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the moment have not made. Upon seeing a head wind, only the channel: 'Since the real ethical, and so I no longer forced to live up.' Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'If there is required in the future, the chief of the Herald to Qingliangshan do not wantCan be. Pindao wants to come. 'Zhen Fang words do not want to die, and God knows that one day they will find the devil himself, his immeasurable merit but these devil's nourishing thing. All the monks also have nodded, a head wind turn the enemy's way of saying a lot, is that according to Zhen Fang said, the selection of all the martial art elite, divided into four teams, responsible for four directions, search for some suspicious areas, once met enemy, it sends the signal immediately, the other three teams immediately went to support and so on, and so naughty two days before they negotiate properly. Master, have brought together all the right way martial Qingyang, said that today but the old days. 'West Kunlun Mountains thorn small ancient cave dark and stormy, chilly wind roar, a surge of carnage on Sky straight, thick bloody atmosphere enveloped the small ancient thorn hill. It Kunlun points east Kunlun and West Kunlun, although the same is said of the Kunlun But in fact radically different views of the environment. Since the Queen Mother will be moved to its own orthodoxy Temple, Jade Pool never see a trace of the old style, lost interest in the Mountain shengjing soil into a demon in general, although the aura, but more is evil blood gas, just became inhabited by Evil, such small ancient gods Ding Capparis blood lead, Star Sea stars angel, child prodigy addicted soul hole sand, etc., these people had in the When the war of good and evil, though both escaped their lives, but badly hurt, have been sealed in the gate Dong Fu Ching human being. 'Daoxiong, it seems that Zhang Mei disciples are afraid.' I saw the hole above the main hall, a few people are hunkered down over a few futon, a handsome man face, dressed in blood-red robes, but it is the magic has Heng Qi. Broke up because of childhood, two days Ronfaut whipped by abuse, bad food and clothing, thin and dirty, and was a far cry from stray capacitance state handsome, older appearance to change sides, Two women and changed the channel loading, so suddenly see not know. 'Two women since I was Emei Sword Hideo away, a few years time, fencing has been the foundation, and Ru were too indecent, and do not want to forget our roots, the original name of a baby just remove the word, both a single name, a Blue Dragon, a Qi Hui. This time was ordered down, although that is the product of the first floor of the external work of Taoism, but it is mainly the same as at the beginning and find a treasure born near Treasure. ' Di escape Interface: 'The old-timers say, seventy years ago, but the Bear Ridge Britain Cheng Sin Temple Nigatake in cloud edge Yuanjiang, with gold spider suction gold vessels, one of the fourteen pieces of snail Wong income treasure it?' A hidden Jun said:?.. 'Who is not had a previous Sendo Britain, for this treasure, I do not know how much effort when the license fees are fruit, this treasure dispensing two sects four female students return later Emei, a return Qingcheng, all have home. Only one original husbands and children inside, sometimes accidentally, jump to this treasure to the love child, mother and son are killed when the temporary difficulties, unwilling to fall this treasure in the hands of the enemy, embedding Taihua stone within orifices, when enemy Qiongsou not be, that God has of the property to go, until last year was only a tourist inadvertently discovered, after several owners, heard live on the south, no one knows for sure. you far in the Tianshan Mountains, south recently, ? How do I know this fast, 'Di escape laughed:' I was in the mood and listen to people talking about where Jia Shu, sometimes high spirits travel south, handy visits this treasure trail off as for the study who hand, legends vary, no. know it. Two women both Sword pupil, presumably there are always clues 'Valkyrie Valkyrie ah, you are going to his body, or to consider yourself a good son?.' Valkyrie indifferent said: 'According to Liu, the original you'd wake up.' Fat people fat head brain Hey laughed: 'According to Liu got used to people calling me fat despicable, really not used to hearing this name, in fact, met early in the Independence Day of the moment, I woke up?. ' Fat guy fat head Liu brain is actually fat, obese him stroking his chin and said: 'Twenty years ago, alone Guards, to see such a person, what kind of memories will wake up two years later actually put. destroy their strength once again, no wonder my sister then deliberately stymied, afraid to let them ascend upon a time. ' Valkyrie cold tunnel: 'two princess these days?' Liu fat man grunted: 'Twenty years ago, and I leave with you Once upon a time, you have not seen him, but I was not ancient weapons, which climb the dome light on the use of half an hour,Where to see her, Hey, I said Valkyrie, do not you have her ...... ' He laughingly authentic: 'three generations of the tree of life, each a thousand years upon a princess, days and days Kyi butterfly sister sister is very good, as the best day of ......' Valkyrie cough two channel: 'God is not dead Mans, where he left a spare.' Liu fat smiling authentic: 'Of course, saying that I've never seen a day a few years Kyi sister, and really come out beautiful, but even the two sisters have been her par.' He Stern said: 'Valkyrie, do yourself a favor.' Valkyrie silent, Liu fat sadly: 'When will the two of us and they will be, and, remember, I just mean obscene fat, not twenty years ago, rushed upon a time people stop Independence Day, also not ...... ' He Yang Touxiang day, two lines of tears shed in the eyes and said: '! Is not that outrageous, rebellious father sealed second Emperor of Heaven's son, Liu Ji day without ' Light falling on the stands in New York harbor and the Statue of Liberty on the shoulders, soft to the goddess put on a wedding dress. Not far from the busy harbor,