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resurrection tree of life, but also no longer alive. Her body to heaven seal, also was burned along with the fire industry. Before heaven ignite, Liu days and have started burning heart. Princess heaven fall slowly, before she fell down, the body has been into fly ash. Even Liu Ji and Luo Feile day Ceguo eyes could not help but could not bear to look at, but looking calm Emperor waved open sealed border, came out, Du wind Kuiran: 'The days of zero, why do not you just been suicides, if suicides, at least you can die happy in their own fantasies. ' He has not finished, Heaven onNot bad word authentic: 'Day Zero, why do not you just been suicides, if suicides, at least you can die happy in their own fantasies.' Du wind whispered: 'Then he will say, I want to kill you as day zero.' Heaven has turned Du wind, looking lengli said:. 'I want to kill you zero day' Yang Ying could not help throwing up holding his chest, Du wind but nodded and said:. 'Only people like you, is the real king of the real king of saints, will not stick to a woman.' Heaven snapped: 'If you agree with my creed, why not kneel, only the king can control the world, which is between heaven and earth common sense.' Colorful style knife has been raised from Du hands, he indifference and said:. 'In the very hour I know a simple truth, law of the jungle, survival of the fittest.' Heaven cold tunnel: 'Yes, this is the criterion of the existence of God, the world numerology, you look very thoroughly.' Du wind thrown a smile on his face and said:. 'You are wrong, the flesh is weak, strong food, suitable for those who are just inconsequential foil, last sentence, is the world of numerology.' His body image drifted away like a gust of wind, waving a knife to Heaven, shouted: '! Numerology only one between heaven and earth, and that is to survive, and now only have I begotten thee perish' Yang Ying wind to reach out and Radu, but pulling an empty instant shot in Du wind and together they have forgotten to be a knife. Yang Ying bewildered in my Huangji Xian Qi inside. ' With her voice slightly proud in Italy: 'The three of you is responsible for destroying the three cloned, and the remaining three by Lee to be responsible.' Xu Yuan hum: 'Valkyrie contain people you have found?' Li Han nodded silently, Yoo Ji-day clapped and said:. '. By the time Lee said with eyes closed is the start of the operation to the signal, then may I ask what is the problem.' Xu Yuan first issue response: 'I have a problem.' Liu Ji sweet day: 'The more your question, ask.' Xu Yuan coughed, cleared his throat and said: 'Who does not know the strength of the hidden horsepower tie around how much, if suddenly appeared when the contest is also a strong man of God to intervene, or that person does not contain live Valkyrie, how to do that. ' Liu Ji will mattresses smooth day, smiled and said:. 'You just do not hear it, everyone is responsible for everyone's goal of destroying anything unusual occurs regardless of when, not to mention the Valkyrie, even the Emperor in person, you must destroy the target to secure it in Huangji Xian Qi inside. ' Her with a strange voice in cold: 'I think being a three Warrior when you escape but did not patronize the target to capture it..' Li Han light: 'I also have a problem, I have to help you to three weapons were gathered, the things I need to me.' Yoo Ji-day blinked and said: 'Do not worry, I carry it.' She opened her palm. Huang Ji Xian Qi ecosystem in a seed falls, falls exactly on Liu Ji days to palm, palm seeds quickly implanted her, rooting, germination. Finally into two meters tall lush trees, in the center of the crown, and has yielded a colorGround black dark fruit. Seems like a ripe fruit split in half. Gone from under a black iron colored tulle. Falling in the hands of Li Han. Yoo Ji-day smile: 'This is the Tien Lei nine hundred lock jersey, put it in battle as in Frazier like you can make use of mine gas power increased sharply, yes, this jersey will automatically follow people. The body changes, it is with you to