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the head of the major sects must have been you Zhuolai it' Mang Battle details, the common phenomenon of already know from mouth, Hugh said to be the head of that amount enough martial arts figures also do not have a person under escapement, Simon Makino because he had boasted before the emperor, saying that martial arts is to figure caught only deliberately ask him. Simon Makino a red face, said: 'Some people brought me this little, give it a few old guys ran, but also killed dozens of people, in addition Zhuolai values ​​more important than a dozen people. 'Kou Fang Gao laughed:' This year, although at the end of his work to fruition, so too has the so-called martial arts hero, rivers and lakes hero chilling stricken emperor commanded, this time being by me on behalf of the emperor to engage in labor, to be taken seriously, Mr. Simon. The clean sweep of all martial arts figures, Mr. Simon himself emperor then open a support functions more grand feast, Mr. Feng Simon MND do, then we have to Mingguang, 'said Kou Fang Gao remark seems like a real ridicule, Simon Makino heart and said: 'When I'm done the day, is your inner explorer and his great command of the Guards translocation of these two positions, hum, hum, I'm afraid there is no time for celebration of your seat.' Sagong of said: 'SimonHealth Zhuolai something extravagant bar character, can be said to listen to it? 'Simon Makino said:' I was going to this class of prisoners handed over to the custody Kouzong Guan, Zou Ming emperor to let him see how to dispose of. People, offer prisoners! '' Offer prisoners 'would have been a general campaign ceremony returned to the summit dedicated to the emperor's prisoner. But now Simon Makino value capture a dozen martial arts figures, without the presence of the emperor, had no access to' offer Krupp 'This But he was in order to force Gao Kou proud and haughty boast power days, when it is the bane of home. Look what the character is, so I will take over the line, what can no longer offer prisoners ceremony was Liu's eyes is a strange, strange Liu days and also looked at them and said:. 'I do not know you.' Du wind suddenly flashed a strange feeling in mind, Liu days and give yourself feel too strange. Liu days and looking at a barren earth, lightly: 'It all originated in Heaven, then heaven would spread a legend, robbery Thirteen destroy God congregation, Heaven must, then heaven only me, God of Heaven and the beast you thirteen God congregation are soaring right later. Now the Emperor in what? ' Yang Ying Du wind always clasp hands, suddenly said: 'She even asked three times in Du Heaven cold wind tunnel:' It seems that the situation is not over. ' Soldiers of God pointingOnce upon a behind said: 'Heaven is there.' King Xiang Yu to give up the support pillar of holding days, blocked the second day of heavy falling down, seems like a huge glass, in which still can be seen to be sealed in a crystal ball like the King House Xiange, Heaven on stand In the middle of the crystal ball, countless broken foot and mysterious fairy is being closed on the left upon a God of Heaven and making two. Liu Ji day suddenly opened his eyes, disappointed and said: '? Immortal, heaven princess, are dead.' Cyan stream wings behind her disappointment also become red, hissed:! 'Heaven, Heaven, I said that I would let you unlock the seal out of heaven, why try, try to make a mysterious princess of heaven is not enough Even completely hopeless cents you have to try! ' Heaven opened his eyes in the glass, the light:. 'Your strength is large enough, you can help I leave heaven seal' Liu days and light: 'Heaven is my.' Liu days and sadly nodded, eyes looking on was sealed in heaven, then shook his head and said:. 'I did not see heaven seal' Soldiers of God casually: 'Nature can not see, is the seal of heaven, according to Liu, the day the princess and butterflies ......' Before he finished, Du wind throat burst earth-shattering roar, Jiang Bing last word of God to break up, he hissed: 'can not say.' Young zero body suddenly shiver immortal feel even more wrong, more afraid so presumptuous. No when Notre Dame swept the immortal one, Fang said: 'Brother, the teacher let you get into it!' Then lead the way in front. The neutrons are looking cloud of fear, while uneasy glance cut teach Immortals. While they worry about the hustle and bustle dojo Tongtianjiaozhu to rule themselves, contempt saints. 'Meet the Shishu disciple.' Neutron cloud not neglect, into the Bristol Palace tour down quickly worship. 'How do you have time to be afraid of.' Tongtianjiaozhu also can not find the words to any of joy, anger, low cloud neutron head lower. Hmmm, if Pindao disciples Aberdeen Mi Luo Palace before calling out, I'm afraid that you master indiscriminate white, it ruled a crime saint disrespectful. 'Tongtianjiaozhu sneered:' You get up! You neutron cloud bad. Gods of the year when you can mind the world population. An attempt to cut the Daji, will peace and harmony. Although Guards fail, but it is benevolent person. Your little Shishu allow you to stay in the Tianzhu Mountain, on the one hand because you and some of his origins probably more because he saw that point Rende your heart. Other than your brothers are much better places. Otherwise, it is better qualified, you have disdain small ShishuNo greeting.Yanqian little beggar standing in the wind lamp, face sublime loudly: 'High Dude, this is the place guests hedgehog set, yelling Why should you pay for housing children, people there are not free holiday to the city? Outer go '' Senju Ghosts 'sublime steps closer to this side, yelling and said:.' packet, I'm passive, they forced me to want things. 'Bashan grab a step sneered:' Qianzhaihaiqian, murder for life, it is also worthwhile noisy '' West hand 'Willy saw out two teenagers, tone and very great care, but not here to see the sublime sparkle, glance a little backing, and therefore the potential convergence of agitated, approached and asked:.' Second place your name 'little beggar said:'? the next package name, this is my brother Bashan, but their own efforts to do before Du wind from behind victory was his. Five Du wind strength lax exhausted body. Almost unable to fight back, before the glorious promise of rain knocked away, he would promise to be far down. Xu Yuan shouted: 'Independence Day, you do not die!' Du cold wind tunnel: 'too early.' There is no pain to his face expression. It is like being hit in the body is not your ordinary, his hands tightly fastened double wrist Xu Yuan, Xu Yuan to get rid of the right hand like a fish in general, left or DU wind tightly fastened. Abandoned child catch big hand! Xu Yuan grinned. This distance, just enough for him to use a gun up close fighting skills. In that moment, as the cold wind blade Du eyes swept away a promise. Perhaps armedConfuse the magical power of gas, even as the top ancient weapons Xu far have forgotten this. Infuriating to strength, is often not the key to decide the outcome, sometimes an appropriate tips. You can play much consumption can not be achieved to the effect of infuriating. Xu Yuan of the abandoned child can avoid big catch hands. But he deliberately borrowed Du wind fertility. Want to display distance gun fighting skills. Warrior ancient world, and in leveraging the power of this technique on. Independence Day is the best way to do Du wind. No one can borrow from the front to Du wind power. Today, no! A powerful force to Fanzhen Du wind through hand delivered to the promise him away. Xu Yuan's face suddenly changed, Du wind strength should have been lax, but abandoned child catch a hand, the one that had consumed natural forces spread themselves for no reason. Zero gold volley barrel recoil! Cartagena soon, promise far left crashed fracture, was also beaten body of armed grudge. Glorious rain has enveloped the power to promise far behind, but there is no proof to hide away the promise of power. Like countless points of light purple storm hit the promise generally far back, glorious rain rain, like so many sharp blade punctured with, Xu Yuan spine pelvis