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pull Xuantie sword, agreed said:'! Master Miles also, the students do not kai off, go move it. ' Arrow Holiness the sword perish round, said: 'merciless sword, invites attention!' Daoguang flash, immediately Hengpi past in mind: 'I do not hurt him vertical, they have to cut off his crutches, watching He also laugh? 'Arrow Venerable this mouth Xuantie sword, weighing forty-eight pounds, both heavy and sharp, is India's famous edged sword, be he practiced' Dragon V like 'superior internal strength, vigorous internal forces, under the knifed, there are mountains split stone side of the situation. Wittmann no ethics! Yizhong Mu Lun will stick round, swept past the intersection is the stick, once Mars Peng Fei, issued a very loudThe sound of the bell exhausted, shook the eardrum Laois Laois are sound, both sides of the weapons were not damaged, but on the strength of the internal forces gave, shook in the wind as the boat in general, wavering! The original wing root Tieguai mid-year, but the year due to the monk Buddhist monk's staff Flanagan cast change, due to the defeat of the year in the Mangshan Lv Siniang, when dying, the Buddhist monk's staff will be inserted into the cliff, then remove from Ganfeng Chi instead Tieguai, passed the 'Tie Guaixian' Lu Qing, Lu Qing died, Tieguai go Yizhong Mu hand, has now become beggars county town treasure, fear sword sword and wings Chung In the best of real Ganfeng Chi Chuan, and on the internal strength of the deep, still on his senior sister apprentice Cao Kinji, this story and Arrow Venerable war, weapons skill not lose lose, it is just about the same. Arrow Venerable a cold heart, thought: '! Do not see the Lao Jiaohua than just a fraction of the Shaolin monk was even more severe,' dare to underestimate the enemy, wheeled sword, resorted to a 'Dragon knife' Even from a Buddhist Dragon V as power, internal forces Zhitou blade, once shut his knife shadow sky, and turned it into a two-edged sword as dozens of hundred handle, within a radius of ten feet, I saw Daoguang, distribute these letters that people ran back.'Compass Tan said: 'How come?' said: 'Tan old please think he exudes the purpose of these letters, just to save his accomplices who now Now that achieve the purpose, he followed him without hesitation that the party together to escape the truth, since not He is waiting for you to come back in the convoy. 'Tan Compass sneer, shook his head and said: 'No, Luoer Ye, you are wrong, those rebellious thieves even though a French one since it escaped the edge, but that people who distribute this letter, he was still in the team.'Luosan Ye heart jump a little, said: 'Tan says that old people are still distributing these letters convoy would not it?!'Compass Tan shook his head and said: 'No, he must still be in this team, I'll stake my tan people that words 'big eagle' guarantee.'Luosan Ye heart wrinkled Yizhou, said: 'Tan always contemporary Catcher, is a famous old traveler for many years, said the experience of two seasoned experience, vision naturally superior, Tan old should not think so, Luo three self-dare speak out of turn. 'Compass Tan shook his head slightly, and said:. 'Luo brother, not Tanmou intentionally give you trouble, so I say that there is a certainty.'Luosan Ye said: 'Luo three would like to hear opinions Tan old.'Tan Compass pondered a moment, then looked up at said: '? Luo brother, as far as you and I know that these letters are sporadic rather than to give someone, is not'Luosan Ye also said the seasoned experience of two old traveler experience, but it was double fox Compass Tan Rui Li eyes see a little uneasy, he said: 'I guess so, but not sure, please think even old Tan I have lost one side of the car, it's not distribute what? ''Yes!' Tan Compass a nod, said: 'I say it is to grasp this point is sporadic, but not specifically for that person to give, both called sporadic, it should be this team he sent to the vehicle , according to such a view, clearly those who do not know the man that saved his people, but alsoIs that he can not tell those who Primus door, his ribs gave Primus train as incense chariot Kowloon material that king. good waist, saints do Kowloon tendons travel thing, the other monks have also capture the Dragon as a means of thing, so there will be eight Western Denon, etc. Huanglong do this today, can be considered to make up sin. ' 'That master is save or not save you ah!' Dragon shook his arm Zhen Fang, Jiaoheng Road. 'Save, but I did not save, you save.' Zhen Fang shook his head and said:. 'This is a real pity Huanglong, though you two uncles into sects, but it is not like you two uncles only God Channel France did not learn much, that is, even the ordinary magic did not learn it. If not befriend and Yu Ding live, lest their own lives too longPeople clean up. 'The reality on the ground as if to hear the Dragon Fang Chen's speech as a tear fell down. 'You take him to the East China Sea it!' Zhen Fang sighed, and said: 'Shanhaiguan has been lost, although Temujin industry transfer country Yuxi lost, but in the end the killings Wu family too heavy, early end, I feel at ease earlier . be Kowloon appears, immediately led the Maronite Tongtianhe go. 'Dragon heard not neglect, quickly took Huanglong went live away towards the East China Sea. Eight palace, mysterious Grand Master, who taught illustrates two cents into his knees. Not move. Shanhaiguan lost, Zhou Dynasty great loss of strength, mysterious Grand Master, who where dare presumptuous, hastened to eight Hou intrauterine life. And Taishanglaojun deadpan, Primus Shen surface water. Own thought, if not defeat the Wu family, but can also hold the possibility of Shanhaiguan very large, but did not think, actually on the other side so quickly break the Three Realms impregnable. 'It is no wonder Haier.' Taishanglaojun suddenly said: 'all day Shensha big fuss but witch door supernatural, can gather into Pangu Mami, release Pangu Chaos gods are mine, which is equivalent to the existence of the saints, is Pindao met also very carefully. What's more, although the capture of the Wu