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mysterious Orient comprehension who reaches the limit, you can live forever, soaring Once upon a time, from Happy Three Realms. Unfortunately, kinship, although wind speed, there is a powerful force, there are far more than mortal life, but unfortunately can only lie between the most coffin. LiveDark life, and can not live forever, live Happy to day. Colorful pattern on this front, and actually produce a powerful energy that can firmly restrained its own strength. Mysterious oriental mysterious way, to the mysterious realm. All this is impossible to get the Western kinship. 'The patriarch is not what we're early?' Hain said carefully. After all have been waiting here for several hours, but the door has not the slightest reaction. 'Ah!' Rilla nodded, with Shouyi Zhao. Suddenly the possession of the sword Excalibur box trick over and respectfully on the ground. Pending turned to leave, suddenly wide open stone, a carnage fly from inside out. Rilla surprise, her face became pale, physique a move, forcing air out of a golden glow. The blood red light that road firmly in his hands, dropping the body, a closer look, it is a treasure kinship Cain left hand. Cain seems to have left at this time restore the true colors. Red filled. Wen Wanru Italy, aches and a trace of pink delicate sheen, as if from afar, like a work of art. Addictive. But Venezuela has to know. In this calm surface. But hides a monstrous evil spirits, seemed calm under sea level. Rough, Anchaoyongdong. Rilla clear sense that if the dead hand of the past but a two-edged sword to open the front, then now dead hand has long will it sharply edge among deeply hidden in the scabbard, though hidden Jianmang itself, but more to the sharp, wounding the invisible. Rilla laughed, waved his hand in the hands of the dead, have not got the slightest wind, have not got the slightest breath, like a breeze in passing, on the side of the boulder shed a deep hole. Hain seeing near the mouth was the boss, his eyes actually excited eyes. There are such a baby, but