, and younger brother really do not know what to do?' A smile, said on proud face: 'the brother Bong teacher but was ordered to come, the origins of this extraordinary carnage, teachers worry about your act, and behave stricken, only to come to the brother sits . thanks to the timely, otherwise I am afraid that really want to leave days ** Young, he was at the alternative. 'Immortals heard, heart shocked. 'Master, but know the origins of this carnage.' Sa real heard suddenly a bright eyes, could not help but said aloud. Voice came out, his face suddenly flashed a look of panic, but soon disappeared, his face is a flat-out look, the same color as if panic askew just does not exist. Immortals including Zhang Zi Ran also did not see it, but Kongxuan see clearly, a move the hearts of darkness, but not shown, the mouth of a smile, and said:. 'Where Pindao have this ability to know the origins of this carnage