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spirits in general, dizziness, impulsive will not come out. A moment, the cross-over, blood surplus wild! Pain Zen Master hastily ordered a retreat, Simon Makino swallowed a pill, temporarily stopped due to the felt Hongyun, stopped them, but could hear the wind whistling noon'The pass' sound, Makino give Simon threw a somersault, gold rose divine master, Huang Yiren also wounded one, the other two Huang Yiren without a fight from the back, golden masters, pain and Zen Master, Don by day Couple Yizhong Mu Cao Kinji, Xin hidden farming, Mercy Jackson which is divided into four eight individuals, factions disciples cover from Lisheng Nan charred trails, fled under Mangshan. It is: will the Demons to Alarmed, when disaster respective escape. However, because the devil suck fragrant flowers, can not use the real power within the family, but the ability is still there on foot, under the pain of Zen Master led minor injuries in the negative, at the end of the eight injured, along with the rear master Although anything, but the lineup is not messy. Simon Makino cried: 'one will be able to kill more than one more kill, escape would not have to catch up!' This class of unknown origin with yellow crowd roared, akin to a large group of mad beast, sleeping, kill, regardless of good and evil, when those Pimi! Because it was led by a disciple of decent, not too significant casualties, Meng Shentong invited to the partisans, martial arts highest dozen people have already fled the escape character than down, trample, pass between the moment, this class was almost Huang Yiren Zhuchupojin! Master Chan dense furious, facing the two ran towards him Huang Yiren, screaming, but the roar supreme Buddhist 'Idiom work', the two are like this thunder of Huang Yiren sound startled, at once ear, nose bleeding, body limp, and hurried back, in praise dense Master Lama Zhuzong around a dozen Western disciples, quickly followed him to break loose, Simon Huang Yiren Makino gave the two a 'scared of God San ', turned again to intercept other occasionally seen, although scared its beauty, but see this woman frosty, not with people to answer, his father again and Lu, Guo two diabolism always met, both high-line generation of martial arts, the famous Jalan difficult, less opportunity to meet party there are several beautiful swing Nvzei Ying Ying music available, itDare bold teaser. Until this played twice and fight the enemy, compared to the previous findings, but also a vision, in addition, led by Lu, Guo Morohito because his father met with, hinder better off, conscious sorry, the door Yaotu and flowers Cai invited about two henchmen, in all likelihood it all depends on the dog eat dog. This would covet enchanted, until a whisper mutual inquiry, yet women do not hereby promise have my husband, and listen to Tony's brother, said Hung mouth poked by Charles Ray Shi Funv of years, half the weight friend sensibilities, half actually In order to choose to love husband. Public Acts of the party should be at home all known mine industry wide Arita, a wealthy village, if checked, would not life and wealth too? Heard increasingly hurry, have secretly mischief, all attempts to fight the idea, camera and hair. This is the enemy, not at can make little of the effect? They want more and more cold heart, are not kept on the ancestral week had a good impression, hostility fading, the situation in virtually growth go hand in hand, few want the speaker to step down, somehow, the mood since the conflict, just do not want to go. Furthermore bow had just pulled too full, you can not step down. This way became a sympathetic, though refused to cast magical soft gun, even now also changed the way many gentle, just across the masking frame, but no facilities killer. Zu deposit potential slow week to see her suddenly, like a lightning-fast before the storm no longer blindly onslaught designed to deadly place to start, wished he could look straight man stabbed through and through wear. She is also the first suspect with the intention of seizing Regardless, it shows suddenly looked up and looked over toward the southwest direction, Wang Wei and Wang Three Realms also looked over toward the southwest. See, however, came a different aerial tsunami, the number of road piercing brilliance come blink of an eye fell on top of the square. Everyone looked up and looked in the past, the whole dozen priests stature emerged. Headed but a diminutive man, sounded wrinkles, as if as if at any time may see three Dao same ancestors. But Wang Wei did not have the slightest neglect, after all, is one of comprehension for industry experts, although comprehension sector have fallen, but the master is not the initial anti imaginary whatever can neglect. Do not look now very powerful abilities sector, but did not dare to look down upon comprehension sector, it is because there is such a master Lonely existence, thousands of miles away, take the enemy heads as Tannangquwu. Although it can not move mountains, but between hands on, shaking of the ability is still there. Contemporary worship led the crowd: 'The younger Meet Lonely Long Road.' Wang Wei, although there are now more than eighty years old, but the Lonely are already hundreds of years of character, naturally when the cry predecessors. 'This seat ancestors acquaintance with you, it was the sound of the older generation but also when you and speak up.' Lonely cloudy eyes, the sudden injection of naked, covered boosted Wang Wei, as if stripped of clothes, presented in idle cloud front, there is no secret. 'Is this the comprehension of power?' Wang Wei mind could not help but get excited, but calm down quickly. How can these forces, which have to go through much hard work to achieve. 'Xie predecessors.' Wang Wei stood up, facing the Lonely entered the hall. Hall hundreds of square meters, is to spend a good iron trees are made of lacquer with a variety of patterns on the ground is a good use of white marble are paved, in the end is the aristocratic families, hall decorations are all Shanghao furniture, ebony by system, classical and