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understand the point of it.!' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You want to know what I was using gas!' Yang Ying Yiliaoyisheng, she now noticed, waves from the air from Du wind body. Guang like force. Independence Day Shendao cut back from Du wind fall, conquering Shendao cut like a soft, fluid-like at the moment, quietly falling in the soil. Soils are hundreds of miles from the wonderful waves ripple, the Yang Ying firmly trapped in them, like ripples flow slowly erected entity, like a gentle hand, reached out to Yang Ying fluid trapped in the ring. Du wind turned. Light: 'Do you remember, when I want to give you a ring, you are not satisfied with the overall looks around, I finally cut the Independence Day Shendao refining give you a wedding!' Tears began to slowly diffuse through his face, Du wind hand and said: '! Shadow, breaking wife abandoned this style grappling hand, you can go.' Yang Ying looked bound body ring, abandoned his wife catch hand, the world's most bizarre catch hands. As long as there is a trace of longing exists between the two men, who can not be assumed to unlock. Du gas gush of wind who is extremely strange. Universe universe as vast as the day of evil spirits. Compared with the universe-day evil spirits, which shares the misty air was negligible. But then again grand vast universe, can not erase it out of existence. That is missing. Yang Ying Du looked up at the wind, shook his head and said:. 'Thoughts are only on their own land from the utility.' Mouth so saying, she has never been able to get rid of abandoned wife catch hand controlDu wind slowly walked to her side, quietly authentic: 'Do you know why you can miss the onset, because you are me and I am you.' Yang Ying body startled, hung his head sadly. You are me and I am you, like fish in water, such as a life and death. Miss the power of their onset has also proved this point, no matter how sober reason that he will never be able to change this fact, heaven Princess Tin Ying Liu Ye, Yang Ying Ye holy doctors, they can not get Lee so many years I do not know you I Aotsuka, pedestrians may have to pour the wine.' She reached by LeeForehead, Li who last vestiges of war whom dissipate force, this mysterious woman appears to have a war to eliminate the other side of the mysterious force. Yoo Ji-day aghast and said: 'Ming Ming Fei ...... ...... you.' An elegant woman with a slight chuckle: 'I would rather just call it God.' Her horror completely unable to use words to describe God in robbery Thirteen off, but now only thirteen God did not destroy the congregation, even she thought had already died in the insurgency fighting a war god Emperor Chen Chen, Wang Qiang Ning God all have suddenly appeared, General Li will fly down. Yoo Ji-day muttered: 'There, there!' There are several dead then God in heaven, but also wanted to have all the resurrection! God's soldiers settled his face calm smile: 'Tin Ying princess, Princess Ji day, think of it, is not sufficient to call the next seven base indeed the King, but the next call of God congregation remaining 12, but it is enough. ' He looked Yang Ying, grace authentic: 'Tin Ying princess, you underestimate me, you worked hard to cultivate human robbery star, I have no way do they then resurrected God in heaven.' Liu days Kyi's huge wings while jitter, seems to be locked in general, in the sky appeared a mysterious man, he just hand to take a look at Willow days Kyi data flow wings, and even stream flow seems to have been a mysterious force interference, into a coagulation status. Yoo Ji-day and even their name is also unable to call out, one sadly. Yang Ying Liu days Kyi was patted on the shoulder, encourage and said: '?. This discouraged you really as good as my sister.' Liu Ji slumped days, Yang Ying Mouzhong flashing stars, whispered: '?. You really are a girl, you know what a woman's greatest advantage is that it is believed that their husband, faithfully waiting for him.' Xiang Yu underground tomb was tightly trapped Du wind, lightning Trick completely locked Speranskia not move, I thought according to historical records, soaring passages open only the first step, the next to face the future, and that is soaring Once upon a time in order to test the tragedy, said now is a set of world tragedy Reiki between condensed Gang Feng, the power of no-chou, not only the test of soaring body, but the extent of the test will hold its soul, where the irresistible mortal tragedy will flesh faded, into Linlin bones. Du hearts as hard as stone wind that could not help but also a hint of curiosity, the legendary tragedy really have such power? Suddenly gasp interrupted his thoughts: '! Tragedy tragedy coming!' Dark night sky, the once-quiet air turbulence up rapidly. Between an instant, as if the whole scene between heaven and earth disappear, eyes actions of the Department, which shares only dim Gang Feng. Another ancient weapons behind in many far-reaching body of a press, a surge flooded with gas blends intense metallic gas and Xu Yuan, the metal spot Xu issued spread far and turned it into an impregnable fortress, blocking those Crazy impact of metal shavings. In many far rickety stand up, go wind assistance Du occasion, Gang Feng flashed among countless gasification into silver chain, wrapped into a dense chain group cover your body wind power Du, a Gang Feng encountered chain, it reflected off in all directions, can not penetrate a dime. Among the violent chaos in the wind, the sound of the wind firmly Du revealed: 'So much tragedy.' While speaking, the pace of wind put Du Gang Feng winds along the reverse, with incredible lightning speed spin up, Zongyue figure such as electricity, such as the Gang Feng gyroscopic forces to completely eliminate bounce. Clutched in his hands along with a giant knife shed countless silver, seems like the crest of the blast waves are crazy in general, the influx into the Gang Feng. Gang Feng in the eyes of the knife and the influx of wind wind a touch, even like a cloud of mist-like, boom slamming four drift. Gang Feng dispersed, Du wind shadow intactL