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thousand buildings blown over and In the bottom of the people, even the spectators on the hillside at the lower, the bone should be blown no deposit! They advised Meng Shentong change locations, to thousands of buildings to battle and Tang Xiao Ping bar, on the ground that: Shaolin but the enemy stronghold, a decisive battle in the Shaolin Temple, in self-defeating. Meng Shentong listen to them are right, then think of her in the temple, and he was afraid to see her daughter during a decisive influence mood, and thousands of buildings, Ping is also true that the contest is a good place, he accepted their proposal: But They further suggested that the recommendations Meng Shentong led partisans, and the Shaolin Temple people here in the valley to a big melee, Meng Shentong did not accept: Meng Shentong Great Satan is already a ruthless, think they have more very toxic, Meng Shentong actually make even the characters are caught, including martial arts, has been secretly watching Jin Shiyi common phenomenon and Kou Fang Gao actions inquired into the secret, but I do not know where to bury the line drugs, and therefore had emerged in stature, in The common phenomenon of Zhuolai site, coercion him to discover gunpowder. In fact, this time without Jin Shiyi then flogging, the common phenomenon of drugs should extinguish quickly to lead, and to know when he relies instead on 'Jedi', gunpowder not recognize people, once exploded, so why even he should fry to pieces. Ran next to the common phenomenon of a boulder, hard rock aside, Jin Shiyi immediately swing shovel shovel, and she saw beneath a thick layer of dynamite, then shovel away, I saw a prosperous and burning of fire, like a snake like winds come, Jin Shiyi hastily put out a foot, calling out: 'good insurance!' medicine line distance gunpowder, is less than ten feet away! Shock, sudden, I hear, 'Peng' is heard, a rocket exploded in midair off, buttressed by a slip of the fire, rail rocket sticks to his third successive shot, the Jin Shiyi took off his wet shirt, half very good. ' 'The younger generation do not deserve it.' Although he lined a surprise, but did not dare show it. White plays big witch smiled and said: 'This is four hundred thousand military spirit, I can not destroy them, although there throughout my big witch, but then drank Dongbin killing god of wine, let my magic supernatural lost half, can resist that four hundred thousand Making of the offense has been pretty good. Where can destroy them. I'm just so ready to let those military spirit was born, on the one hand is the soul of the military to those consumed by the forces of human right way, so I'll wait for the Wu family, taking advantage of the sky can not subject to the mercy of the other, but on the other hand, is that the right way by hand to eliminate these military spirit, do not look at these military spirit is being Dongbin repression, but it is what I buried alive, these guys came out, first of all will find I have trouble, then trouble will find Chun-yang concept, but if it was the right way human clump long flat out, I'll wait for the Wu family, nor is it a good thing that the military spirit is killed, it's not a little bit of benefit so simple. Not only has merit lowered, there will be a huge sense of energy and pure soul of the military consisting of four hundred thousand streams, some experts paid off enough to go to the next realm. ' 'Then what to do?' Bristly face changed. 'Then see if they can come out? 'White witch from the big hideous face, and said:' Go and tell good strong elders, we immediately rushed to the long flat, good luck, will they end up together, so in the future we have to trouble . ' 'Yes!' Rejoicing everywhere. Shortly after, the air of a few Wu Guang, North-west direction. Well quite a while, was surprised to find more than a dozen long shadow falls on the ancient battlefield of the ground level. 'Hey! How gone?' Surprised looked around everywhere. 'Is the seat maze.' Witch face white from the big cold, said:? 'It seems the guy over this action is not an