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.' said: '? You not only today he was only Zhuolai, then you have to participate in it Mangshan Assembly' Gu Zhihua mind a move, said: '? Do you want to me to find out what people' Li Qinmei jumped up and shouted: '? Sister, you know the future one reason or another, all of a sudden they guessed their mind my' Gu Zhihua laughed: 'You want to find out what people?' Li Qinmei little embarrassed, said: 'This People reputation in the political arena, he had a little hard to hear good nickname, called murderous mad beggar, but his mind but it is good that he ...... 'Gu Zhihua laughed:.' So you ask is Jin Shiyi. ' busy:' Have you seen him, ' said:'? He and I talked about it quite a few words. ' said:.' He said something ' said:'? He said exactly what you, he You want me to help him look for traces of ' said:.' ah, that he knows I'm looking for him, but unfortunately we are imprisoned in Bangladesh old thief here, is there any way that he knows ' said:.'? You're Jin Shiyi miss you ' said:'?. Sister, I do not want to deceive you, I really miss him. I felt sorry for him, he has no parents, no family, and even close friends are not so, I'd love to. accompany him, despite being a joke, I am not afraid, 'This moment, Gu Zhihua suddenly felt a little sorry for her heart:.' In fact, you never know Jin Shiyi heart ah 'and said:.' little sister, do not worry, As long as we can out of danger, I will be able to help you find him, 'Li Qinmei clasped her hands and said:.'! sister, very kind of you, 'then asked:' I heard Meng Jin Shiyi old thief injured, I do not know His wounds begin to heal. ' surprised and said:'? I saw him, he was nothing like hey look recovering from injury, he also put two hands in Mangshan brother monks to fight off the law is very embarrassed? You heard of anybody he hurt? 'Li Qinmei Road:? 'The girl surnamed Li and Xiao Wu says so, do not lie to me they are my Shi Zhi Xiao Wu, age is bigger than me, he put more vivid, saying that he personally saw gold World Heritage old thief played by Meng beat, not beat him!'Skylight wind smiled and said: 'You just made two strokes, then crushed his non-defeat is not, just that the two strokes he has been unable to fight back ......'Chen Jian hurriedly shook his head and said: 'You are wrong, he blocked my two strokes, unusual calm, which shows his martial arts is not so far and I can just four strokes, although greater power after two strokes, but I think not necessarily. can beat him. 'Yun Tianfeng smile. 'Anyway, the sword in the palace without defeat at home, you still are the first person on this point, you have enough pride, and you look at those who are far away, on their attitude, only respect ......'Chen Jian looked to see if this time, although the crowd gathered a lot, but no one dares to speak loudly, and no one dared to hand pointing at.Read the crowd's attitude, Chen Jian can not help but laugh: 'Palace home known as the first sword, is indeed a well-deserved reputation, to see their place in Hangzhou, and you can imagine the general.'Yun Tianfeng sneer: 'Looking martial arts, nine Jianpai both fell on the sword has feared Palace Siu Hung, the chatter if chilling ......'Chen Jian Yi Tan said: 'How can it be just so, just that a few people are renowned the world over fencing masters, but willing servant living in partial testimony to the palace home of fencing there Harbourside trend.'Skylight cooled laughed: 'But you are intimidated by their power and influence.'Chen Jian Stern said: 'What is this nonsense we went to Hangzhou, and does not want them just to do a shorter length??'Skylight wind smiled and said: 'But we have done it for a long time playing on the lake, although the palace Shaoxiong encountered, only to hit a half-rack, not a close call on the loose?.'Weie Chen Jian said: 'That is because he in a hurry ......'Yun Tianfeng said: 'We can not have him in a hurry, and you're defeated prince sword, is not able to recover Wudang reputation.'Chen Jian somehow wonderfully authentic: 'how do you say it?' light laugh: 'foiled Jian Huang is the real personally taught by me, or look for another teacher to introduce to you, no not. 'So dream day and night, always look over the proposed loss after Shishu sword, finding no contingency for many years, she is more months before I do not know what year and what was hit, and suddenly no intention derived;. To worry there is no sword box, think of the opportunity so coincidentally, will be Note that hit early, leading figures certainly do swordsman, how can with joy, overjoyed? Shihai initial fear was that the sword again with tricks, the box after a good wear, always afraid to loosen the grip hilt. After getting feel the sword go box, as if each of them made, stubborn believers meet strict teacher, with the bundle, thus quiet down, but no change. Deposit thoughtful: 'Today morning, first night later the trio came to visit them in the red iron swords Xia Yunxiang, only one seat, they eat old common phenomenon, even mocking horse mysterious duo with exhortations to say quite a meal people. deep, stammer a few Bianji resign. Heimo Le discovered cliff path Sanli waist circumference did not keep talking about right, yet still do not know, we can see this is very old for this secret, only to see their own weight. When the store for fear of ancestral week to see the sword, inattentive and was flying, sword clenched face, smiled and said:. 'Ancestral brother first not busy, so I finished terrible sword through again, I avoid trouble like empty' Cunzhou see him from a meeting will concentrate on this sword, is very reserved, exceedingly puzzled, smiled and asked: 'Why?' to get a sword through that week deposit speechless laughed: 'You worry too much a. as you said, the sword is real fetish, can soar change, but you have to know the main thing, Zhu Sanshu intentions never hand for many years, you have no desire derived within half a day, it's clear that you have. Look at the situation, pointing out that heard or found Tang Jian Qi, hopes of finding the root of this. Seeing been somehow be it of go, just to get a Jianxia