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Yan Luodian coercion seems to come from nine days, under the town Motoko caught off guard, while his face pale,Quite a while before a sigh:. '. Well a Heaven, Pindao now regarded as an insight into a quasi-holiness guy can not make it out, if you are sanctified, and had a' Then pointing toward the sky, meaning it is self-evident. Zhen Fang mouth wry smile, the town will know who refers Motoko now Zhen Fang has not been sanctified, there is such a capability, the two will be able to play on top of the prehistoric Beastkin Story readily between the hands. If later if sanctified, it is also terrible. Although today the subconscious, the door three clear and Zhen Fang good relationship. Can also be said to be a potential ally, but this world is not eternal enemies, too, there is no eternal allies, once Zhen Fang day three clear threat to the interests of the door, and that may not immediately reverse these former allies muzzle, alignment Zhen Fang also said unknowable. 'Today is not yet but I sanctified you mention Heaven law enforcement, as long as not to provoke the initiative is not the ability Taoist me what?.' Zhen Fang smile: 'Now brother from quasi-holy realm sent that little, hehe Today this is wanted to help his brother came. Once upon leaving millions of years younger. There are many things that do not know, brother of ancestral land cents, hey, you should give the younger it provides a clue! ' Motoko town shook his head. After 'You are too highly of ancestral land cents, I know you want to know the whereabouts of the first mountain Aries, but that simply is not the first mountain Aries guy, since the beasts toward the pale, set the Zodiac: smile , no one has seen the first mountain trail Aries, even when the Lich war, and no one has seen the first mountain Aries. Xiandi, you have the wrong mind. ' Zhen Fang face while disappointed, could not help but sigh:.!, 'Although they knew the first mountain Aries hard to find, but I also had to worry ah brother always had a feeling lately, future amulet has reinvented itself in the hands of too much fell out, smile and said: 'Don big head really good courage, I lost this game count up! 'Meng Shentong originally Bo Tang Xiaolan dare poison wine, to this life and death, he thought he had won the first game, and finally soft down, rather with a final outcome depends Tang Xiaolan, but did not dare to life again see anymore! This test of the Pan Meng Shentong been oncoming vent, doing virtual sound intimidating as possible and watch the people all, everyone hearts are like a piece of extremely heavy pressure boulders, until now, listen carefully Meng Shentong speak personally to say throw in the towel, tenor exhaled, put down a heart of stone. Taught. 'Meng Shentong strong laughs:' It is for Mengmou Tang wanted to see the head of the martial arts masterpiece, only to die without regret; if we have just two with the dead, it is not this a treat. 'That of course is a mockery for themselves, but also revealed his drink with a spell of Tang Tang Xiaolan by Heaven:' Daddy, Longjian to you. 'Tang Xiaolan smiles:' good, I have no sword for nearly two decades, and today it is one exception Mr. Meng with it! 'Meng Shentong said:' Multi-bearing blue eyes, then please give strokes. 'Tang Xiaolan said:' Mr. Meng is off, Tang afraid to dive more. 'Meng Shentong said:' So, there kai up! Please refer --- --- --- teach 'ThisWords prolonged sound very harsh, Li Jing Si edged cone, what they look pierce eardrums in general, this is one weird Xiepai effort, called 'snapped Duopo', although not Buddhist 'Idiom power', but most can disrupt each other's mind. Sidelined factions disciples, which is slightly lower skill ban overwhelmed, and quickly stuffed ears with your fingers. Tang Xiaolan internal strength, concentration, when the world is a person, such heterodoxy trick, of course, can not make his mind scattered, but he must also deal with rapt attention, Meng Shentong said the last of the 'teach' word, suddenly palms Yi Yi, tight then pushed out flat, the surface of the years, his